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re: my previous post - i will be getting a glider for the nursery and am looking for an oversized-chair for the living room... since we'll only have a couch & chair - i feel we need one more piece of sitting furniture and loveseats just seem too big... then again - some of the chairs i looked at were almost as wide, so we'll see... i'm all about comfort and support and will make sure that is a priority for sure... :)

re: the nursery - the horizontal stripes were taped-off last night and a coat of each (green & brown) was completed... i already know that i'll have touch-ups to do, but am hoping they are minor and that the white stripe in the middle will need minimal fixing as well... i had a bit of a meltdown while doing the other trim (because of the pressure i put on myself and feeling overwhelmed) so eric stepped-in and finished for me... i'm still getting used too not being able to move around like i used too, so moving around on the floor is hard, if not just plain uncomfortable... i'm going to see if the white trim REALLY needs a 2nd coat tonight and then do the 2nd coat on the stripes... it would be SO great if all the painting was done by tomorrow because then i will have made at least part of my deadline... :)

re: iphone case - got it at the apple store (last year)...

part of the meltdown was a result of just getting back from visiting my friend in allentown - i had driven 3+ hours w/out stopping and then came home to a room that still needed a lot of work... feeling overwhelmed is totally self-imposed and i know that - even eric said, "if the little guy comes tomorrow, we'll be okay" and i know that too... it was just a combo of a lot of things and i just had to let loose...

my short weekend trip was good - this was the first time i had met the twins and they are quite the handful... she gave me 2 boxes of infant clothes, a bag of diapers, and 3 shopping bags full of maternity clothes... since it will be warm for another month or so, i think i'll be able to use most of them and then have minimal shopping to do towards the end... the babies were great, but between 3-hour feedings and changings - it felt like it would never end... she gave me lots of pointers/advice and am so lucky to have friends that are willing to share their own experiences... on saturday night, we had dinner w/another friend and then had some time to just hang-out and relax... my eating wasn't the best - yesterday, she had bought donuts and bagel-twists for her hubby and another guy who was working on the house... i will refrain from telling you how many of each i had, but for dinner last night - it was back to cereal so i think everything evened-out in the end... :)

here are some iphone pics of the boys, they are MUCH cuter in person... :)

happy monday...

Vickie  – (7:06 AM)  

I say this with a smile - it would be very good for every new mom to hang out for weeks with someone with twins - then when their own single baby came - it would seem like a piece of cake. With that first one, everything is a bit hard just because it is all so new. Luckily babies come with a warning system - tend not to cry unless there is a reason so that is very handy (if you look at it that way).

Vickie  – (12:28 PM)  

I had forgotten this - look at gliders from the point of view of a toddler sitting on the floor and pushing it back and forth from the side and pinching fingers. I thought I wanted one (21 years ago) until someone else told me that one and then switched to wanting a rocking lazy boy where all the moving parts were hidden and fingers could not be pinched.

Loretta  – (3:01 AM)  

Congrats on your awaited blessing!!! I just found your blog & look forward to reading often.

Udaya  – (2:01 AM)  

it is nice to hear about your awaiting. best of luck for the future
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