hoping at least ONE of our teams wins today

what a busy and productive weekend, gotta love those! just had homemade white, chicken chili for dinner (thank you, mr. crockpot) and some multi-grain bread (thank you, mr. bread machine)... this soup will definitely be a staple this fall/winter - so easy to make! also did the usual grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning today - AND watched 2 football games... i just love sundays at home, can't beat it... :)

yesterday was very busy - had an appt. with the florist in the morning to discuss wedding ideas... since i'm trying to keep things as simple as possible - i'm hoping that will work in my favor and since my matron of honor's hubby delivers for them, i'm also hoping they will give me a better estimate... from there, it was home to clean and then eric and i took a load of stuff to the dump - love getting rid of things esp. when it involves a huge, lazy boy chair that took-up room in the basement... eric has also been busy working on his office - it's been in dissarray since i moved in really and now it's finally taking shape (still needs painted though)... :)

last night, we went over to a friend's house for drinks/dinner - had a blast and even got to try-out the new beatles rockband... it was really cool and have to admit - i was kicking a** on the drums... this was our first time playing and loved it so much, it's been added to our target regsitry - why not! ;)

well, that's it for me - hope you had a great weekend!

happy sunday...

Teresa  – (11:36 AM)  

I love that feeling of accomplishment too. Glad to see you had a productive and fun weekend. Hope you get all you plans straigthened away quickly. Have a great week.

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