sucker spelled with a capital S

i've been enjoying a nice, quiet saturday since eric is off at some security/networking thing - been able to clean the house and do laundry without being disturbed... i've also been watching the food network nonstop and catching-up on my blogs including bitch cakes who is killing the WW program right now... go sheryl! :-)

while i was flipping thru channels, i came across the new informerical for mari winsor's slimming pilates... i'm a sucker for these stupid things because i find them (a) amusing and (b) a good way to kill time between programs... i've used her DVDs before and really liked them, but they are outdated... and since i will probably be looking at one (and possibly two) foot surgeries - i will not be able to use the treadmill or eliptical during recovery... since pilates is mat-based, i feel this would be a good way for me to stay semi-active and get back into a regular, exercise routine... i miss taking pilates and found out my gym no longer has a class during the week (just yoga), so this will be the best option... i will give you guys a review once i've had a chance to use it... :-)

eric and i went to see 'book of eli' last night - i thought it was okay and if some of the patrons in the theater hadn't been so rude and annoying, the movie might have been better... i do love seeing gary oldman playing the 'bad' guy and what's to say about denzel - he's just amazing... :-)

well, eric just got home and it's been snowing since this morning... so much for only getting a 'dusting' - i think we have at least 3-4 inches... i also just made a wonderful green monster (coconut water, light orange juice, spinach, banana, mango, and a tbsp. of flaxseed)... yum-o! :-)

happy weekend!

in my jammies before 8:00

i've had my bath, beef stew is in the crock-pot, and i'm not enjoying the vikings/saints football game (go favre)... how exciting would it be to see manning vs. favre in the superbowl? two words - AWE SOME... :-)

it's been a productive weekend so far - went to spin class yesterday and barely made the list (sometimes if you're not there by 8am, there are no spots left)... it was a great class and i had no problems keeping up - was a bit worried since it had been a few months, but no problem! the instructor had great music and managed to burn 600+ calories - go me! in the afternoon - i got my haircut, exchanged a wedding present at crate & barrel, visited w/my best friend, and did a few small projects around the house before getting ready for "game night"... eric's friend had invited us over to their house to play games - never heard of apples to apples, but it was really fun! we also played risk and that took FOREVER, was that game always so long? i also ate WAY too many cheese & crackers and wine (yellow tail pinot noir is fabulous!)... just when i thought the evening was over at 11:30, we met some other friends at a local pub and hung-out til after 2:00am... haven't done that in a long time... :-)

this morning, i was up early because i wanted to get to sears for new tires and an oil change... eric came along and requested that we stop at mcdonald's for breakfast - i had an egg mcmuffin and hash brown, but tracked both on my phone... $500 later, we came home and started the laundry and went thru my paper lanterns and silk hydrangeas to sell on craigslist... i also went thru all our wedding photos (finally) and posted a ton on facebook - now, i just have to research wedding albums and get that project crossed-off my list... :-)

this upcoming week will be busy, both at work and personally - i have therapy on monday, OB appt. on tuesday, and both therapy and a dermatologist appt on wednesday.... i still wonder why i'm still going, but will wait to see what my doctor says next week... i have been ignoring pain in my left foot - it doesn't feel like tumor but more like it my toes (hammer) which is not very good... how crazy would it be if i had three surgeries in one year? :-(

enjoy the rest of your weekend!


vicki requested that i take a screenshot of my nutrients and as you can see, it breaks it down pretty well (the only one i'm not tracking is saturated fat)... hope this helps! :)

i am SO glad today is friday - like most 4-day weeks, it has been crazy busy and quite stressful... i had a bit of meltdown on tuesday (foot, work, weight, etc.), but am feeling better and hope that getting back into a normal workout routine will help... eric and i tried out the EA sports game the other night - it's pretty cool how you can race each other and stay motivated during a workout (we only did the 12-min one)... our basement, however, is not setup properly to do these types of exercises - there's not enough room and things need to be moved around... guess that will be happening this weekend because there's really nowhere else for us to go...

weekend plans are: haircut at 12:30 tomorrow and then we're going over to a friend's house to play games - not sure if that means board or electronic, but it should be fun... i would also like to go to spinning at some point and then the rest will be normal, weekend stuff... oh yea, and football on sunday... :)

hope you have a great weekend... happy friday...

it works!

tracking, that is...

2 pounds gone this week...

sweet! :-)

think before you say

weight watchers is suing jenny craig - how exciting! ;-)


still in my jammies

lazy, lazy, lazy - that's all i have to say... it's raining and it's cold so to me, that's a good excuse to stay inside... i DID venture out early this morning to the store - love it when the ailes and checkout lanes are empty! i cleaned yesterday so the only thing on my list today is: laundry... :-)

eric and i had fun at the RV show yesterday - there was everything from tiny, 2-person pods, to luxury coaches that cost more than most homes... some even came with granite countertops and fireplaces - no joke! guess if you're going to "live" in your motorhome, that's the way to go... if i had my choice - i would opt for a small airstream because they are modern and well-made... think high-end IKEA but in a camper - so cute! i got plenty of exercise too, since we went up-and-down a million set of stairs, and brought along granola bars since i knew the food-options would be less than ideal (which they were)...

and so far this weekend - i have tracked EVERYTHING... yay me! :-)

i decided to use one of our wedding-gift cards today, and ordered a few things from target... the Wii EA active sports game has gotten good reviews, so i picked-up that and 2 accessory packs that contains the leg and resistance bands... very excited to try it! :-)

well, i'm gonna get back to watching the vikings kill dallas - c'mon favre!

happy sunday...

how far would you go?

i'm not one to admit that i like to read a few non-weightloss related blogs, but i do, and they're good for boring afternoons, rainy sundays, or when you are curious to see what's happening in hollywood... i came across this yesterday and then found the accompanying photo today... if you are familiar with heidi montag (who isn't?!?!), she unveiled her new & improved body to people magazine and admitted to having not 1, not 2, but 10 plastic surgeries last year (at the same time)... the photo speaks a thousand words, but the article is just as interesting... i'm rather speechless and dumbfounded, and wonder how much i would have to get paid before doing something so stupid... :-p

i am THRILLED that this will be a long-weekend for me - it has been busier than hell here and i'm exhausted after all these early morning doctor appointments... HR called me yesterday and said that i still have 6 unused vacation days from last year (we have a use/lose policy) and i had until march 31 to use them... i joking said that i wouldn't be able to take my honeymoon until after our annual meeting, and they said they'd reconsider and get back to me... my boss basically told me to use them, so i need to think about what i could do, or where i can go... it will suck if i have to have foot surgery (twice) because i would use sick-time and not vacation-time... ugh...

eric and i are going to the washington area RV show tomorrow - he thought it would be fun to go check-out what's new and exciting in the camping world (not that we have any plans to buy something)... and that's about all the plans we have, so far, and that's fine by me! :-)

food/tracking has been good... exercise - not great, but i'll get to the gym today... :-)

hope you all have a great weekend - happy friday...

lose it

So much for posting more in 2010 - I can't seem to find the time for anything these days... Between work (my usual excuse), therapy, doctor's appointments, and going to Pittsburgh for the hubby's family's Christmas - I can't seem to get caught-up! Even though I have a ton of work to do, I am taking the time to post since who knows when I'll be back...

Things have been less than ideal lately - I've been pretty down about my whole foot situation... I have hopes that therapy will work and he started me on a new procedure Friday where I receive medication (cortisone-like) via an electrode... It doesn't hurt and I will only get about 8 treatments total - then we'll see where I'm at...

I met w/my endocrinologist this morning, to go over my bloodwork, and thankfully - only 1 clotting factor was present (Factor V Leiden Gene Mutuation)... If I had more than 1 factor, chances of me getting another DVT or something else would be much higher - so good news! I just need to give him a call when I get pregnant, and then the fun begins (daily-shots)... :)

Eric hooked-up our Wii on Monday - we only have the basic and fit games, but so far they're pretty cool... According to the computer - we're overweight and have an activity age of 47! Awesome! Last night, we tried boxing and played 9-holes of golf... :)

And speaking of weight - I finally stepped on the scale Monday and it was NOT a pretty sight! I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm up to 172.6... According to eTools - I was 169 last January, 162 in April, and then back-up to 165 in October... I can't tell you when I stopped keeping track, but it's obvious I shouldn't have... :(

So after reading everyone's NY's resolutions, I stumbled across Kathleen's post about "Lose It" which is this great app for the iPhone... It's similar to WW where you keep track of what you're eating, but by calories and not points... I've really enjoyed using it and haven't had any issues so far - if a food doesn't show-up in the database, I just add it manually... In case you're curious, I took some screen shots of what the pages look like - pretty cool... :)

happy thursday... 

Present from the hubby

Isn't he the best? :-)

i bought a pair of these sketchers, shape-up sneakers today - thought they'd be good for my walks to and from the metro... eric knows someone that has a pair and loves them, so i figured 'what the hell'... anyone else have a pair?

today has been yet another lazy and relaxing day... i ventured to kohl's to see if i could find some pants (none fit - ugh) and ended up buying a brown, cable-knit turtlenck and some new undies (which eric is happy about)... then i went to target and was shocked to see their christmas stuff almost wiped out! guess i waited too long, but i did get another bin and will consolidate my decorations once they are taken down... they were having a great sale on lean cuisine meals too ($2.25/ea) so i stocked-up for the week - so nice that they have the WW points on the box... i'm terrified to step on the scale but have too - it's time to face the facts and start working-on getting this weight off... yet again...

eric and i have been watching a lot of movies lately - inglorious bastards, the davinci code, angels and demons, and the hangover... so far, all have been pretty good - you can never go wrong with a quentin tarantino movie, but have to say - i still prefer his older ones...

well, we're going to head-out and grab some thai for dinner - perfect for such a cold, winter's day... hope you're having a great weekend...

happy saturday...

c'ya 2009


hope you welcomed in the new year with family, friends, or at least someone special... eric & i went over to a friend's house (who live less than 1 mile away!) and celebrated with them - lots of yummy food and drink (perhaps a bit too much on the food side, ugh)... yes, we watched dick clark's rockin' NYE show and let me just say - what was up with JLo?!?! was it just me, or were you torn between thinking her body-stocking with the wig-jacket was a bit strange and thinking she looked pretty damn good for someone that birthed twins? and god bless dick clark for being there - some of our friends were saying how sad it was, but i thought the opposite and said, "this is probably the happiest day of his life every year"... either way, it was a fun time and we were home in bed by 2:30... :-)

this morning, it seemed that every cooking show that i was watching - french toast was the main dish (emeril made stuffed french toast with mascarpone cheese and orange marmalade! yum!)... so i decided to try out the new griddle i bought last week and have to say - it worked pretty well and breakfast was delish! :-)

well, i'm not sure what the day has in store, but i should probably finish organizing my jewelry into my jewelry box that eric got me for christmas... and then perhaps do a bit of straightening around the house (or not)... if eric decides to work on the motorcycle, then i have the tv all to myself... yaaa hooo!

hope you have a great day! :-)