up to my eyeballs

re: my previous post - i will be getting a glider for the nursery and am looking for an oversized-chair for the living room... since we'll only have a couch & chair - i feel we need one more piece of sitting furniture and loveseats just seem too big... then again - some of the chairs i looked at were almost as wide, so we'll see... i'm all about comfort and support and will make sure that is a priority for sure... :)

re: the nursery - the horizontal stripes were taped-off last night and a coat of each (green & brown) was completed... i already know that i'll have touch-ups to do, but am hoping they are minor and that the white stripe in the middle will need minimal fixing as well... i had a bit of a meltdown while doing the other trim (because of the pressure i put on myself and feeling overwhelmed) so eric stepped-in and finished for me... i'm still getting used too not being able to move around like i used too, so moving around on the floor is hard, if not just plain uncomfortable... i'm going to see if the white trim REALLY needs a 2nd coat tonight and then do the 2nd coat on the stripes... it would be SO great if all the painting was done by tomorrow because then i will have made at least part of my deadline... :)

re: iphone case - got it at the apple store (last year)...

part of the meltdown was a result of just getting back from visiting my friend in allentown - i had driven 3+ hours w/out stopping and then came home to a room that still needed a lot of work... feeling overwhelmed is totally self-imposed and i know that - even eric said, "if the little guy comes tomorrow, we'll be okay" and i know that too... it was just a combo of a lot of things and i just had to let loose...

my short weekend trip was good - this was the first time i had met the twins and they are quite the handful... she gave me 2 boxes of infant clothes, a bag of diapers, and 3 shopping bags full of maternity clothes... since it will be warm for another month or so, i think i'll be able to use most of them and then have minimal shopping to do towards the end... the babies were great, but between 3-hour feedings and changings - it felt like it would never end... she gave me lots of pointers/advice and am so lucky to have friends that are willing to share their own experiences... on saturday night, we had dinner w/another friend and then had some time to just hang-out and relax... my eating wasn't the best - yesterday, she had bought donuts and bagel-twists for her hubby and another guy who was working on the house... i will refrain from telling you how many of each i had, but for dinner last night - it was back to cereal so i think everything evened-out in the end... :)

here are some iphone pics of the boys, they are MUCH cuter in person... :)

happy monday...


i FINALLY got the 1st coat of paint done in the nursery last night (with some much-needed assistance from the hubby)... only 1 more coat to go in blue, then it's time for horizontal stripes (green, white, and brown), and then trim... nothing major... who's idea what this again? oh, that's right - it was mine... even though i wish i could work on the room tonight - my fingers are crossed that i can find a nice, chocolate brown oversized chair while shopping with mom... painting will be continued tomorrow... :)

happy thursday..

hump day

i was all ready to start the non-stress test today at my OB appointment, but she said let's wait another week... not sure why, but i'm okay with that since i forgot a book and will need to lay still for 20-minutes... the baby got an 8/8 today and as for me - weight is good (though i'm up 2.6 since last week!), measurement is perfect, and blood pressure is normal... besides my allergies - i don't really have any complaints except for i now have ONE pair of capris that fit... since i am finally going to see my old roommate that had twins in may - i am hoping she will have some that i can have (why buy when you can borrow?)... i think i've gotten all the wear out of my 'normal/bigger' clothes and think it's time to just suck it up and accept that a stretch-panel can be my friend... here are my updated stats - i'm still holding at a good weight, but am expecting to gain more each week until i deliver this little guy (7 weeks to go!)... :)

  • current weight: 195
  • gained so far: 24.2 pounds
  • how many weeks: 32
the nursery was finally cleared-out this past weekend, after the basement was reassembled and things were move downstairs... we also have an extra dresser in our bedroom which is making things tight for the time being, but it's nothing i can't handle... eric managed to get the ceiling painted on sunday and that's as far as we've gotten... monday we visited a daycare center and shopped at home depot, and last night - we ran to another home depot and then IKEA to find an area rug... no such luck, but it was swedish meatball night and we had dinner instead... i WILL be starting the walls tonight, come hell or high water! :)

work has been less-busy then i would like, but that just means september will be hectic and maybe that's a good thing so it will distract me from being pregnant (or make things worse, who knows)... my boss said that the designer who used to work here, is going to freelance for us while i'm on leave, so that makes me feel better... she just finished grad school and is looking for a job, so in the meantime - she can help us out... yay! :)

guess that's all the updating i have for today - hope you're having a good week!

happy wednesday...

smiles everyone, smiles

the sonogram tech was FINALLY able to get a decent profile pic during my appointment today, sometimes the little bugger is just very uncooperative and won't stay still... he was moving his mouth and we could see his tongue moving - very weird/touching/exciting to see... everything is still looking good and i spoke more to the doctor about when it comes time for me to be induced... seems it will be coordinated w/the hospital and since i'm at higher-risk - i will be closer to the top of the list (though i still won't have an option on what day/time - damnit!)... i'm also at a higher-risk for having a C-section, but they'll no more once i start having internal exams and get closer to 39-weeks... i'd rather NOT have one, but if that is what god intends to keep me and the baby safe - then so be it... i also asked how long they let inductions go before they say, "okay, time for something else" and he said if i'm not close to 9-10 cm after 14 hours - then we'll move to plan B... oh, and i can TOTALLY have drugs if the little guy comes before my induction date - i just have to have my blood tested as soon as i get to the hospital... if my "bleeding time" is okay (how long it takes for my blood to clot, etc.) and the anesthesiologist approves - i'm good to go for an epidural... amen! :)

i treated myself to a piece of starbucks lowfat berry coffeecake on the way in - that stuff is just too good for words... last night, eric went to hang-out w/a friend so for dinner i had a piece of cheesecake... amazing how according to MY scale, i gained a pound this week and according to my doctor's scale - i stayed the same... :)

the nursery furniture has been coming-in slowly - yesterday it was the crib and the day before, the mattress... still have 2 dressers on the way and those should come later this week... i had a bit of a meltdown last night when i got home - i was all set to work on the basement with eric but he had a bad day, and was in a bad mood, so there was no going down the road... i just felt overwhelmed by everything and had a good cry, but was reassured that we'll get stuff done... i know we will, i just like to worry over nothing...

well, i hope you're having a good day... :)

happy thursday...


our weekend was consumed with carpet-cleaning, but i'm happy to say - the rug doctor came thru and our rug looks new again... we had to move everything to one-half of the basement so we could start on that side saturday... on sunday, we moved everything to the other side and tackled that portion next - we were done by 12:45 and back to the store it went! this was after a yummy breakfast at the local diner, of course... the carpet looks better than it did, that's for sure, but you can still tell where the high-traffic areas are... even though it was cheap to rent, we may consider buying our own steam cleaner esp. once the kid gets older and starts crawling around... can't have dirty carpets for that! :)

i was going to go chair shopping w/my mom, but that was put on hold until after the basement was done... no progress on the nursery and i'm trying my best not to get stressed or freaked-out - it's not like he's going to know if it's painted or if all the furniture is together... i just want to enjoy my last month of pre-baby w/out having to worry about stuff that needs to be done (it's just how i'm wired)...

after finishing the basement on sunday, i tackled the bathroom and kitchen, and then we called it day around 1:00... it was nice being able to relax w/the hubby, while watching pre-season football... at one point, i had turned on the cooking channel and tyler was making a basic cheesecake... eric asked me, "do we have all the ingredients for this?" and i said, "yea, why"... and he goes, "cus i want to make you a cheesecake!"... and he did, and it was very yummy... thank you, darlin! i'm going to make you watching the cooking channel with me more often! :)

last night, we had an appt. with an in-home daycare not far from our house - the woman was very nice and it was definitely an "in-home" setting... she doesn't like to have more than 4 children total, and is very into teaching kids the basics - rules, manners, structure, no tv, lots of reading, etc.)... the only downfall would be is that she's not sure if she'll have an opening in january, so we'll keep looking and get back to her...

tonight i'm doing dinner w/some girlfriends that used to work here - should be fun... nothing else planned for the week besides my weekly appt. on thursday where i'll need to get more info on this whole induction thing... i just want to know what ALL my options are...

happy tuesday...


it's always something, i swear... there was a huge storm that passed-through the DC yesterday - actually 1 in the morning and then 1 more in the evening - and it rained so hard and so fast, that our window wells filled-up and flooded our basement... i was looking out the window and told eric, "wow, it's like a river on the side of our house" and he goes, "maybe i should check downstairs"... not 2 minutes later, i was grabbing every towel i could find as water literally poured down the wall, under both windows... this is the same wall where i had just moved 2 of my bookshelves this past weekend, as well as the wall where my desk/computer live... if we hadn't been home, things could've been much worse so for that - i am very thankful... eric's gotten a lot of the water up via a dry-vac and fans, but the carpet is stained in some places... that will be our project tomorrow - renting a carpet cleaner, which really needed to be done anyway... so much for making progress on the nursery... :(

besides the flood - i also had my OB appt. yesterday - everything went as well as can be expected, but i learned that because i'm on lovenox, i will be induced at 39-weeks... apparently, this is pretty common but i need to do more research and find-out if it's really necessary or if it's more of a safety issue in-case i have to have a c-section... i've read some things online today where many women said they didn't have any problems being induced, or were switched to heparin closer to delivery since that wears-off much quicker... i asked what happens if i go into labor before i'm induced and she said i just wouldn't be able to have an epidural (because i could bleed-out)... either way - we're looking at the weekend of october 11... holy cow, people - that's like 9 WEEKS AWAY!!!

today i had my weekly sonogram and eric tagged-along since it was at a different office and their equipment is much better... we were able to see the baby's face more clearly (kind of freaky, actually) as well as his private-parts, which he shows-off at every chance he can get... the tech also pointed out hair/fuzz on his head which i find funny since both of us are blonde and i was expecting the baby to be bald (or look that way anyway)... measurements were fine and she said i was looking more like 31-weeks and he's almost 4 pounds already... then she added, "babies usually gain 1/2 pound a week" and i hope that's not true or i'm going to have an 8+ baby... holy crap!

weekend plans will be to get the basement back in order and do some shopping for a LR chair... and maybe take a ride with eric (if i can fit my belly on the bike)... oh, and tonight i'll be watching the skins vs. the bills pre-season football game - i cannot WAIT for the season to start... :)

have a great weekend!

2 is better than 1

might as well start-off with a confession - i had TWO donuts today... why? because they were there... i know things even-out in the long run and i've been to the gym twice this week (and will be going today), but still - i am struggling with eating enough of the good stuff... we've been doing green monsters in the morning, but i was feeling crappy, hot, and big last night so eric goes, "lets grab a gyro" on the way home... i didn't argue - the last thing i wanted to do was make dinner... then all i wanted to do was lay on the couch (even though i have a good excuse)... i hate complaining/whining/bitching, but some days are just - hard... :(

i've started contacting in-home daycares and that hasn't been going too well (shocking)... most places are full (MD has a law where you can only have 2 infants in your home under the age of 2) and/or tell me to call back in oct/nov to see if they have an opening... that just makes me uncomfortable... 1 woman wasn't sure if she could wait until january to fill the spot, but seemed very nice so we may go talk to her... and 1 place is literally 3 blocks from our house (in the same neighborhood) so we're going to check-out that place tomorrow night... that would be the most ideal situation because if eric had to go into work early - i could drop-off the baby, come home, and still walk to the metro to get to work... we'll see what happens - i still have about 8 people that i haven't heard from and who knows if i will if they don't have an opening... :(

lets see, what else has been going on... eric and i finally went to see 'inception' on saturday - it was really, really good and we both agreed that we need to see it again... so much going on, but also so very interesting... highly recommend it...

eric also made progress on his office in the basement and moved his desk/computer down there on sunday... there's still much to remove from the soon-to-be-nursery so i'm hoping we make more progress this week/weekend... i'm going to look at furniture tonight and then will make my decision - i like what i've found online, but just want to make sure i'm buying good quality...

i'm pretty sure that i mentioned having my couch & chair redone - the place that i had THOUGHT was going to do it, told me that he still had a job to finish-up, then would be going on vacation, and then still had some other jobs ahead of mine... i spoke w/him back in june and he never told me this, so i was pretty pissed... luckily though - i kept the info from another place that i had contacted and they was more than willing to take the job AND matched the estimate from the other place... we will be dropping everything off on saturday so bye-bye to our LR furniture... we will still have another couch, but i want to get rid of that and buy and oversized chair & ottoman, along with some tables... i'm tired of not having anything that matches (eric thinks otherwise, but he's a guy and could care less) and we need more storage/shelf space... so this has been my project this week - trying to find a nice sofa table and end tables that match... :)

that's about all the updates i have for now... i have my weekly OB check-up tomorrow and then my sonogram on friday... maybe i'll have a better pic to show you since their equipment is much better than my doctor's...

happy hump day...


so what do you think of emma watson's new cut? personally i love it, but i am biased since i've had short hair since college... one would have to believe she is thrilled to NOT have the hermione granger hair any longer... ;)

i received my jean-lounge pants yesterday - eric said to me, "you will be forbidden to wear those in public after you have the baby"... they are very comfy and will be perfect for around the house and for when my belly gets bigger... :)

speaking of belly - my weekly appt. went well... the glucose results were perfect, he said, and same for my measurements and weight... i will be starting non-stress tests/monitoring soon so that should be interesting... i also spoke to the doctor about the whole cord blood issue - he basically said that if you can afford it - it's better to have it and not need it... he gave me brochures on two companies so eric and i will be sitting down this weekend and making our decision... research has also been started on daycare which i should've started-on months ago (i know, i know)... i would never think of asking my mom and would feel more comfortable with an in-home environment over a 'center' type of place... out of the 3 places i've contacted so far - 1 doesn't have an opening, 1 has a 12-18 month waiting list, and 1 isn't open past 5:30... okay then... :(

plans for the weekend - we need to start clearing-out eric's office so i can finally begin the nursery... i've spent the last few hours redebating my furniture color since i got the new IKEA catalog yesterday and really like one of their dressers (see pic)... unfortunately - chocolate brown is one of the colors in my bedding so i don't think it would look right with black furniture... guess i should stick with my original plan and just order everything in expresso... /sigh/

we also may try and see 'inception'... i really wanted to see 'predators' but waited too long and it's not showing in our area anymore... oh well... and besides the usual cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry - sat/sun should be pretty nice... just what i need... :)

hope everyone has a nice weekend! =)

made me chuckle

i stumbled across these lounge pants yesterday and just HAD to buy myself a pair... since i basically live in this type of thing on the weekend - what's better than having them look like actual jeans... now i can go to the grocery store in style! =)


i made it

i'm happy to say that july went-out with a bang - the party was a success, everyone had a good time, and i didn't have a meltdown (amazing!)... eric had to go back into work friday night for a system upgrade, so i took advantage of being home alone and made him a carrot cake (from scratch) as well as got most of the food ready... some of my friends brought dishes as well and we had just enough, thank-god - i hate running-out or having way too much leftover... 2 of his siblings came from pittsburgh, as well as my brother and mom, and the last of the guests left around 11:30... all in all, it was a great time... =)

sunday, was THE most perfect day i've had in months... we did absolute nothing besides watch some movies (kick-ass and hot tub time machine) and i did a few loads of laundry... party clean-up was a breeze since i did most of the kitchen/dining room stuff on saturday night, so we were just left with taking down the tiki decorations, gathering the trash & recycling, and putting away what alcohol was leftover (not much)... i cannot TELL you how nice it was just to lay on the couch and do nothing... not having a project to work-on, or errand to run, or something to clean was priceless! =)

and speaking of kitchen, here are the before/after shots that i promised (still owe you the bathroom ones, sorry)... enjoy! =)