i'm glad it's friday, it's been a rough week to say the least... food has been okay, exercise has been null and void really - i WILL get back on track next week... i had a doctor's appt. this morning so i didn't get to the office til noon and even though i still have every right to use my lunch hour - i feel it's best that i don't go since my boss isn't here... plus, i left a bit early yesterday to get my haircut and i'd rather leave a bit early today since eric and i are heading to pittsburgh tonight (please no snow!)... either way, i'm just glad the week is almost over! :o)

my physical went fine this morning - he went over my blood work results from last week and said everything looked great/normal MINUS having an under active thyroid (just by a hair!)... so now i have to be put on thyroid meds and get rechecked in 6 weeks... he also said he heard a heart murmur so he wants me to have an echo-gram as well - great news for a friday, right? i've been reading up on the thyroid stuff and even though it sounds pretty common, there are still things that could be potentially serious, esp. when it comes to trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, or after having a baby... not that i'm planning on getting knocked-up soon but considering i already have the blood-clotting dissorder (which has its own laundry list), it just makes me even more worried... i know, i know, i shouldn't be worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet but i can't stress enough how important it is to me to have a family... i've known for a very long time that being a mom is what i'm meant to be - i just feel it... hard to explain...

anyway, so does anyone have an under active thyroid and if so, have you had any problems with your medication? any side effects? has anything good happened to you since you were put on meds? just curious... i've read some things that said you could lose weight but i'm not going to hold my breath... ;o)

regarding my dad, he's doing okay since being back at the nursing home... my sister said he was eating and trying to talk so that's a good sign - not sure what the doctor said so i need to call her over the weekend... i'm going out there next friday so we can meet w/a funeral home and get an idea of what to expect and what we can take care of now... they say that w/dementia that there will gradually be more bad days than good days, so we'll just take it as it comes...

my weekend will be spent in pittsburgh with eric and his family - weather might be rainy on the drive there tonight but we're hoping it will warm-up tomorrow or sunday... he's going to make his famous chili for dinner tomorrow night - always tastes better from their home grown, organic beef... :o)

sorry for such a serious post, just sharing what's going on with me... have a nice weekend, everyone... :o)


i maintained this week so weigh-in was better than expected... i'm not feeling very well (achy, etc.) and got a call from my sister about my dad, they were taking him to the hospital, said it could be his heart... i'm not sure what they found, since i'm still waiting to hear back from her, so i may be heading out of town pretty soon... i got her voicemail this morning as i was waiting for some coworkers at a site-visit - so between that and not feeling well - it was a pretty shitty morning... :o(

i talked to my boss about possibly taking some time-off, she was more than understanding and said to do whatever i needed to do... i also called the veteran's cemetery near my sister and got the ball rolling with that (we needed too anyway) and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be... granted, no one wants to talk about death before it happens but he said it's much easier to get the paperwork done now vs. later... he was very nice and very helpful so at least that aspect will be taken care of...

not sure when i'll be back or have an update, so say a little prayer for us...

update: my dad is doing better, it wasn't a heart attack but think it could've been a mini-stroke - won't know til the blood results are back... being he fell out of his chair last night (because they are idiots and left him unattended) they think that could've jarred something as well... my sister sounded relieved in any case so for now, things are okay... thanks for the well-wishes - it means a lot! :o)

case of the blahs

sorry i haven't posted, i've been around but way too busy to write anything... i'm back to hating my job right now - there's so much to do for this annual meeting plus my laundry list of other stuff keeps getting longer... i'm tired of everything again, perhaps i'm just in a funk - i know i was overdue for one anyway... eric caught some cold over the weekend so i'm just counting the days til i start feeling symptoms as well - lovely, right? hopefully i'll be okay esp. since we're going to pittsburgh this weekend and who wants to travel when they're not feeling well... :o(

anyway, my weekend was okay - we didn't do much since he was sick but did watch 'the aviator' on sunday before i went home... i spent the rest of the day sulking since i didn't have anything to do and was extremely bored - ever have one of those days where you just don't want to do anything? i wasn't tired either so i watched a lot of tv - including some of the race, the oscars, and dexter... OH, i did install my new software (adobe creative suite 3) so maybe i actually accomplished something afterall... ;o)

i also managed to get new sneakers, tried them out yesterday and they seemed good on the treadmill... i wasn't in the mood to workout but made myself do 3-miles anyway, not sure if it helped but at least i made an effort... should go today but again, not feeling like it - we'll see...

i'm not looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow either - haven't been horrible but haven't been accountable... i just get so off-course when the weekend gets here... i need to go to the grocery store too - had oatmeal with craisins and walnuts for lunch - time to restock... :o)

happy tuesday...


it was hard getting up this morning, esp. after having yesterday off and hoping the weather would be worse (all we got was a wet, slushy mix overnight)... one good thing came out of it though - my boss is 'working' from home so it's been a very easy and very quiet day so far... maybe we can squeeze out of here early but i should also take advantage and get in an extra-long workout... speaking of workouts - i tried my new 10-minute solutions pilates dvd yesterday and it sucked - i found it very distracting using that band and i felt like i got nothing out of it... just goes to show you that all workout dvds are not created equal - how frustrating! i should've gone to the 5:30 spin class but what can you do... :o(

my doctor appointments went as well as could be expected - had blood drawn in the morning and then had my mammogram later... it wasn't that bad and they didn't find any changes since last time, so i'm good to go for another few years... i was telling eric how nice and upbeat my tech was - you could really tell she loved her job and for someone that has to touch boobies all day, i find that quite impressive! from there, i hung-out w/one of my girlfriends and her two, small children (1 is also in school) so that was fun... they are quite a handful but also very amusing and cute at the same time - makes me want children even more... her little boy, owen, was prancing around in his sister's tinkerbell high-heel shoes at one point - talk about funny... ha! :o)

weekend plans include: help eric get things setup on ebay to sell some motorcycle parts, buy new running shoes, hit the grocery store, maybe a little cleaning/laundry, and some plain-old R&R... he was supposed to go to p'burgh this weekend but because of the weather - he's going next week instead which means, i can go along too... and the weekend after that, i'll probably be going back out to my sister's to help her visit funeral homes - good times...

have a great weekend, everyone... :o)


finally the scale decided to show some progress in the right direction - i'm down 1.8 pounds this week so let's hope i can keep this momentum going... the loss might've been better if i hadn't splurged this past weekend - i made lasagna at my sister's and then we had brownie sundaes late that night (my fault for making them!)... i wasn't really concerned about what i was eating at that point but am glad i didn't let it carry-over into sunday... if there's one thing i have learned, no matter how bad you may feel you've been with food - you can always start over at the very next meal or snack... :o)

and i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that left comments or emailed me about my dad, i appreciate the concern and well-wishes... one never knows just how much time they have left with a family member so i'm going to focus on being there as much as i can for him - same goes with spending time with my mom... i try to help her out as much as i can, as often as i can, so at least i can feel good about that... :o)

work is beginning to pile-up - between this annual meeting in may, i also have other miscellaneous projects on my to-do list that will continue... as good as i am at multitasking, i prefer working on one thing at a time so i can focus all my creative energy at once... i left in a sour mood yesterday and had a headache ontop of that so after dinner, a bath, and catching-up w/everyone's blogs - i went to bed at 10:00... (yawn)

tomorrow is doctor-day for me - bloodwork in the morning (pre-op for my annual physical) and then i have a mammogram at 10:45... though i'm under 40 - my doctor strongly recommends me getting them since i've had a history of lumps... i'm so looking forward to having my boobs squished and squashed... yay! :op

happy hump day...

extended weekend

i am totally enjoying my day-off... had a nice sleep-in, made some coffee, had some breakfast, started the laundry, and then headed out to do some errands... i dropped some things off at the goodwill, then ran to rugged warehouse to look at their sneakers (didn't find anything), and then ran to ross to see what kind of bargains i could find... since there's a slight possibility that i'll have to go to this black-tie event in may, i looked thru their dresses and tried a few on... the gods must be with me today because i not only found one but it's red, a size 8 (what?!?!), AND marked down to $13.99... i will post a pic when i'm looking more presentable (total baseball hat day)... i also hit the grocery store and have dinner in the fridge as i type: chicken breasts marinating in soy sauce, olive oil, fresh lime juice, fresh ginger, and scallions... i will also be hitting the 5:30 spin class so this day won't be a total wash... :o)

my weekend was good and the visit w/my dad wasn't as bad as i thought... he looked a lot better than i was expecting though i think the time has come where he no longer recognizes me... we did some exercises, helped him eat lunch both days, as well as pushed him around the hallways... my sister and i had a long discussion about his final plans - so much to think about and decide, it's scary... my father was not a saver so what we have to work with, is not much - sorry to bring up such a morbid subject but has anyone dealt with cremation? even though he expressed to my sister before he got sick that he wanted to be buried in a VA cemetary - we think between funeral costs and overall logistics, it would be hard on everyone... i'm going to talk to a close friend who's been thru the process but wanted to throw that question out there (feel free to email me)...

anyway, i'm going to look thru my fitness magazine and enjoy the rest of my day... :o)

happy president's day...

TGIF part deux

my dinner plans have been scrapped and i'm totally okay with it - eric had a really long/hard day and got home late... so instead of making him come over and then dragging him to dinner, i suggested he come over tomorrow morning for breakfast before we hit the road... now some would be pissed (esp. since this was to be our valentine's dinner) but i'm honestly not - i know what it's like to feel drained from work and just feel like decompressing at home with no one around... besides, i really didn't need that pizza or glass of wine anyway... being an understanding girlfriend has always been a trait of mine that i'm proud to have, and would never force someone to do something for my own selfish needs... i love him to pieces and sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do... ;o)

so what's a girl to do when she can't go out to eat? she goes shopping! i picked-up my order from today and amazingly, everything fit (even the adorable black satin ballet slippers)... i am now officially a size 10 and size medium and am pretty ecstatic about that... since i had such good luck (and saw another deal on slickdeals today), i went back online and found more clothes... i bought 3 pairs of pants, 2 pair of capris, an exercise tank, a sweater, and pair of gloves - all for only $54.70 (30% off plus free shipping)... i'm such a great bargain shopper, i can't stand it! :o)

revised evening plans include: having dinner (mini-quesadillas on corn tortillas with refried beans and cheese), taking a bubble bath, and finishing my dean koontz book (seize the night)... this one is SO good - it's scary, suspenseful, and downright creepy... i love it! i also got my new oprah and fitness magazines so i'll take them along this weekend... :o)

i'm really going now so have a great night... ;o)

p.s. don't forget to watch 'how to look good naked'!!!


4 miles
42:20 minutes
475 calories

was going to shoot for distance but decided on speed this time, not too shabby me thinks (i can't do both yet but i'm working on it!)... there's nothing like a good workout before the weekend, and before going to dinner w/the boyfriend later tonight... my plan is to split an oven-fired pizza with him and have a nice, big salad and one glass of wine - totally doable, right? i managed okay at bob evan's last night with my mom but had 2 of their yummy rolls along with 6 fried shrimp, potato encrusted halibut, and a baked potato... no dessert though so yay me! :o)

i was here til almost 7:00 last night, waiting for some web-shit to be done, so i had to move dinner back with my mom and thus, i didn't get to watch LOST... eric didn't see either so we may either find it online and watch it later or just watch it next week - for those of you that DID watch it, how was it? don't give anything away though! ;o)

eric and i are also heading to my sister's this weekend, or rather to spend some time w/my dad... he was in the hospital a few weeks back and doesn't seem to be recovering very well - it could be the dementia escalating, or his heart wearing out, or both but i feel it is my duty to see him as much as possible... my sister wants to hold a family meeting between the 3 kids soon so we can discuss final plans - not like we're expecting anything or want to think about it but she's heard it's better to deal with stuff now rather than later when you're an emotional wreck... my dad was such a vibrant and funny man when i was younger, so it's very hard to see him in the condition he's now in - weak, quiet, mumbles his words, can't feed himself... one would think i was his granddaughter because of how much he's aged, but the eyes totally give us away... they are something i'll always love about him and thankful that he gave them to me... :o)

sorry to end on such a crappy note but just thought i'd share... as much as this blog is about losing weight, it's also about a lot more... thanks for listening...

have a great weekend...

to all my blogging-peeps out there - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and morei'm going on a work-related field trip today (to the smithsonian castle) because we are having a special black-tie event there in may... not sure why i have to go but my boss said it would be good idea... anyway, since we're going during my usual workout time - i ate lunch early and headed to the gym a few minutes ago to only find my bag EMPTY of workout clothes... i guess i could've worn just socks and sneakers but alas, i didn't want to give the other people a heart-attack... i was so in the mood to workout today too, go figure... :o)

thank-you for the comments yesterday - it always amazes me at what a great group of blogging-friends i have out there... i know what i was feeling was foolish and know the numbers don't matter (which i say all the time!) but it was just one of those days when i just wasn't expecting it... i have made great strides in the last year and know my body is much healthier and happier than it ever has been, so for that i am truly thankful... i also know that the closer i get to my goal, that harder my body will refuse to give-up the weight - just a fact of life, right? anyway, i have left the pity-party and moved on to bigger and better things...

plans for tonight include meeting mom for dinner at bob evan's (need to look at their menu and plan my meal) and watching LOST... eric and i will be celebrating tomorrow night so we're going to the restaurant where we had our first 'real' date 3 years ago (meeting for drinks doesn't count as a date, in my book)... ;o)

and just for shits and giggles, check-out the new indiana jones preview... i can't wait! :o)

happy thursday...


i'm trying very hard not to be down on myself today, but it ain't easy... i was SO feeling good these past couple of days - i ran 5 miles last week (first time ever!) and i really made an effort to track what i was eating... so to my surprise, the stupid scale said i gained 1.2 pounds - it was liking having the air sucked out of me because i was expecting a nice loss... this is a perfect example of how you think you're doing everything right - eating, exercising, feeling thinner - and yet a piece of metal & plastic tells you otherwise... i know my body has a cycle - it took me FOREVER to get out of the 160s so now i think it's being extra stubborn at getting out of the 150s... i refuse to give up because my goal is to lose these last 7.4 pounds by april, which is my 3-year WW anniversary... it's not going to be easy but i'm looking forward to the challenge (i think)... :o)

not much else going on really - work has been quiet and the weather sucks - cold and rainy and very icey... i DID vote last night and was amazed that it only took me 15 minutes (after work) since i was expecting a bigger crowd... guess most people voted before work or during the day...

happy hump day...

grab this!

it was really hard to get up this morning esp. since (a) it was freezing outside, (b) eric had the day off, and (c) norman was being rather cuddly in bed (and so was eric for that matter but i digress)... he got home around 6:00 last night so we hung-out, caught-up on everything, watched LOST (it was good but not as good as last week i thought), and then enjoyed my best coconut curry chicken ever... okay, i DO need to cut-back on the red pepper flakes next time but otherwise - it was super tasty! :o)

work is quiet today and i've been rather bored, so i've been catchgin-up with all my blogs and trying to find anything/anyone new... i did come across this report on CNN about a writer, lynn, who lost over 168 on weight watchers and gives a lot of credit to blogging for being accountable and so successful... i just had to share some of her words with you because even though she has lost almost 200 pounds, she still has the same struggles that the rest of us go thru - check out her blog here...

I gained a pound this week. A well-deserved pound. I know this doesn’t seem like much in the grand scheme, but you know and I know that if I don’t nip it in the bud, that pound will recruit 10 of its buddies and I’ll no longer fit in any of my clothes."

"The pound I gained represents stress and poor food choices ... I am what I call a “grabber.” I grab a cracker here, a Hershey Kiss there, maybe a few almonds or a spoonful of soy frozen dessert – no one big thing in one sitting. But all these little grabs add up in the course of a day, and when I don’t acknowledge these little grabs in my food journal, it adds up to a pound in a week."

"I was reminded again tonight that being at goal doesn’t make me immune from the the familiar feelings of the past ... I wanted to eat tonight, mindlessly, and drink more wine than a glass. I wanted to not care if I worked out tomorrow. I wanted to not give a roaring crap about anything, just for a night. But that guiding voice inside me, that conscience within my conscience, told me that if I didn’t care tonight, I wouldn’t care tomorrow or the next day or the next."

i never knew that there was a term for what i did, but am glad to know i'm now a 'grabber'... who would've thought... ;o)

happy monday...

no slacking aloud

i allowed myself to sleep-in yesterday - didn't feel guilty for not going to spin class since i did that 5-mile run on friday... i was still up early though (damn those kitties!) so i enjoyed a nice breakfast and then hit the road... i helped my mom organize some things as well as get her xmas stuff in the attic AND her dry (but still very smelly) xmas tree out of the house... we then headed to the chocolate-thing which wasn't much besides a few stores handing out hershey kisses, quite the letdown in my book... one place did have some sparkling juice and champagne so i chose the latter, why the hell not... from there, we headed north to hanover so we could stock-up on snyder pretzels from the outlet (a local brand in PA) and then visited w/my brother for a while... i treated them to dinner at texas weiners and yes, the name is exactly what it is... 2 chili & onion dogs later (and fries), i felt like i had ingested enough fat for a week! still tasty though! oh, my mom and i also went to the clarks outlet and i scored a pair of tan, suede boots for only $19.99! sweet! :o)

as for today, i was up early again so i hit the grocery store, made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen & bathroom, did some laundry, vacuumed, AND went for a 3-mile jog... i knew i had to do some sort of exercise today and took advantage of the nice (though windy) weather we're having... i used to calculate how far my route was, it's pretty cool... :o)

eric will be home later today so i'm making coconut curry chicken for dinner and need to get that started... i am looking forward to seeing him as well as watching LOST tonight, i hope it's a good episode! :o)

enjoy the rest of your sunday... :o)

who doesn't love a bargain

i know i've mentioned on here before but in case you've never heard of it, this website is chock-full of great deals and coupons for all sorts of stuff... i usually check once a day but since i've been so busy at work this week, i was a bit behind... well, it appears on tuesday they posted an online discount for kohl's... i scored some great items on clearance, for both now and spring, PLUS i got an extra 30% off (if you have a kohl's charge, you can use both codes)... and if you're worried about returns, you can just take the items back to your local store! how awesome is that! :o)

i was finally able to watch how to look good naked tonight and was beginning to feel like the episodes were becoming repetitive/similar when, once again, carson said some interesting things... in the begining of the show, this woman was really hating her body, after having 2 kids (why i don't know because i thought she looked great!), but by the time he went thru his usual: undress, line-up, and bra & clothes shopping, you could tell she was beginning to feel better... he told her, "i want you to feel good about who you are NOW, not who you were then because you can't go back... the only place you can go is forward so i want you to learn how to love what you have"...

i thought that was a pretty cool statement... how many of you have thought that same thing? i know i have and after hearing that, it just made me think about why i'm so hooked on a weight from college... that was (gulp) 15 years ago and i've come such a long way since then... yea, i've had some difficult times but overall - i consider myself to be much smarter, happier, and healthier... maybe this has just reconfirmed that enjoying who i am today is way more important than some stupid number from 1992... god, i'm getting old...

just thought i'd share, have a good night...


had a huge NSV last night, i went to see the movie 'juno' with a girlfriend and her 15-year old daughter (excellent movie, by the way) and we grabbed a bite to eat beforehand at macaroni grill... i'm sure you know the place - their menu is chocked-full of italian goodies like lobster ravioli, lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, etc. etc.... how can one even WANT to eat healthy when all that is staring up at you? but i'm here to say it IS possible, my friends, i ordered the skinny chicken with a balsamic glaze, fresh broccoli, and asparagus... i did had two small pieces of their yummy bread and a small salad but all in all, another dinner success... i also had a few SMALL handfulls of popcorn during the movie but that's it - no chocolate and no soda... yay me! :o)

i got home after 10 and was all ready to watch LOST when once again, my VCR revolted against me and decided not to tape the damn show... i think one one of the settings was messed up so PLEASE don't say anything! i may wait til sunday to watch it with eric but it will be difficult to say the least... i have no plans this evening besides finishing my book and watching 'how to look good naked'... :o)

my weekend plans are pretty low-key with eric being out of town... i'm going to the gym tomorrow morning and then plan on spending the day with my mom - we're going to a chocolate sampling thing in a little town north of where she lives, it should be fun... then i have to help her take the tree down and put away xmas stuff, which involves going thru the 3rd apartment and up into the attic... fun fun! i also need to install the new CS3 on my mac and home and i'll be good to go! :o)

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

update: i just ran 5 miles in 55 minutes - that is a first for me (going that far AND going that long)... what a rush! and to celebrate, i'm enjoying my boston cream pie yogurt as a snack - mmm mmm... :o)


i've always enjoyed finding new blogs and websites, and then sharing them with you, that's just part of my 'thang'... as much as i enjoy reading my stand-bys (i mean that in the most lovingest of ways), finding someTHING or someONE new is exciting to me... so today i thought i would share one of my recent finds but would like YOU to do the same... take a minute and share with us a blog/website that you find to be interesting, motivating, inspirational, or just plain fun... i know we all have different interests so maybe you'll have a golden gem that we should know about... either way, just thought it would be fun to spread the joy... enjoy! :o)

bitchcakes --> a WW glamour-girl who has lost almost 50 pounds since last year
not only does she share her weightloss success on this blog, but she also shares great tidbits of information... besides talking about the usual stuff (weekly weigh-ins, etc.), she's had some great posts about things she has done to be successful at weight watchers - this post really says it all so take a moment and check it out... :o)

my girlfriend and i went to this great brick-oven pizzeria last night for dinner and i feel not one ounce of regret... we shared a wonderful salad and then i chose the margarita pizza that had fresh mozz, basil, and cherry tomatos (the size was about 10")... i also had one glass of wine and no dessert so i'm calling it a success in my book... :o)

my focus this week has been food - i realized that my veggie/fruit intake was pretty crappy so i've had a salad everyday for lunch, as well as an apple and yogurt for a snack... i feel good about my choices and though it takes time to make my lunch every night, i know it will pay-off in the long run... i also realized that i'm much more structured during the week with my food, compared to sat/sun, so that will always be a challenge for me... after making an effort to track my points last weekend, i know it's possible to stay OP even when my schedule may be different... there's no reason for me to be such a slacker come friday night so i'm going to keep working at this goal... :o)

i can't wait for LOST tonight, still can't believe there's only 7 more episodes left... :o(

happy thursday...


i'm happy to be back on the never-ending, weightloss rollercoaster - my scale showed a 1.8 pound loss this week, so i will take it... i'm still not down to my pre-holiday weight but that's okay, i have chosen to be more imperfect than perfect in the last few weeks and i feel that is more realistic for the long haul... it's important to stick with something that you KNOW you can keep doing, regardless of the situation you're in, and i think what i've been doing, is good for me right now... :o)

i had to do some errands last night, one of them included going to target since i prefer their greeting cards over the ones a the grocery store... i quickly glanced thru their clearance racks and found THE cutest black, mock-wrap dress, in a size medium... "do i dare to even TRY it on?" i thought... what the hell, right? i'm glad i did because it fit and it looked good and best of all - it was marked down to $12... talk about a score! i'm wearing it today and feel oh-so-very sexy, even got a few compliments already... it's going to be a great day! ;o)

so after my tar-jay spending spree, i had to pick-up some things at the grocery store and grabbed a few yoplait light yogurts - have you tried these? OMG they are so good! i had the apple turnover last night for dinner and it was incredibly creamy, apply, and just plain tasty... to see what other flavors they have, check out their website, i can't wait to try the boston cream pie! :o)

work should be quiet today so i'm looking forward to catching-up with everyone... i'm also meeting another girlfriend after work for dinner, we haven't decided where we're going so i may need to do some research and find a healthy option... i tend to be a bit more lenient on weigh-in day, since it's the beginning of a new week, but i don't want to blow all my flexies on one dinner... ;o)

happy hump day...

fat tuesday

my company is having TWO functions today, because of mardi gras, and i'm partaking in neither... why you ask? because i needed my points for pizza - someone i work with is leaving so they threw him a party with pizza and cake today (which i had zero slices of and heard it pretty much sucked anyway)... papa johns isn't my favorite pizza but i selected two slices and stopped there, even though i'm sure i could've eaten 4-5... this is the 2nd time i've had pizza this week too... on saturday, eric and i enjoyed an oldy but goody - chef boy-r-dee pizza from a box... i grew-up having this on friday nights so we thought it would be fun to try it and see if it's still the same - i'm happy to say, it is! i piled lots of veggies on my half so considering it wasn't the most healthy option for dinner, i did what i could to make it better... AND i succeeded at keeping track of my points this weekend too so yay me! :o)

i made it to spin class on saturday and found out mr. hairy man is now the weekly instructor - the guy that used to teach, no longer works there and i'm really bummed! this guy just doesn't do it for me (exercise wise) and his music blows but i don't have much choice... it's either that or hop on the elliptical/treadmill which is what i do during the week so i guess i'll just have to deal... as for the rest of my saturday - i helped eric take pictures of some motorcycle parts he wants to sell on ebay, then we hit home depot to look at ceiling fans, and then we hit the grocery store... movie this weekend: harry potter and the order of the phoenix - i know i'm a bit behind on this one but i really enjoyed it! :o)

sunday i did some cleaning and then my mom came over so eric could work on her car... since i'm the family-designer, i had to help her with a flyer and then we ran over to thrift store to see if we could find anything good... for once i didn't buy any clothes but did pick-up a rug for in front of the kitchen sink... eric made his famous chili for the superbowl and i suggested making bread but we started it pretty late... so as a result, we didn't have dinner til almost 9:30! as for the game - i didn't think it was all that good until the last 5-minutes and the commercials sucked except for the animal ones (clydesdale esp.) and the talking shirt-stain... i laughed until i cried while watching that one! :o)

work has been busy so that should help make the week go by fast... eric left for san diego this morning (free trip with his brother!) so i get to watch norman for the week... he's normally not a cuddle-bug like max so i was surprised to find him sleeping on the bed last night... i'm sure max isn't very happy about that so we'll see what happens tonight... :o)

and on a very sad note - one of our fellow bloggers, anne, has decided to move-on and not blog anymore... her website was one of the few that i found when i first started my journey almost 3 years ago - i learned a lot from her, as well as from many of you, so please take some time to wish her well... question: have YOU ever thought about when you will no longer blog? i know there will be a day when that happens to me, i'm not sure if i'm ready for it yet but i know it's coming... i mean, do you guys really care what movies i watch over the weekend? ;o)

happy fat tuesday...

p.s. i caved and went to the 2nd function (i know, i know...) and had a small hot pretzel, some crab dip, and some veggies... no dinner for me tonight!


just got back from the gym - i hate when the good treadmill is taken because the other ones suck and are much harder to run on... i got 20 minutes in and then i was able to hop on the good one but by then, i was wiped out... total workout was only 30 minutes but it's better than nothing, right? i will be going to spin class tomorrow so i'll make up the difference for sure... :o)

how many of you watched LOST last night? i'm feeling good about this season but hate to think we're only getting 8 new episodes because of the writer's strike... i won't give away any spoilers but i'm enjoying the flash-forward scenes... ;o)

work has been busy but quiet, i'm just glad it's friday... i'm going to dinner w/a girlfriend tonight and i chose mediterranean - a pretty healthy choice i think... their menu is online too so i was able to check-it out and plan my strategy: lemon tree salad with romaine and iceberg lettuce, crumbled feta, fresh tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, olive oil, and house dressing... and probably a falafel with fava beans, chickpeas, spices, salt, served with salad, tahini sauces, and pita bread... mmm mmm i'm hungry already! ;o)

other than dinner tonight, my weekend is looking pretty lowkey... eric's going to change my mom's oil on sunday and i have to help her w/some red hat society flyer which should be interesting... both my mom and sister are my worst clients! anyway, we're going to stay-in for the superbowl and maybe have some people over, maybe not, we'll see... i should get eric to make chili anyway because it's just so darn tasty... my goal for the weekend: KEEP TRACK OF POINTS... :o)

have a great weekend, everyone, and happy friday...