you don't scare me

happy halloween eve! anyone have big plans? eric and i will be staying in and handing out candy to trick-o-treaters tomorrow night... this will be my first year at the house so i'm pretty excited... no one seems to be having a party, which i'm totally fine with because it's one less thing i have to worry about... and with the wedding less than 21 days away - i didn't need to be worrying about finding a costume to wear... there's always next year! :)

i have to say, i'm not digging this new blogger layout/template - one used to be able to upload more than one pic at a time and now, it's back to the old-fashioned way? WTF! or maybe it's just me (but i doubt it)...

eric and i watched 'slumdog millionaire' last night - what an awesome movie! i highly recommend it and the music was excellent... we may try and go see 'paranormal activity' tonight but will see how crowded the theaters will be after work (i'm in the mood for something terrifying)... :)

let's see, what else... my boss has been out sick all week, leaving me in charge and helping the other two designers... i just hope and pray that the "sick" bug stays away from me and if not, that i get it before the wedding...

the wedding plans are coming along as best as they can... we are meeting w/the coordinator tomorrow to figure out which option is going to work with our final count (136) - we can either go w/the tent and expect to pay $5-6k extra OR see if we can squeeze everyone into the Inn and on the 3-sided porch... each has it's plusses/minuses (esp. money) so that's what we need to figure out... more wedding updates can be found here... :)

food/exercise - not great but not terrible... totally slacked on the workouts this week but HAVE to make it priority starting today... i'm not worried about fitting into my dress or anything, but i'm just feeling lazy and know that's not good for me... eric is interested in trying out bally's for a week, so if he likes it - then we can do the morning thing together... sweet! :)

guess that's all for now - will try and catch-up with everyone this weekend...

happy friday!

31 more days... is that right?

busy, busy, busy - that's all i have to say... i have a feeling it will be like this until november 22, so please bear with me... i DID get in a great 45-minute walk in today - perfect weather here in DC so i took advantage and hit the streets! yay me! :)

anyway, there's much to do but feel free to check-out pics from my bachelorette party and bridal shower... had an awesome weekend! :)

happy monday...

how many apples does it take to make a pie? one!

boy, the weather sure has turned here in maryland - it was so chilly last night when i got home, i had to turn-on the heat! course it's in the 70s right now, but i know yesterday's trend is just the beginning... need to make a point and get outside for my workout today... :)

had a busy weekend - went to an arts/craft show with my mom on saturday... baskets and beaded jewelry seems to the most popular thing this year, and at one stand - i found THE most perfect bracelet for the wedding... i spoke with the woman who made it and was like, "can you customize a bracelet for me?" and she said, "of course! what would you like?"... after i told her the colors i wanted (choc brown, light blue, ivory, and champagne) - she took my info, measured my wrist, and said she'd send me a photo of when she starts beading to make sure i approve... i was so happy and can't wait to see the real thing in person! :)

after the show, we headed to jo-ann fabrics to search for something to cover my favor-jars... someone at the craft show used a fabric that was almost identical to my invitations, but we searched high and low and couldn't find it in the store... i opted for a blue pattern and a brown pattern and will use both... i also got a nice fall wreath for the house, some flowers for the dining room, and a cute, felt "happy harvest" hanging for our front door... the house has officially been decorated (wish i could do more but the cats would destroy everything)...

on sunday, eric and i did a bunch of stuff around the house - put-up new blinds in the LR and finally put-together the shelves for above our tv stand... it's slowly looking like a real room now - especially since i framed a bunch of photos yesterday and put them up... there are still a few things that i'd like to tackle before this weekend, but won't kill myself they don't happen... two of my girlfriends from college are coming in for my bachelorette party and bridal shower, so i'm just feeling the need to stuff that we've been putting off... always the case, right?

i had off yesterday (columbus day) and did a few errands, as well as paid a visit to the chiropractor... i made an appointment for right before the wedding too, including a massage, and i can't wait... i also had lunch w/a girlfriend at panera bread and ran back up to my mom's to help her with a few things around the house... i was back home by 5:30, did a few things around the house, and then called it a day! wish all weekends could be 3-days long!

here's a pic of the giant apple i saw on sunday at a local market - i'm not kidding when i said it was bigger than a cantaloupe... i would love to see how they grow on a tree! wow! :)

happy monday... :)


happy friday, everyone! :-)

would you want to be 12 again?

how many of you remember making these barrettes in elementary school? i must've had 20 pairs, plus made them for my friends - never used flowers though, always had beads at the end... funny how both good AND bad things get recycled thru the years... ;)

i started using my WW app yesterday, it's pretty easy-to-use though i had to go online to log-in my weight (not pretty!)... i also skipped the gym yesterday because my allergies were horrible and i felt like crap, but today is a new day! eric was asking me about bally's and how long their guest-pass is good for - i would SO love for him to join so we could go together... and being it's less than 5 mins away from our house, going in the morning would be great... :)

my shoulder is still hurting... bah!

just another wedding has been updated - we went for tuxes last night, how exciting! :)

we watched a tad of 'glee' last night - thought it was really funny... eric then goes, "what channel is this on? fox? i can't watch anything on fox"... not sure what that meant...

i'm wearing a new pair of black boots today - always hate the beginning since they're not broken-in yet... ouch!

that's all for now - time to get caught-up with what you guys have been up too... :)

happy thursday...

get out of my bag!

i have the worst luck with bags! i was so excited to get my new vera bag but when i opened the box sunday night, it was the wrong size! i'm such an idiot... but thankfully, i was able to exchange it last night, at a store near my house, and changed my mind on the pattern... i now have the one i initially liked, so all is well in bag-land again... it's nice to have something that's roomier and can fit all my daily to/from work stuff (i.e. shoes, lunch, purse, personal ogranizer, etc.)... norman seemed to enjoy the bag too... :-)

my shoulder is still bugging me so i may call the doctor and see if i can get an appointment for next week - i have off on monday (columbus day) and already have a chiropractor appt.... might as well make it a 'health' day... i should probably run some other errands and take advantage of the free day - this wedding stuff is really time-consuming! ;-)

my weekend out with my sister was good, minus the argument that my mom and i got into at the florist... not even worth discussing and it was silly - perhaps i'm just as stubborn as she is, but unwilling to admit it... ha... the weather was great and leaves have already started to turn (because of the high elevation) so it was very pretty... ate like crap too, nothing new there... :-(

i downloaded the WW app on my iphone - haven't really used it yet, but maybe soon...

haven't been keeping up with the new shows but am DVRing 'how i met your mother' and 'the bing bang theory' because they are very funny shows... always good for a good laugh...

eric's been gone at a conference so we haven't seen each other since friday - it's always weird to be in the house without him so i'm happy he'll be back later today... :-)

happy tuesday...

need a nap

i'm ready to go home - been up since 5:30, here since 7:15, and have a long night ahead of me since my mom and i are heading to my sister's for the weekend... it was annual report photography day and even though i'm not working on it this year, i was offer my help and assistance to the other designer (since this is her first)... things went well but there's always a lot of waiting around and/or trying to find someone when they're late... maybe our boss will be nice and say, "go home early" but i doubt it... :-(

it will be nice to get away and possibly do some wedding stuff w/the family - my nieces are uber-excited about everything... i will also be meeting the newest member of the family - calvin, the long-haired tabby... we may do some shopping or craft shows but mainly, i'm just looking for some R&R... this week has worn me out for sure!

my knee is healing okay - i've been loading it up with neosporin and keeping it covered as best i can... can't wait to see how this baby scabs-up... my hands/chin are fine and you can barely tell anything happened so at least that's good... as for my other issue - my right shoulder has been bugging the crap out of me - i didn't pull anything and can move it around w/no problem, but when i told my mom she said, "it's probably tendinitis since you carry your bag on that arm, i have the same thing"... great, just what i need! :(

speaking of bags, i treated myself to a new vera bag this week (last big purchase as a single woman!)... i can't wait to get it because i'm not happy with the one i have now plus cream isn't really a fall/winter color... isn't she pretty? ;)

well, that's all i have for today... need to go update the wedding blog now (hard work having two)... have a great weekend! :)

happy friday...