So on my walk home from the metro yesterday, I managed to fall on the sidewalk not even a block from the house... I scraped both knees, both palms, and my chin - what am I? Six? I hobbled home and didn't let the tears fall til I walked thru the door - Eric didn't know what was going on... He took care of me though - cut off my pantyhose, washed the wound, slathered it with neosporin, and bandaged it up... I feel like an idiot and am thankful this didn't happen the week of my wedding... I'd be hobbling down the aisle!

Needless to say, I hurt everywhere and managed to last until 1:00 at work... Am headed home to take some pain pills, have some soup, and park my ass on the couch...

Happy tuesday - not! :-(

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hoping at least ONE of our teams wins today

what a busy and productive weekend, gotta love those! just had homemade white, chicken chili for dinner (thank you, mr. crockpot) and some multi-grain bread (thank you, mr. bread machine)... this soup will definitely be a staple this fall/winter - so easy to make! also did the usual grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning today - AND watched 2 football games... i just love sundays at home, can't beat it... :)

yesterday was very busy - had an appt. with the florist in the morning to discuss wedding ideas... since i'm trying to keep things as simple as possible - i'm hoping that will work in my favor and since my matron of honor's hubby delivers for them, i'm also hoping they will give me a better estimate... from there, it was home to clean and then eric and i took a load of stuff to the dump - love getting rid of things esp. when it involves a huge, lazy boy chair that took-up room in the basement... eric has also been busy working on his office - it's been in dissarray since i moved in really and now it's finally taking shape (still needs painted though)... :)

last night, we went over to a friend's house for drinks/dinner - had a blast and even got to try-out the new beatles rockband... it was really cool and have to admit - i was kicking a** on the drums... this was our first time playing and loved it so much, it's been added to our target regsitry - why not! ;)

well, that's it for me - hope you had a great weekend!

happy sunday...

fall = pumpkin spice latte


as you can imagine, things in jodi-land are not like they used to be and why i decided to plan a wedding in less than 3 months is beyond me... it's not even that it's stressful, it's just busy between appointments, meetings and finally getting the invitations out (on monday)... so far, people love them so that makes me happy and considering i spent 10+ hours printing, cutting, and stuffing on sunday - they better! ha! anyway, i'll keep the wedding-talk here to a minimum but check out my other blog if you want to hear more... ;)

in other news - eric was asked to speak and/or attend a security conference in ireland THIS NOVEMBER... he said they'll be paying for the whole thing and if i wanted to go along, the only thing needed would be airfare... i've never been to ireland and am really torn because one part of me would love to go, but is that being totally stupid 3-weeks before the wedding? i don't know all the details (how long, etc.) so that's the newest thing on my mind these days... guess i could look at it as a pre-honeymoon... ;)

i've been going to the gym again pretty regularly, so that's good news... i really should start pilates/yoga again because it would help me stay less-stressed, but haven't researched any local classes... i know i'd be more apt to go if i was paying for something, over doing a dvd in my basement but then again - i really need to be saving money right now so...

we've started to watch a few shows this season - got eric into biggest loser last week but this week, not so much... curb your enthusiasm was pretty funny though i've never watched it before and am anxious to see what they do with the whole seinfeld thing... i'm also interested in flash forward, which starts tonight - anything that is similar to lost peaks my interest... are there any shows that you are watching and/or excited about this season?

guess that's all for now - hope everyone is doing well... :)

happy thursday...

hello, i'm jodi

yes, i'm alive - i just can't seem to find the time anymore to keep this blog updated... sorry about that but between vacation, coming back to work and being slammed, AND this whole wedding thing - there just aren't enough minutes in the day... i guess many of you feel the same way - i can't imagine what it must be like to have children because time would be even more valuable... either way, i will try my best to update as often as i can but forgive me if i disappear for days at a time... ;)

vacation at the beach was good - though the weather was less than desirable on a few days, we were still able to relax and enjoy ourselves... by mid-week, the campground was empty so it was like we had the whole park to ourselves... most days, it was so windy on the beach that i laid in this hole that someone had kindly dug before we arrived - it worked out really well... the meals were good, the s'mores were good, the drinking was good, and sleeping in the back of the bigger truck was good too - no, make that awesome! compared to eric's previous truck, this one was like sleeping in a cadillac! i've posted some pics below... :)

once we got back, it was back to wedding stuff... i found a dress on the saturday we got back and all i can say is that it has everything i've been looking for AND at an incredible price... i had narrowed it down to two so when i put them on again and walked around - the one that i ended up picking brought tears to my eyes... so i knew then and there it was THE one and yes, even my mom liked it (she tended to like every dress that i didn't, and vice versa)... so the dress is now living at my mom's since i need to get some alterations done plus, i don't want eric trying to take a peak (though i doubt he would)... now it's onto details about the reception and about a hundred other things - like getting the invitations out! jesus! :-o

so that's it for me - work has been really busy and we're one designer down this week so it's been rather hectic... i have two meeting later this morning BUT will be going to the gym - i have to get serious about working out or i'll never looked 'toned' for the wedding... i decided that i'm not going to try and lose 20 pounds, in 2-months, because just working on my upper body is all i need really... since my dress is strapless, that is my biggest concern right now... everything else can be handle via spanx... ;)

happy thursday!

view of our campsite - pretty spacious...

hello, mr. crab...

me in the hole i was talking about...

eric making breakfast one morning...

my favorite hat right now --> out of coffee - life is crap!