smiles everyone, smiles

the sonogram tech was FINALLY able to get a decent profile pic during my appointment today, sometimes the little bugger is just very uncooperative and won't stay still... he was moving his mouth and we could see his tongue moving - very weird/touching/exciting to see... everything is still looking good and i spoke more to the doctor about when it comes time for me to be induced... seems it will be coordinated w/the hospital and since i'm at higher-risk - i will be closer to the top of the list (though i still won't have an option on what day/time - damnit!)... i'm also at a higher-risk for having a C-section, but they'll no more once i start having internal exams and get closer to 39-weeks... i'd rather NOT have one, but if that is what god intends to keep me and the baby safe - then so be it... i also asked how long they let inductions go before they say, "okay, time for something else" and he said if i'm not close to 9-10 cm after 14 hours - then we'll move to plan B... oh, and i can TOTALLY have drugs if the little guy comes before my induction date - i just have to have my blood tested as soon as i get to the hospital... if my "bleeding time" is okay (how long it takes for my blood to clot, etc.) and the anesthesiologist approves - i'm good to go for an epidural... amen! :)

i treated myself to a piece of starbucks lowfat berry coffeecake on the way in - that stuff is just too good for words... last night, eric went to hang-out w/a friend so for dinner i had a piece of cheesecake... amazing how according to MY scale, i gained a pound this week and according to my doctor's scale - i stayed the same... :)

the nursery furniture has been coming-in slowly - yesterday it was the crib and the day before, the mattress... still have 2 dressers on the way and those should come later this week... i had a bit of a meltdown last night when i got home - i was all set to work on the basement with eric but he had a bad day, and was in a bad mood, so there was no going down the road... i just felt overwhelmed by everything and had a good cry, but was reassured that we'll get stuff done... i know we will, i just like to worry over nothing...

well, i hope you're having a good day... :)

happy thursday...

Chris H  – (10:27 PM)  

Awww, he looks so cute.
I saw my No# 7 grandbaby on the scan the other day... he/she is sill very small... only 14 weeks.
I am sure you will get everything sorted in time for your baby's arrival.

Mommy Elephant Sarah  – (4:50 AM)  

Hey Jodi! I just read your last 8 postings! You've been busy!! I can't believe you have 7 weeks to go!!! This is an amazing sonogram picture. It's really detailed. You said in one of your post that at the rate he's growing he'll be 8 lbs. Guess what... M was 9.5 and 22 inches!! My Dr. mentioned C-section several times, but we told her I wanted to try and push him out first, and I did! I'm reading you can't but unclear why. I'm probably missing a post where you explained that. Anyway I'm excited for you. Can't wait to read more and see him!

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