it was hard getting up this morning, esp. after having yesterday off and hoping the weather would be worse (all we got was a wet, slushy mix overnight)... one good thing came out of it though - my boss is 'working' from home so it's been a very easy and very quiet day so far... maybe we can squeeze out of here early but i should also take advantage and get in an extra-long workout... speaking of workouts - i tried my new 10-minute solutions pilates dvd yesterday and it sucked - i found it very distracting using that band and i felt like i got nothing out of it... just goes to show you that all workout dvds are not created equal - how frustrating! i should've gone to the 5:30 spin class but what can you do... :o(

my doctor appointments went as well as could be expected - had blood drawn in the morning and then had my mammogram later... it wasn't that bad and they didn't find any changes since last time, so i'm good to go for another few years... i was telling eric how nice and upbeat my tech was - you could really tell she loved her job and for someone that has to touch boobies all day, i find that quite impressive! from there, i hung-out w/one of my girlfriends and her two, small children (1 is also in school) so that was fun... they are quite a handful but also very amusing and cute at the same time - makes me want children even more... her little boy, owen, was prancing around in his sister's tinkerbell high-heel shoes at one point - talk about funny... ha! :o)

weekend plans include: help eric get things setup on ebay to sell some motorcycle parts, buy new running shoes, hit the grocery store, maybe a little cleaning/laundry, and some plain-old R&R... he was supposed to go to p'burgh this weekend but because of the weather - he's going next week instead which means, i can go along too... and the weekend after that, i'll probably be going back out to my sister's to help her visit funeral homes - good times...

have a great weekend, everyone... :o)

Sonya  – (12:01 PM)  

Congrats on the loss from Wednesday - woo hoo.

And yes, thank HEAVENS it's Friday! Have a great one, Jodi.

Thanks for all of your comments lately - they are appreciated.:-)

Teresa  – (12:35 PM)  

Must agree about TGIF. Good to hear you check up went well. Have fun this weekend. Hope you get to skip out early.

Anonymous –   – (12:54 PM)  

We've gotten several inches of snow today.

I'm hoping hubby comes home early today. Maybe we can go see that new movie - Vantage Point. It looks really good.

Anonymous –   – (12:55 PM)  

Oh, BTw...I don't know why you can't my blog. It is the new version.


Sizzle  – (1:35 PM)  

I love the name Owen. He sounds adorable.

I wish I was one of those people who "loves" her job. Sigh.

Kate  – (2:09 PM)  

I am definitely ready for Friday this week! TGIF! Have a great weekend!

eurydice  – (3:00 PM)  

lately i've been feeling maternal pangs as well.

and i know a few people who wouldn't mind touching boobies all day lol!

have a great weekend!

Greta  – (3:42 PM)  

great job on the weight loss this week!! New running shoes sounds like MEGA fun!! I love new shoes. Fun fun.
Nothing like having your boobs mashed between metal plates....ahh good times, good times. Almost as much fun as funeral home shopping. Ugh.
Have a great weekend.

ThickChick  – (1:40 PM)  

Glad the tests went well and hope you have a fantastic weekend of R&R!

Living to Feel Good  – (7:06 PM)  

I'm glad everything went well for your test!!! Yipeeee! :D

I think your regular food list sounds yummy. I actually eat quite a few of your list items each week too. Not yogurt though.
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

CaRoLyN  – (10:04 AM)  

Sounds like a nice little weekend you had planned. Hope you had a great one!

Glad you got the Mammogram over with! Ouch!

angelfish24  – (9:17 PM)  

Way to go on your loss earlier this week!
About the mammo lady....that could be someday, ha as I'm studying xray. It is hard to put on a happy face each day and love your job but it is nice to see.

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