wish i could change my outlook as easy as this blog

it was time for a change on the old blog, i still have some things to tweek but for the most part - i think it will suffice for the summer... i've been working on HTML formatting for most of the week at work, so doing something creative like this is always a nice break... it's been a short but very busy week, i'm just glad it's friday! TGIF! :)

i went for a jog yesterday and couldn't do my usual course - i felt heavy and slow for some reason and ended up walking 2/3 of the way... do you ever feel like you're just going thru the motions and not really "into" what you're doing? that's been me lately - i keep saying i'm going to go to the other gym and take some classes, but i haven't... i keep saying that i'm going to track on the weekends, but i haven't... i saw 161 on the scale last week and for whatever reason - 166 is my new best friend... i KNOW i haven't gained that much real weight in a week, but still - it's a bit depressing nonetheless... :(

KNOWing is easy... DOing is hard...

instead of giving myself 1 month to get settled, that has now turned into 2 months... i just can't seem to get focused, or stay on track, or make any progress and that bothers me... why are things different this time? why is my attitude so blah? i mean, i know what i have to do (how to eat, how much to exercise, how to be patient w/losing, etc.) but it's just not clicking... am i bored of WW? is it time to try something else? do i need to set a real goal? i have my 20-year reunion in september and would love to walk-in looking fabulous (not that i wouldn't anyway, but you know what i mean)... getting to 150 would be ideal, but i'm not going to starve myself or do anything drastic in order to make that goal...

so once again, i'm in the pondering-what-do-do-with-myself stage... any advice, comments, or places of inspiration would be much appreciated... :)

weekend plans: not much - maybe some yard work and some exercise... what about you?

happy friday...

2 outta 3 ain't bad

happy memorial day and
THANK-YOU to all who have served
still serving our country!

well, we almost made it thru the whole weekend w/out rain but a few minutes ago - the downpour started... i'm glad that i got my walk/jog in earlier today because otherwise, i'd be less inclined to go anywhere (good reason, right?)... besides getting some much needed exercise - it's been a rather lazy monday and i'm glad - we worked in the garden and yard for most of yesterday so it's great to have nothing to do... the sci-fi channel is showing a 'land of the lost' marathon and yes, it's the original version from 1974 - i never realized just how bad the show actually was but maybe when i was young, it wasn't so obvious... ;)

on saturday - eric and i took the harley out for a day-long ride... the weather was perfect and we found a lot of country roads to ride and explore (thanks to the GPS on his blackberry)... we also visited a local animal rescue/zoo which was fun, though it's hard for me to see these animals caged-up in such small spaces... my camera battery died halfway thru so i didn't get pics of the baby timber wolves, which were so damn cute they made me cry! i'm such a sucker for babies, i can't help myself... after having a late lunch at an authentic, mexican restaurant - we took more backroads home and called it a day... margaritas seem to be my thing as of late, but that's what 3-day weekends are for ... ;)

here are some pics of our day on the road and the zoo...

and lettuce from our garden - yum!

must be stuck

i've been feeling more on-track these days, so not losing this week was a bit of a surprise yesterday... but then again, it's that time of the month so maybe it will be down a lot more next week - let's hope so anyway... i didn't get a chance to go for a jog yesterday but am making it a priority today, come hell or high water... work has been so crazy PLUS two of my coworkers are out sick today - let's just hope it stays home with them... :(

i had a wonderful salad for lunch today (with lettuce from our garden) and i also tried a new dressing - asian toasted sesame... leave it to me and not pay closer attention to the label because it certainly isn't low-calorie by any means... it was really tasty though so at least that's good... ;)

i'm glad the week is almost over and that monday is a holiday... we really don't have plans, besides going to his brother's for a cook-out, but will definitely take the bike out if the weather is nice (they say maybe saturday)... i have my annual check-up tomorrow afternoon (blood results looked good) and then i may do some shopping since my blouse selection isn't quite up to par yet... we're going to try and catch star trek tonight since everyone will be going to see terminator: salvation (which i'd also like to see)...

what about you? any plans for the long weekend?

happy thursday...

fuzzy wuzzy

eric got a great shot of mr. catipillar on saturday...

and the iris have started to bloom - so pretty...

at least LOST was good

first of all, let me just say that the LOST finale was awesome! i'm not going ruin it for anyone but i really enjoyed it and think it really opens-up the final season for anything (we may even watch it again)... i still think it's going to end, where it began, with them on the plane but that's just me... what did/do you think?

second of all, i'm very disappointed that the capitals lost last night - by the 5th penquin's goal, i told eric that i couldn't watch it anymore... yes, he's from pittsburgh but is more of a football fan than hockey - he still watched the series with me anyway, so thanks darlin... better luck next year, guys! :(

i had blood work done this morning, in prep for my annual check-up next week... it was relatively painless and i'm thankful to be one of the few that doesn't get weak at the site of blood or needles... :-o

my workouts are finally getting back to normal and since the weather's been so nice - i'm trying to get back outside as much as possible... i jogged around the mall yesterday (slowly) and will try to do that at least 2x week (the other day i can do the treadmill or eliptical)... eating has also been good and i'm tracking away on eTools - made this white bean and tuna salad for lunches this week, and with a whole wheat pita - you can't beat it... :)

happy thursday....

temporary hockey fan

LET'S... GO... CAPS! ;-)

i went to target last night, to pick-up a few things, and see what sort of clothes were on the clearance rack... lots, to say the least, but not too many that i would consider 'work-appropriate'... i still managed to find two shirts but nothing else... i also grabbed a few healthy choice meals, since i had a coupon, because i read their new line 'all natural entrees' contain 100% olive oil, more fiber, and more vitamins... i was all excited about the pumpkin squash ravioli today and it ended up being mediocre - the ravioli was tasty but i didn't like the squash and the asparagus was mushy... *sigh* i hate when i look forward to something and it just ends up being a big letdown... let's hope the others i got are better! :-(

the 2nd part of that big project i've been working on was completed yesterday (website) so i can officially cross that off my list... i managed to get a ton of stuff done this morning and have been enjoying a less-stressful and less-hectic afternoon (so far anyway)... i'll be going to the gym in a few and also went yesterday - i jogged for 40-minutes (interval hills) and was dripping with sweat when i was done... good deal! :-)

our weekend was good - finally got the backyard done so the only thing we need to take care of is the garden... eric changed the oil in both cars sunday morning, then we took the harley to a baby shower/garden party in DC, then came back and spent the rest of the night w/my mom who came over so eric could do her oil as well... she hasn't been to the house since i've moved in and really liked what i've done to the place... her mother's day gift got royally screwed-up - UPS rescheduled the flower delivery to monday when they should've been delivered on friday! i called and complained and was told there wasn't much they could do til monday, so i called proflowers and complained and not only got a refund BUT they sent out a fresh batch that she received today... so instead of 2-dozen, she now has 4-dozen (even though half are probably dead)... sidebar: eric ordered the same thing for his mom and she got 4-dozen instead of 2! go figure! ;-)

i also found a new comforter at target on saturday - it was on sale and just the pattern/color i was looking for... i brought a hand-painted swatch with me and when i was trying to match it - the woman next to me goes, "wow, that's a great idea!"... uh yea! i'm not bringing something home if it's not going to match... ;-)

happy tuesday...

is that the sun i see?


i am SO glad it's friday and that the weekend is just around the corner... it seems working past 7:00, for the last two nights, have really drained me for some reason so i'm looking forward to going home at a decent hour and relaxing... eric has had a busy/stressful week as well so we're both looking forward to not having to do much over the weekend (besides a coworker's baby shower on sunday)... there IS some yard work to finish, and the oil to be changed in two vehicles, but that's the major stuff - i may tackle putting away more things in the basement and possibly hanging some pictures in the bedroom... i also need to get a new bedspread/duvet cover soon and some curtains - my down comforter is too damn hot... :-p

after 11 days here in DC - it's not raining for a change, so i'm getting my ass outside later for a nice walk/jog... our garden and new grass have grown so much in the past 2 weeks that we may be able to cut some spinach and lettuce soon... so exciting! i can't wait for the day where i can make a whole salad, straight from the ground... :-)

and lastly, don't forget your moms on sunday... both eric and i sent flowers to ours (found a great deal online) and we may pay her visit over the weekend... and if you're a mom yourself - i hope you have a wonderful day! :-)


not on purpose

i've been avoiding this blog, not because i haven't had the time to post (okay, maybe a little), but because i've made NO progress with getting back on track or losing weight... i gave myself the month of april to get settled and to get thru some big projects at work - now it's may and my motivation is gone... perhaps it's hiding in one of the boxes i haven't unpacked yet, but either way - i need to find it soon... it's funny/weird/sad/frustrating to look back and know that i was 10 pounds lighter last year - i can see it my face when i look at pictures... and i can see it when i'm trying to find something to wear or when i'm staring myself in the mirror at the gym... mind you, i had no qualms about buying size 12s on sunday, but i'm just pissed that i HAD too (if that makes any sense)... :(

these are the small things that i've managed to do lately:

  • i've continued to weigh myself every wednesday and log that into my WW etools
  • i started tracking yesterday (again) and really have to work at doing it every day, especially on the weekends... i've given myself so many 'free passes' that it's hard to do something else and actually 'think' about what i'm eating again
  • i've started to jog again and though it's slow, i know it will improve over time
  • i've started to weight-train again
  • i've printed out the class schedules for the gym near my house, just haven't gone yet
  • and i've been eating more salads and fruit
so the list is short but it's better than nothing... i know the more i exercise and get back into a routine, things will get better - i'm just having a hard time right now... i hate myself for giving up so many times and i know i'm human, but seriously - what is it going to take to lose weight and lose it for good? is it because i'm older? is it because my job now requires more effort/time? should i try another plan? ugh! i just wish there was a simple answer to all this, but then life would be too damn easy right? :(

sorry for the serious post, just wanted to let you know how i was doing...

happy thursday...

can i have one, more, day?

today was probably the first sunday, in over a month, that i've been able to relax and not feel like i HAD to do anything... i did the usual cleaning and laundry, but also finished putting my winter stuff away, and getting out more stuff that has been in boxes since i moved... since the pantry is done, i feel like i can start concentrating on other things that i've been putting off, so it's nice to be making progress... i did managed to squeeze-in 2-hours of shopping at that big thrift store near my house - i needed some pants to tie me over til i lose a few pounds and scored some really nice ones for chump-change (as well as some capris, shorts, a few shirst, some jammie-pants, and a pair of sling-back naturalizer shoes for work)... everything has been washed and is ready to be ironed, which i will do once i'm done here... :)

last night we had some friends over last night so yesterday was busy getting things ready, cleaning, making food, and working on the yard... it went really well - i had made a bunch of stuff ahead of time so i could spend more time hanging-out and socializing... it really made a difference so i'm definitely going to take that approach for future parties - my menu was: hummus & pita chips, organic tortilla chips & black bean dip, mixed salad, orzo with pesto, oven-roasted veggies, cous-cous with cranberries, pine nuts, and feta, grilled turkey burgers, and brownies from scratch... i had to throw the first batch away because the oil was bad - who knew! thank god for my betty crocker cookbook because the recipe rocked! anyway, we all had a good time and just sat around eating and talking - success indeed!

i promise to try and post more often but this week may be spotty since i still have a big project to finish-up and our annual meeting starts on weds... i'll have to handle all the web-postings and anything else that happens, since my boss will be on location, so you may not here from me til the end of the week... i'll be thinking of you though! ;)

enjoy the rest of your weekend and here are some random pics that i've been meaning to share...

from our bike trip last week - a beautiful, old, stone, lutheran church in the country...

another stone building but this time, an old inn/house...

a pond, near the house, that had a bunch of these guys jumping around...

eric and me on the bike - if you look in his sunglasses, you can see the road ahead of us...

finally - the pantry is done... i love having so much more room...

my new candle/wall sconse - seems to fit in quite well don't you think?