how many apples does it take to make a pie? one!

boy, the weather sure has turned here in maryland - it was so chilly last night when i got home, i had to turn-on the heat! course it's in the 70s right now, but i know yesterday's trend is just the beginning... need to make a point and get outside for my workout today... :)

had a busy weekend - went to an arts/craft show with my mom on saturday... baskets and beaded jewelry seems to the most popular thing this year, and at one stand - i found THE most perfect bracelet for the wedding... i spoke with the woman who made it and was like, "can you customize a bracelet for me?" and she said, "of course! what would you like?"... after i told her the colors i wanted (choc brown, light blue, ivory, and champagne) - she took my info, measured my wrist, and said she'd send me a photo of when she starts beading to make sure i approve... i was so happy and can't wait to see the real thing in person! :)

after the show, we headed to jo-ann fabrics to search for something to cover my favor-jars... someone at the craft show used a fabric that was almost identical to my invitations, but we searched high and low and couldn't find it in the store... i opted for a blue pattern and a brown pattern and will use both... i also got a nice fall wreath for the house, some flowers for the dining room, and a cute, felt "happy harvest" hanging for our front door... the house has officially been decorated (wish i could do more but the cats would destroy everything)...

on sunday, eric and i did a bunch of stuff around the house - put-up new blinds in the LR and finally put-together the shelves for above our tv stand... it's slowly looking like a real room now - especially since i framed a bunch of photos yesterday and put them up... there are still a few things that i'd like to tackle before this weekend, but won't kill myself they don't happen... two of my girlfriends from college are coming in for my bachelorette party and bridal shower, so i'm just feeling the need to stuff that we've been putting off... always the case, right?

i had off yesterday (columbus day) and did a few errands, as well as paid a visit to the chiropractor... i made an appointment for right before the wedding too, including a massage, and i can't wait... i also had lunch w/a girlfriend at panera bread and ran back up to my mom's to help her with a few things around the house... i was back home by 5:30, did a few things around the house, and then called it a day! wish all weekends could be 3-days long!

here's a pic of the giant apple i saw on sunday at a local market - i'm not kidding when i said it was bigger than a cantaloupe... i would love to see how they grow on a tree! wow! :)

happy monday... :)

Lori  – (1:33 PM)  

My god that apple is ginormous! One person cobbler coming up!

Love the bracelet, too. Are those colored seed pearls?

Teresa  – (12:18 PM)  

That is one big Frankenapple... Sounds like a perfect fall weekend. It seems as though things are coming together very nicely for the wedding. Hope you're having a nice sunny day.

Carolyn  – (7:56 PM)  

WOW! That pplae is HUGE. Just makes me want to take a big bite!

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