two days in a row?

the good:
my weigh-in went well this morning - i was down another 2 pounds... since i've been back on WW, that's over 5 pounds gone and i'm feeling really good! i've been tracking my food everyday, thinking about what i'm putting into my mouth (and how much), and moving like a mo-fo... so let's just hope this trend continues and if not, i'm okay with that too - i AM human afterall... :-)

the bad:
the DC had a nice snow/ice storm overnight and after realizing that i was never going to be able to get my car ice-free, i opted for the bus... usually, it runs like a charm and even on bad-weather days - it's still realiable... well, not this morning - i waited for over 45 mintues and there was another woman there who had been waiting for over an hour... we kept watching buses go the other way but none were coming back - WTF! needless to say, it finally came and it was packed but at least it was warm (my feet were frozen, i tell ya!)... once on the metro, riders were faced with yet ANOTHER delay because of a station fire - are you kidding me! so i was late, again, even though both things were out of my control... stupid weather and stupid metro! :-p

i just had dinner (didn't really like what i made though), plan on watching LOST, and then will take my nightly bubble bath... :-)

happy hump day...

food scale giveaway

i've been thinking about getting a new scale, since i'm all about measuring/weighing food again, and was happy to see roni is having a contest on her blog... see details below...


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nothing exciting has been going on, besides the crappy weather - supposed to get a combo of snow/ice overnight so i will probably take a bus to the metro station tomorrow... speaking of metro - they had another stellar morning with a train that had 'malfunctioned' and had to be taken off the line... a trip that usually takes me 40 mins, took almost 90 - awesome! :-p

time to watch last night's 24... nighty night...

happy tuesday...

leggo my eggo

i thought i would share my favorite breakfast, as of late, and for only 5 points - i'd say it's worth it... you start with low-fat, multi-grain waffles (2) and add low-fat cottage cheese (1), any type of fruit (1), and then top with sugar-free syrup... talk about tasty - i've even had these for dinner! in the version below - i pureed some organic blackberries and used them as a sauce with a sliced banana... delish! :)

my weekend has been pretty low-key - took max to the vet yesterday and after getting his annual booster shot, they attempted to trim his nails... he did NOT like it one bit and even after she put on a muzzle, he freaked out even more and now one paw is untrimmed... nice... eric can trim both norman's and tyler's with no problem but he also started when they were very small... from there, we spent a few hours with my mom and i helped her organize the spare bedroom which is just packed with stuff/crap - lunch was pizza from ledo's... :)

i also filed my federal income taxes (using turbo tax's free online service) and will be getting my refund direct-deposited in about 2 weeks - just in time to pay my car insurance! such is life right... i also sent a letter to my rental office saying that i will not be renewing my lease as of april 1 - which finally means that i will be moving in with eric... i had told him in the beginning that i would not feel comfortable doing so until we were engaged, and even though i have been ready for over 3 years - i have been more than patient and understanding with his reasons for the delay... but the time has come and we finally had a talk last week - i'm not getting any younger and i want children more than anything... i will be staring at 38 this coming march and i feel that my window of opportunity is closing very quickly, so i'm excited that the beginning of the next chapter in my life is just around the corner... as to when the engagement will happen - that's anyone's guess but at least i know it's sometime between now and march 31... :)

plans for today: take down the xmas lights, go the gym, and make stuffed peppers for dinner... we also might watch 'juno', which eric hasn't seen, and then the usual sunday stuff... feels weird not to have any football to watch but that's okay - our team's in the superbowl... :)

happy sunday...

in the groove

i forgot what it was like to worry about weekly weigh-ins but being back on WW has really made me pay attention to what i am eating... after staying at eric's for the extended weekend - i was anxious esp. since we had that pizza on sunday and then italian leftovers on monday... either way, i prayed for the scale to stay the same this morning but was blessed with a 1 pound loss instead... i know there will be many weeks where that won't be the case so i'm enjoying it while i can... :)

work is picking-up against hence why i haven't been able to read/comment on your blogs as of late... we are in the process of launching a new website and there's much work to be done - my boss is the project manager and though she's done much of the painstaking work herself, there is plenty for others to do in the next few weeks... ontop of that - i have some big projects coming up so i'm trying to not get stressed-out ahead of time and make sure i take time for ME everyday... i had a good cardio workout today and need to make more of an effort to go after work if there's no time during the day... it's so easy to say, "screw it, i'm going home" but if all i'm doing is eating dinner watching tv - a workout will be much better for me in the long run... :)

i taped last night's LOST so for those of you that watch it - how was it? i'm also taping CSI - am just too tired to watch anything... i barely have the energy to type this so as soon as i post - i'm hopping into bed, watching some tv to wind-down, and then going to sleep... i have another early day tomorrow too (chiro appt) so 6am will be here before you know it - at least it's friday... :)

happy thursday...

proud to be an american

happy inauguration day, everyone... even though we are less than 20 miles from downtown, eric & i stayed away from the city this weekend (and my office was closed since it's less than 3 blocks from the white house)... eric has also been getting over a cold so i've been playing nurse most of the time (not THAT kind unfortunately) and it's been a very low-key few days... we did venture out yesterday for a few hours and finally saw 'gran torino' which was excellent - i highly recommend it (but bring some tissues)... we also watched sunday's football games and are thrilled that the steelers are going to the superbowl - not sure if we'll be hosting a party but i'm sure a few friends might be invited over to watch it with us... GO STEELERS! :)

i've been doing really well with tracking my food - pretty much blew all my flexies on sunday when we made homemade pizza for dinner... i still have some APs left for the week and am hoping my 2nd weigh-in goes as well as the 1st... i won't be doing that until thursday though since eric's scale is different than mine and i'm a stickler for consistency... :)

other than that - not much is new... i had a chiro appt. this morning and had my 3rd evaluation which has shown vast improvement since beginning my treatment in november... my doctor is recommending that i start functional training which is basically a work-out that focuses on strengthening my upper back and shoulders... not sure if this will fit into my work schedule and if my insurance will cover it, but i'll find out on friday... :)

happy tuesday...

need i say more?

we're going to the superbowl! hell yea! :)

jack is still jack

my first week back on WW has resulted in a 2.4 pound loss, not too shabby... I was so hungry last night so after having my homemade chili over a salad - i had to try one of of the sugar-free puddings that i bought at the store... holy cow! it was amazing - chocolate/banana is now my favorite thing and it only has 60 calories... no wonder some of you have 2-3 day, they are damn tasty! :)

today is eric and i's 4-year anniversary - we're doing dinner and opted not to go see a movie since that would rush things and get us home pretty late... i told him that since we both have a 4-day weekend, that we'll make a point in going then (both of us have off on inauguration day because we're within DC-limits and it will be a mess trying to get to work)... i have no idea where we're going, perhaps the place where we had our 'official' first date would be nice... eric called me at the end of the day and asked for a raincheck - something about work and not being in a good mood... i'm not going to force the poor guy to take me to dinner, just because it's our anniversary, but i DID say that he owes me big for this weekend... guess that leaves max & i to get caught up with 24... ;)

how many of you are watching '24' this season? i'm trying to get caught up - had to watch 'redemption' from last fall before i started with this year's... almost caught-up now, just have monday night to watch yet... (spoiler alert!) i'm really like tony as a bad guy, he seems sexier to me now... is that weird? ;) i'm also looking forward to CSI tomorrow night when grissom leaves and the premier of LOST next week... those are about the only shows i watch religiously - oh there's scrubs too, and sometimes SVU... :)

happy hump day...

let's go steelers

ever have one of those days where you just can't get warm? i think my hands are turning blue... other than that - things are good... i've been a busy little WW-tracker this past week and used my eTools every day - even on sunday during the football game... eric made chili for the guys so i made sure to keep it at one bowl plus only have one piece of cornbread (which was very yummy)... i have yet to dip-into my APs and have 4 flexies left for the week - not bad for my first week back OP... we'll see what the scale says tomorrow... :)

my weekend was good - got the hair cut, did some shopping, hung out with mom, and packed most of my xmas stuff away (which i will finish tonight - had some things over at eric's)... my mom and i had lunch at the cracker barrel and as dangerous as that place can be (biscuits, sausage & gravy, apple cobbler, etc.) - i did really well... i ordered the veggie soup and oven-roasted turkey samich on wheat sourdough bread (with mustard not mayo)... eric wasn't feeling well on saturday night so max and i stayed home in our jammies and watched tv, and then i had a wonderful sleep-in on sunday with my new heavy-duty flannel sheets... too bad they aren't heated or my life would be complete... ;)

since i've had some down-time here, here are some recent food-finds that i found online - enjoy! :)

—college inn has created new flavored broth including thai coconut curry - yummy! (0-1 point)
—special K is now in the cracker business (2 points)
—del monte has come out with harvest selection meals that are non-refrigerated and have 2 servings of veggies in each one (points vary)
—more fruit & nut bars from quaker - dark chocolate raspberry almond, honey roasted cashew mixed berry, and toasted coconut banana macadamia nut (3 points)
—baskin-robbins now has a new line of ice cream called 'BRight Choices' that is either fat-free, no-sugar added, dairy-free, or light... get a *FREE* cone on 1/15/09 between 11am-10pm if you show them your gym membership card... (points vary)

happy tuesday...

they cost how much now?

thanks for all the comments, they really do mean a lot to me... if there's one thing i can count on, it's YOU that keep me focused, motivated, and inspired... starting something new, regardless of what it may be (exercise, losing weight, new job, moving, baby), can be pretty scary but i always find comfort in knowing someone else is going thru the exact same thing... somewhere anyway... i know we've all been on this weightloss journey for what seems like forever so we might as well enjoy it... :)

i found 3 really good posts today and thought i would share them with you because i found them to be pretty relevant to my situation and maybe yours too...

roni comments on why you should never give up
janice revists goal-setting, in a new way
lynn talks about staying in the moment

now on to more personal stuff: i had my IUD removed on tuesday because it was time (mirena's are only good for 5 years)... though i never thought, in a million years, that i would still be w/out a hubby and w/out a child at this stage of the game - but that's no here nor there... the doctor said that i could get pregnant right away so practicing safe-sex is important (well d'oh!) and he said it could take 2 weeks for me to get my period, or 12 - everyone is different... unfortunately, i cannot use the standard types of b/c because of my blood condition (anything with high-estrogen is a big no-no) so it's back to condoms for us! yay! i did have some spotting today so i had to run to CVS and buy products that i haven't used in years - felt like a teenager... i also did a lot of reading online last night and found this website where 99% of the women had their IUDs removed or complained of bad side effects... like weight gain (check), no sex drive (check), and boughts of depression (check)... maybe i'll be a new woman once i'm back to normal - yeeeeeee haaaaaa! :)

plans for this weekend: dinner and motorcycle show tonight with eric, haircut and shopping w/mom tomorrow, helping mom put away her xmas stuff, putting away MY xmas stuff, maybe go see 'gran torino', and watch the steelers game on sunday... not bad, not bad at all... :)

i hope you guys have a great weekend and stay warm!


did you miss me?

i rejoined weight watchers (online) yesterday and couldn't be happier... there's something to be said about being accountable for what goes into your mouth - i somehow forgot how important that was... i wanted to wait until after the holidays and until after our trip to pittsburgh because i knew there would be no immediate obstacles in my way... i printed-out all the necessary info yesterday from their website (filling foods, etc.) and will slowly learn the new momentum plan, even though it doesn't seem THAT different to me... i have, however, gone down a point since last time so i'm at 21 for the day - it will take some adjusting and getting used too, esp. on the weekends, but i know i can do it... i did it before and i will do it again... :)

after getting home from our holiday weekend (which was great, by the way - got a 6-quart crockpot and a new canon printer/scanner/copier), i decided to try on some pants... well, it didn't take long before i was staring at myself in the mirror, crying, and wondering what had happened and why i had let myself go... there is no ONE answer really - looking at the few weigh-ins from late last year, i was steadily gaining since i officially stopped WW in july... but sometime around october - things just downhill and i never looked back (i blame the annual report for screwing up my workout/eating habits!)... then it was the holidays and even though i've been good in the past - i just did not have it in me to do anything about it... i was ignoring my body and i was ignoring my health, but i didn't care because i wasn't ready... for me - it's always been more of an emotional thing than a physical thing... i can workout 5 days a week and track what i'm eating but if my heart/mind isn't into it - i will fall by the wayside in no time... i know for some though, it's easy to get back on the saddle as if nothing happened but for me - i need time to think, time to plan, and time to get my shit together...

i haven't set any major goals besides getting down to a comfortable weight again (low- to mid-150s) and will start off small by getting to the 5% weightloss mark... i don't know how long it will take me but i'm determined to do this and to do this right... even though i'm embarrassed to tell you how much i've gained, i feel it's something i must do so here's a quick snapshot:

lowest weight of '08 (4/16) --> 153
highest weight of '08 (10/8) --> 161.6
highest weight of '09 (1/7) --> 169

ugh, that is such an ugly weight (for me) but i still know that numbers are numbers... they do not and will not determine who i am as a person, that i do know... i have learned, however, that being accountable and taking care of oneself is so VERY VERY important so if you take anything from today's post - remember to love yourself every single day... there should always be one person, on the top of your priority list, and that's YOU... :)

happy thursday...

well, hello there miss january

more changes to come... :)