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i know i've mentioned slickdeals.net on here before but in case you've never heard of it, this website is chock-full of great deals and coupons for all sorts of stuff... i usually check once a day but since i've been so busy at work this week, i was a bit behind... well, it appears on tuesday they posted an online discount for kohl's... i scored some great items on clearance, for both now and spring, PLUS i got an extra 30% off (if you have a kohl's charge, you can use both codes)... and if you're worried about returns, you can just take the items back to your local store! how awesome is that! :o)

i was finally able to watch how to look good naked tonight and was beginning to feel like the episodes were becoming repetitive/similar when, once again, carson said some interesting things... in the begining of the show, this woman was really hating her body, after having 2 kids (why i don't know because i thought she looked great!), but by the time he went thru his usual: undress, line-up, and bra & clothes shopping, you could tell she was beginning to feel better... he told her, "i want you to feel good about who you are NOW, not who you were then because you can't go back... the only place you can go is forward so i want you to learn how to love what you have"...

i thought that was a pretty cool statement... how many of you have thought that same thing? i know i have and after hearing that, it just made me think about why i'm so hooked on a weight from college... that was (gulp) 15 years ago and i've come such a long way since then... yea, i've had some difficult times but overall - i consider myself to be much smarter, happier, and healthier... maybe this has just reconfirmed that enjoying who i am today is way more important than some stupid number from 1992... god, i'm getting old...

just thought i'd share, have a good night...

Sizzle  – (10:17 PM)  

he's right. we've got to learn how to feel good now, in this moment. we're too often looking back and not appreciating ourselves for what we are/look like now.


pastgirl  – (8:28 AM)  

Great insight! I currently weigh less than I did when I turned 30 and my goal is to get down to where I was in my mid-20s – I'm almost 43 and those last 20 lbs have been eluding me for 2 yrs. I'm not quite ready to give up "the dream" but that comment is such an important reminder to work with what you've got and to keep things in perspective...

And congrats to you on all your exercise and dining out victories of late!!!

TrixieBelden  – (5:58 PM)  

you, and carson :), make a really great point. i've realized in this weight loss journey that you can never really have your old body back. i, too, look back 15-20 years ago and things just don't stay where they once were. i sag all over, including some not so common areas like my thighs. i could be bummed about this and think, gee, i spent all that time losing weight and i didn't get my old body back. or, i can be proud of my accomplishments and what my body looks like now. like you, i've been through a lot in these years since high school and college, and the body has had some wear and tear. i choose to be happy in the present and just leave those memories of the old me in the past where they belong.

Creatingadiva  – (8:34 PM)  

hey Jodi! I think I visited your site before but I was never sure if I introduced myself...I just stumbled across your site again and I'll be back! Your posts are so informative :)

Chris H  – (9:54 PM)  

YOU feel old? Far out, I'm hitting bloody 50 this year.... ! That statement is so true too, why look back and yearn for what is impossible to recapture? We have to love how we are now, and work on improving that, not trying to achieve the impossible! Hell, I have had 6 kids... this body is NEVER going to be 36-26-36 again!

Scale Junkie  – (11:41 PM)  

I thought the same thing about how to look good naked, it did get repetitive but then I thought, maybe I do need to hear this multiple times to make it sink in. That statement made so much sense to me, I'm glad you wrote it out so I can remember it, we all need to let go of the past and move on from here and get to the best us possible from where we are now.

Thanks for the slickdeals tip

*Bitch Cakes*  – (1:35 PM)  

That's such great advice. You should want to be the best you can be NOW. It's what I finally realized regarding aging- I don't want to look 20, I want to look good for 36 (or whatever age I am at the time).

Carrie  – (8:13 PM)  

Thank you for the Kohl's coupon deals!! I went on to the website and got a carpet shampooer!! I saved over $80 with the sale and the coupons!! Thanks!!

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