good lord... i know i went overboard on sunday but doubt that would cause a 2.6 pound gain this week - perhaps my carefree weekends are catching up with me after all... or perhaps it's because after friday, i stop keeping track and using my eTools... it could be a lot of things but i certainly don't want that number to keep going up, so my goal for this week is to be more responsible... and even though i still haven't decided on when to stop weightloss-wise - i DO know that IF i want to lose a few more pounds, i have to be accountable for what i eat... just writing that seems daunting but it's true - if you set a goal, you're never going to get there unless you work at it every, single day... anyway, just some random thoughts for this wednesday... :o)

a few days ago, i was contacted (as i'm sure most of you were as well) by a new weightloss community website called wegohealth... i haven't dove into the site very deep but there seems to be a lot of good resources, message boards, and links to other blogs... check it out if you have some time... :o)

i know it's been a while since i've reviewed any new items but i did notice that hungry girl has a whole list of new products worth checking out - one item being the new flatbread melt from lean cuisine... weight watchers has also come out with a new line called fruit inspirations that contains real fruit... and last but not least, i found a new fiber one bar last night while shopping at target - oats & caramel - can't wait to try it later (afternoon snack)... :o)

happy hump day...

update: (1) just had my afternoon snack and have to say, the new fiber-one bar is good but i think i prefer the peanut butter flavor... (2) ran 4 miles today on the treadmill in under 43 minutes - i feel great! :o)

seems awfully light in here

i spent the night at eric's and woke up this morning thinking it was pretty light out, for being so early... ha! it was 7:15 (the alarm should've gone off at 6:30! WTF!)... who knows what happened but i bolted out of bed and was ready in about 20 minutes - it wouldn't be such a huge deal but i like riding in with him and if we leave after 8:00, there's no way in hell that i'll be at work by 9:00... talk about an exciting way to start the week! geesh! good thing it doesn't take me long to get ready (and yes, that includes hair AND make-up)... :o)

my weekend was good, did the spin class on saturday and it was mr-hairy-back-man again - his music was a bit better this time but not by much... class was full so good thing i was there when the gym opened... as for the rest of the day, i packed-up my christmas decorations
FINALLY while eric set-up my new computer (thanks again, darlin!)... it's amazing how much faster it is and how better everything looks - yea, i'm spoiled by macs now - sue me! my apartment is now empty and bare - i hate the first few days after putting the decorations away but it will wear-off soon i'm sure... ;o)

we watched 2 good movies this weekend - good night & good luck and eastern promises - i highly recommend both... i also watched carson's show on friday and think i related to this episode more than any, so far... her body reminded me of mine (minus the boobs) and what he was saying about letting "this much of your leg dictate how you feel about yourself" was really true... i mean, i hate my thighs (always have) but in the grand scheme of things - they're like 1/8 of my body... just makes you think about things in a different way - I LOVE THIS SHOW! :o)

i got an automated response from the HS this morning so at least i know my resume was received... i probably won't mention this again but i'll let you know if anything develops!

food has been okay, nothing stellar... i've noticed that i tend to go off-plan during the weekend and it really hasn't affected things too much but i'm afraid the pattern will eventually catch-up with me... like yesterday - i made yummy eggwiches for breakfast with 15-grain bread and turkey bacon but for lunch - we stopped at this place near his brothers and pigged-out... i just HAD to order chips & salsa, then we had soup (i had chicken tortilla), and then we had tacos (2 hard and 2 soft)... holy cow! we were so full but we were also starving which is another no-no... we didn't have dinner but i munched on some lime tortilla chips last night - just couldn't help myself... it's like once i start w/the mexican food, i can't stop! :o(

happy monday!


so after i made such a big deal about going to the gym yesterday, it's just not happening today - i went to bed late (so i could finish my website) and have a terrible headache (damn weather)... but i'm not worried since i'll be going to my spin class tomorrow morning so in the end, it all works out anyway... i know when i'm being lazy and when i'm not feeling well and working out will not help this situation - hopefully the sinus meds i just took kick-in fast (and the skinny mocha should help!)... :o)

so my website is done, my resume has been updated, and my submittal was emailed about 5 minutes ago... one good thing about working in the pubs department is you have access to editors, so i had my friend read over my cover letter just to make sure everything looked/sounded good... can't hurt that my sister is president of her local humane society so i had to make sure that i listed all the work i've done for them in the past year... anyway, i'm hopeful but will not lie-awake wondering if i'll get a call - if it happens, it happens... :o)

plans for the weekend include: spin class, taking down my christmas decorations, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and moving stuff off my pc so eric can setup my mac... the only thing that's staying is my music and he should be able to move that with no problem - i can't wait to start using it... i was thinking, with this 'rebate' we're all supposed to get in may/june - i just might have to buy myself a bigger monitor... :o)

hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to watch mr. carson tonight... ;o)

happy friday...

i survived panera bread

NSV #1
i went to dinner last night with two of my girlfriends (the ones that have 6 kids between them!) and they chose panera bread, because of location and time... knowing this ahead of time was a bonus because it gave me the opportunity to check-out their website and find the most healthy choices off their menu... so what did i end up getting? i went with the soup & 1/2 samich option and chose onion soup (sans cheese and croutons) and the smoked turkey on multi-grain bread (sans the mayo) and am very proud of myself... yes, i also had a piece of their multi-grain baguette but c'mon - how can you not have crusty, warm bread to dunk in your soup? anyway, all was fine until my one friend gave us homemade cookies - i only had ONE and plan on throwing the other one away (shhh, don't tell her)... :o)

NSV #2
i had 2 meetings today, one at 1:00 and another at 3:00 and i normally go to the gym around 2:00... i wasn't sure how long the first meeting would be so when we got out early, i sat at my desk pondering, "should i go for 30-minutes, go after work, or skip it all together?"... knowing myself, going after work was just not going to happen esp. since i found out something today that i will share below... and i didn't think skipping would be good either so i grabbed my bag and had a great, 30-minute jog (with hills) and some ab work... so when you think you don't have enough time but can really squeeze 30 minutes in - DO IT ANYWAY... yay me! :o)

not that it's any big news but last fall i had been playing with the idea of looking for a new job, so i updated my website and my resume but never finished because this thing called WORK got in the way... well, i was just cruising some sites today for fun and found a posting for a senior designer for the humane society near where i live (have i mentioned i LOVE animals?!)... most of you know that i take public transportation to work (metro) and it's not cheap but it's still cheaper than driving and less hassle... well, they made their biggest fare increase in the beginning of january and i'm now paying $4.50 each way and $4.75 for parking at the station, which comes to a grand total of $13.75... that's a lot of money, just to go to work everyday, so my goal would be to find a job closer to home and this posting was like a dream come true... the only thing is, i have some major work to do in the next few days, so i can get my site done and apply for the job... how exciting!

happy thursday...

eat smart scale contest giveaway

Check out Roni’s new contest! I can win a Nutrition Smart Scale from Eat Smart and so can you! Click here for details!


forgive me for complaining about NOT gaining weight this week but i certainly don't think i deserve a 0.6 pound loss... after my weight-workout last week, i was unable to walk without wincing in pain til at least sunday so yesterday was my first day back to the gym... i was also out of town this weekend at my sister's and we all know how that goes - between a pantry full of chips and cookies, and my mom decided to make bread pudding one night... holy moly... anyway, at least the scale is moving in the the right direction and getting me closer to my goal... :o)

speaking of goals - how many of you are 5-10 pounds away and find yourself pretty happy/content where you are right now? would losing 5 more pounds make that much of a difference in your clothes? or is getting to that ideal number more important to you? i've found myself struggling w/this as of late because even though i'm still exercising - my diet has not been 100% perfect since before the holidays and i'm still in the same range... i feel good and i think i look pretty good so when does a person say, "when"... just throwing that out there for discussion, really haven't decided anything yet... :o)

work has been busy and my weekends have been busy, went to see my sister and dad this past weekend because i had monday off... it was ZERO degrees there on sunday night and cold is not the word for it! holy cow, it was freezing! i got to spend some time w/my nieces and we all shared some good laughs, including going through my old fisher-price stuff that my sister has been storing for me... my dad is doing okay, no worse and no better, so at least i got to spend a few hours with him... :o)

i still haven't taken my christmas decorations down but that will be happening this weekend... it makes me sad just to think about it but i think i've overstayed my holiday welcome, so to speak... i will miss the tree lights for sure... :o(

oh, a quick note - eric was over on friday night and i wanted to watch 'how to look good naked' so he watched it with me... not only did we watch an episode but we watched TWO of them - he actually said, "this is a really good show" and i agree... even though it's still a bit high on the cheese-level, it's helping women think about the positive things instead of all the negative things about their body... just thought i'd share - it's not just women that think it's a good show... :o)

happy hump day...

snow and bye-bye LA Weightloss

thought i would share a picture of what i found at the metro station tonight... thankfully, the roads were just wet so driving home was manageable... kinda pretty, right? the snow is very heavy and wet - would make a purrfect snowman... :o)

and i just read that LA Weightloss is officially out of business... i'm not sure how many of you had gone down that road but i'm not afraid to admit i signed-up back on NYE 2004... they suckered $350+ out of me and then proceeded to badger me about buying their products (what's so special about THEIR bars anyway?)... and ontop of that - their plan sucked! i was hungry ALL THE TIME... i think after 3 weeks, i said, "screw the money, i need to try something else" and the rest is history... i do realize that many people have had success on their program, it just wasn't for me...

anyhoo, back to catching-up on my blogs... have a good night! :o)

no pain, no gain

to say that i'm sore today would be an understatement - had it really been THAT long since i lifted weights? holy moly, it hurts just to sit down and stairs - throwing myself down them would be much easier... but like they say - no pain, no gain, so i'm going to bear the soreness today and get back to the gym tomorrow (cardio would just kill me at this point)...

it's been snowing all morning but think the rain/sleet will be starting soon - should make for an interesting drive home... i'm lucky enough that if the roads are too bad for me to drive (i'm a huge scardy-cat), i can hop on a bus and it drops me off right outside my complex... course my car will still be at the metro but so far, i've had no problems leaving it there - i can always get it tomorrow... i wish they would leave us go home early but that will never happen! :o(

not much else going on today... work is slow so i'm enjoying the un-craziness but tomorrow will be busy - i have THREE meetings! as for tonight - i'm looking forward to going home, putting on my pjs, having some dinner, and watching 'celebrity rehab'... wonder who will get kicked-out first...

happy thursday...

p.s. has anyone tried starbucks skinny mochas? they are SO yummy and only 3-points for a grande... :o)


the scale showed no loss/no gain this week and i'm amazed considering i was totally off-plan this past weekend and only exercised 3 times... just goes to show you how your body reacts to different things... i'm not sure how many of you keep track of your progress via charts or spreadsheets but it's a good way to see how your body has a pattern re: gains/losses... usually for me, i'll have a big loss and then either maintain or have tiny losses for a few weeks and then BAM! i'll have another big loss... anyway, i'm happy so onto another new week... :o)

not much else going on right now, work is busy, and i skipped the gym yesterday because i was waiting for something to be printed in the mailroom... guess when it showed up on my desk? 4:50pm! by then, i just didn't feel like going after so i went to the grocery store instead... i WILL be going today though, come hell or high water... ;o)

happy hump day...

for the love of god, slow down

i was too busy to post yesterday but made it to the gym, felt like i needed to run 20 miles after this past weekend... i always have good intentions of eating well but it just doesn't happen, so i'll probably see a nice gain this week... no biggie, i'm back OP so that's all that matters... we had a good time in pittsburgh regardless, my secret santa got me the lands end bag i wanted, as well as a square, cast iron grill pan - i can't wait to use it... i'm not sure about the bag though, i saw it online and thought it would be perfect for winter but it's too small for all my work stuff (purse, shoes, workout gear, etc.)... has anyone ever returned something to them w/out a receipt? the weather was pretty good though we hit some rain/snow on the way home and man, is it ever cold today... holy moly, winter is here to stay...

here's a funny story... my family has a speeding-habit (dad used to drive stock cars when he was younger) so it was no surprise that my sister (aka betty andretti) called me last month, in tears, because she got pulled over for speeding while going to see my dad... my nieces were in the car so that didn't help and she didn't want her hubby to find out because he would just ream her out, so i had to send her money to help pay the ticket... then eric got pulled over last week for speeding, on his motorcycle, on the way to work... AND when i got home last night, i found that i had been caught by one of the cameras not a mile from his house, on new year's day, for going 46 in a 35 zone... what the hell man... and just when you think things can't get any worse - eric got rear-ended in his mini this morning... some girl wasn't paying attention and ran right into him, messed his bumper up but nothing too serious thank-god... talk about bad luck! damn!

i missed 'how to look good naked' on friday, was it any good? i thought i had set the show to tape but once again, i must be dumber than i thought and messed something up... i hate when that happens...

though i suck at using my VCR, i DID successfully file my federal taxes last night (turbo tax is free to use and free to e-file for 1040EZ) and should be getting a refund in 2 weeks! yee haa! that check is going straight into my ING savings account (i highly recommend having one of these, by the way)... so what are YOU planning to do w/your tax refund this year - if you're lucky to get one that is?

happy tuesday...


just a quick post before eric gets here and we hit the road... was up early to go to the gym - did a 25-minute jog and then 25 minutes on the elliptical, not bad for my day off... weather here is cold, rainy, and pretty foggy so the drive west will be interesting today (lots of mountains)... most of the festivus activities will be tomorrow so tonight should be pretty low key at his parents - i made spinach dip and oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies to take along... i'm sure they won't last long considering there will be 20+ people in the house, give or take a few... it's always a good time, need to remember my camera... :o)

well, i need to do a few last-minute things (like take the garbage out) and try to read a few blogs before i'm outta here... have a great weekend, everyone, talk to you on monday...

happy friday...

p.s. did anyone catch the new reality show celebrity rehab? i thought it was both disturbing and very interesting, may need to keep watching...


i was having a conversation with max this morning (my cat) and said that i would be happy with a 1-pound loss this week... i mean, why expect more and then be depressed when it doesn't happen, right? for me, having lower expectations seems to work out better in the long-run, at least for weight loss anyway... but low and behold, 3.6 pounds have disappeared - it's not quite what i gained during the holidays but it's a great start nonetheless... now the true test will be to see if i can KEEP it off because since we're heading out of town this weekend, my eating/workout schedule will be out of whack... i can't worry about it though - family is more important than gaining a little weight so i'll make the best choices i can... :o)

i'm on day 3 of the WW zero point soup - still enjoying but wonder how many days in a row i could actually eat this... i remember my leader (years ago) told us that she had a cup of this every, single day - can you imagine? i can't think of anything that would be good enough to eat every single day... what about you? is there something that you DO eat everyday or COULD eat everyday and not get sick of it?

work is much quieter today so i'm looking forward to the gym later... :o)

my coworker's bday is on monday so we're having a pizza party, god help me... :o(

happy hump day...

product review

i'm sure i've mentioned these before but if not, i found these awesome wraps at the grocery store (weis) near my mom's house... for a store that's in the middle of nowhere, they sure have some great items... the wraps are a pretty decent size and for only 2 points - they made a great base for pizza... just slather on some sauce, some veggies, and some cheese and you're good to go (i used my pizza stone which made the wrap a bit crispy)... to find a store near you, check out their website... :o)

i didn't make it to the gym today because i was slammed with conference emails and making changes to the website... i was also working on those damn videos and think i FINALLY have them working (after learning i had to buy another program in order to export properly from final cut pro, ugh!)... anyway, once i get those finalized tomorrow - the rest of my week should be pretty easy and of course, i'm not in friday so it's a short week for me... :o)

trying not to think about it but i hope my weigh-in is decent tomorrow... we'll see...

happy tuesday...

p.s. eric surprised me with red roses today - sort of an early, 3-year anniversary present... thank-you darlin, they are be-au-tiful... :o)

300 and counting

thought i would share a pic of my zero point soup from last night, there was enough for 4 lunches (i'm taking friday off)! since i knew soup wouldn't be enough, i also had cottage cheese and blueberries - quite the healthy lunch, if i do say so myself... and it was the easiest recipe ever - i just dumped all the ingredients into to my slow-cooker, put it on high, and let it do it's thing for 5 hours... :o)

yesterday was good - spent some time w/my girlfriend and her 3-month old baby, owen... he is adorable and she seems to be handling motherhood quite well... we used to work together and it was always me talking about getting married and having kids - she wanted no part of the 'raising children' thing... then her hubby turned 40 and she was on the verge of turning 36 so they decided to give it a try - 2 months later, bingo... anyway, it was good to see her and catch-up on things...

the rest of the day was spent shopping w/eric for his family's christmas presents since we're heading to pittsburgh this weekend for their festivus... i bought some starbucks gift cards for his nieces and tried their new 'skinny' latte, which makes it much easier for me to order my usual grande, skim, no-sugar vanilla version... eric was also trying on colognes so by the time we got to the car, he smelled like the men's fragrance dept... goof-ball...

and regards to football - both games were good but neither the skins nor the steelers could pull-through and win at the end (the skins just got creamed!)... i'm going to miss my sunday football games so it's time to find something else to do... good thing racing starts next month... ;o)

as for today, work was busy but i made it to the gym and was able to jog for 45-minutes... since the tv in front the good treadmill does not get the channel with ellen, i have to watch as the world turns - talk about amusing... nothing like watching a good, trashy soap opera to distract you while exercising... :o)

happy monday...

p.s. happy 300th post to me! incredible! :o)

would YOU pose naked?

happy saturday, everyone... i've had a good day so far - started off with a great spin class and then made myself a nice, healthy breakfast (scrambled egg with fresh chives and laughing cow cheese on a lite multi-grain muffin)... had to run max to the vets for some shots and nail trimming so i decided to stop by and see my mom... we ran to the store and i spent close to $100 since it's been a while and i needed all the basics: fruit, veggies, salad mix, whole wheat wraps, chicken breasts, milk, low-fat shredded cheese, cottage cheese, beans, etc.. i had to get all the supplies for my soup recipes and i also grabbed two cornish game hens for dinner tonight, which i'll make along with fresh asparagus... mmm mmm - can you tell i'm enjoying eating healthy again? ;o)

the rest of the weekend will be pretty mellow - going over to eric's later to watch the skins and steelers game tonight and then i'm going to visit my girlfriend tomorrow morning, who had her first baby back in october... can't believe it's been that long, my how time flies... we may also watch the latest harry potter movie tomorrow and then it's back home to make my meals for the week...

how many of you watched that new carson kressley show last night, on lifetime (how to look good naked)? i thought it was pretty good and am glad that it's only 1/2 hour because a full hour would've been too much... isn't it amazing how women see themselves so differently than everyone else? i loved how he made her chose where to put herself in that line-up and how she added 6" to her hips because she thought she was much larger... been there, done that... anyway, i'll probably watch it again so we'll see how next week's episode turns out... :o)

enjoy the rest of your weekend... :o)

i think my fingers are turning blue

day 2 back OP and it feels pretty good, minus the fact that i didn't get to the gym today (too busy learning a new video-editing software program) but i WILL be going tomorrow... it's probably best i skipped anyway because my knee was quite sore yesterday, might've been from the jog on tuesday... good news though - the principal emailed me back and told me the path was around 1/3 mile so multiply that times 8 and you get a little under 3 miles... sure felt like a lot more but then again, it's been ages since i've done anything on pavement... i'll shoot for 9 laps next time... ;o)

the weather has been utterly FREEZING here, i hate winter, i hate winter, I HATE WINTER... :o(

i just updated my WW points online and printed 2 soup recipes - zero points slow cooker soup and spicy black bean soup... i'll be making one of those this weekend for sure because then i'll have it for lunch during the week... my fridge has been seriously empty so i had oatmeal and yogurt for lunch - pretty funny huh... snacks were 2 clementines and a peanut butter fiber one bar - god, they are SO good! :o)

well, it's time for my bath and i just got the new fitness so i'm going to go thru that tonight (esp. since most shows are still repeats)... i started a magazine notebook a while back and as i'm going thru each issue, i write down any interesting quotes, books, clothing, workouts, and/or websites that i want to look at in more detail... it's a great way to keep things organized and speaking of - i found a nice weekly planner at staples but it was $20 and i'm not sure if the days are big enough for me to write-in... i'm so picky about stuff like that so i may try barnes & noble or office max over the weekend...

happy thursday...


i seriously thought about skipping this morning's weigh-in, especially after having a crackers & cheese and christmas cookie 'snack' last night around 10pm... stupid movie (kill bill vols. 1 & 2) but anyway, i sucked-it up and got on the scale and my current weight is 158.6... hard to tell what it would've said, minus the binge, but either way - this is where i'm starting for 2008... that leaves me 9.4 pounds til i reach my goal and by god, i'm going to get there! :o)

i went for a jog yesterday but have no idea how far i went because it wasn't your standard middle school track... actually it was more of a path around the lower ball fields - my guess is it was longer than 1/4 mile but certainly not a mile so i found their website and emailed the principal... someone has GOT to know so i hope he responds because i'd like to make it a more frequent exercise route... i also went to the gym today and did 40-minutes on the old elliptical (no moving arms) so i'm back OP with food and exercise and it feels great! :o)

and in case you haven't heard about the latest blog-contest, orville redenbacher wants to spread the word about their new
natural line of popcorn... to help them spread the word they are offering a new box (6 bags) of popcorn to the winner each month for a year (flavor of your choice) AND Orville will fit the bill for a 1-year 2-movies-at-a-time netflix subscription... how awesome is that...

to enter - you must (1) have a blog, (2) link back to roni's blog here, and (3) link to orville's website here... good luck! :o)

plans for tonight: buy a 2008 weekly calendar - i'm all out of whack and need to get organized... i can't stand not having something to write my weekly weigh-in results on (yes, i do WW online but it's not the same thing!)... maybe border's will have something cute...

happy hump day...

happy new year!

happy new year, everyone, and welcome to 2008... it still doesn't seem like a new year to me but then again, it's only be 12 hours and i have the rest of the day to let it sink in... eric and i had a quiet night at home - we watched 'pirates of the caribbean 3' (could that movie be ANY longer?!), had leftover beef stew and homemade bread (thanks to my brother that gave us a bread machine - they rock!), had a few rum & cokes, and then watched dick clark's countdown to the new year... i told him this morning that i felt like a beached whale, god knows how much i've gained this holiday but today is a new day and i'm starting from zero... i already called the gym and since they're not having any classes tonight - i plan on going for a nice, long walk/jog later... the weather is sunny and cold but not THAT cold that i can't enjoy being outside so i'm looking forward to it... :o)

celebrating new years can mean different things, to different people... some view it as a way to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new (whatever that may be) but i would put money on it that most of us say, "this is the year that i'm going to change _____"... maybe it's to lose weight or to quit smoking, maybe it's to find a new job or buy that house that you've been dreaming of, or maybe it's finally taking responsibility for your life and where you're going with it... whatever IT may be, there is really nothing to stop you from getting what you want - except YOU... it's easy to blame someONE or someTHING when things aren't going the way you want them too but is that right? is that fair? not really because you're only hurting yourself in the long-run... taking a chance is the only way you can grow and as the saying goes, "you learn from your mistakes" right?

take this day, january 1, 2008, as a day of reflection - where are YOU in life? are you where you want to be? if not, what are YOU going to do about it? and are you happy? if not, what are YOU going to do about it? you need to take ownership of your life and for once and for all, accept who you are, right here, right now, because it's the only life you have... take advantage of the opportunities around you - maybe you can't see them but they're there, just waiting for you...

so today, maybe you should buy a paper and look at the classifieds, or call a friend and go for a walk, or throw away the holiday food that's been taunting you, or clean out your closet and throw away those THINGS once and for all... what are YOU waiting for? what is stopping you? maybe you need to begin there and see what's holding you back... once those are written down and dealt with, everything else will be a piece of cake... taking the first step is always the hardest but i know you can do it... :o)

if you need/want more inspiration, see what other bloggers have been saying... enjoy! :o)

pasta queen
"I am far from perfect. Sometimes I wish it was all over and done with, but I also know that's a lie. You're never really done. You don't just get thin and stop. You have to keep earning a healthy body every day. Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down."

"It continues to amaze me what a journey this has been. So much more than seeing the numbers on the scale move downward. I know that there is still a long way to go, with much much more to learn. I hope to do my best to embrace the lessons instead of resisting them."

"I still don't know exactly what my life purpose is but I I found a clue in thinking about what I want my legacy to be when I leave this earth. I want to be known as someone who was loyal, who was real, and who helped others. I want to be known for my creativity, my humor, and my insights. I feel great joy when I have done something that helps someone else have a better day or better life."

"In the past I put too much pressure on myself and I made resolutions that even if I kept I'd hate doing. Now I know better. Now I set goals and do what works for me to reach those goals. Not only what works for me but what is fun and possible for me to do. It may not seem like a big deal but unrealistic resolutions create a sense of failure when you don't know achieve them. However, realistic goals create a sense of confidence when you do."

happy tuesday...