500th post

sorry, sorry, sorry! i can't believe it's been 9 days since i last posted! then again, now that i'm living in a house - there always seems to be something to do and free-time is just hard to find these days... work has been extremely busy as of late - my big project is done and printed, now it's onto the web-version which i need to get cracking on... eric and i have been working in the yard, since the weather's been so nice, and we also started to work on the pantry last night... it's more like a small room with shelves really - so there was much to clear-out and scatter across two rooms for the time being... hopefully, the painting will be done tonight and i can start moving stuff back in tomorrow... :)

we went to pittsburgh last weekend (will post pics later from our bike trip) and i decided to tackle the bedroom closet on sunday night... eric couldn't believe that i was starting such a job, after driving for 4 hours, but all i did was sit so i was full of energy... the painting was finished on monday and my winter/summer clothes were swapped on tuesday night... THAT didn't go as well as i'd like since half of my clothes are too tight, plus i gave a lot of clothes away at the end of last summer and my selection is more sparse than i'd like... what does this mean (besides getting back to the gym regularly)? i'll be visiting some thrift/consignment stores to tie me over until i lose a few pounds... :(

as for my weight - i've gained some back but not the whole amount, thank god, and i feel like crap... i'm jiggly, mushy, and just plain gross... none of my clothes look nice and it was just a matter of time til things caught-up with me... after i broke my toe when i was moving (i really think i did), i didn't exercise for 2 weeks... then i was working early/late on this project and before you know it - i hadn't done anything in weeks! i know i'm still getting settled and used to a different schedule but seriously - what happened to putting ME first?! the gym is like 5 minutes away from the house now so i have NO excuse not to go on the weekends, or go for a walk outside... i just have to stop trying to do everything, right now, and concentrate on getting my routine down again... speaking of, i'm going to print off their class schedule right now! :)

for you LOST fans - what did you think of last night's episode? holy moly! ;)

i will try and catch-up with your blogs as soon as i can, but that may not be until next week... besides finishing up the pantry - we have mulching to do, and we're having some friends over for dinner on saturday so there's a lot to prep just for that (cooking, cleaning, etc.)... i'm looking forward to it though since this will be our first party as a 'living-in-sin' couple... ;)

happy thursday...

i remember the day she was born!

my 21-year old niece got married this past saturday, and on may 1 tony goes back into training and possibly over to Iraq within a year... can you imagine?! regardless of THAT sad news, it was a wonderful and very emotional day for everyone in my family, especially my brother... i don't think there was a dry-eye in the place when he walked her down the aisle... megan has grown-up to be such a vibrant, strong, intelligent, and warm-hearted woman, and to see her so happy and in love makes all the memories of her pain/suffering disappear... the ceremony/reception was held at a small country club just south of harrisburg, pa - we spent 2 hours driving there and 2 hours driving back, so half the time was spent in a car (i would've driven further if needed!)... it was very non-traditional, very low-key, and very casual (i took notes for sure!) and the weather was perfect... sunny and warm, and we couldn't have had a better day for such a blessed-event... here are some pics of the day... :)

jelly belly

thanks for the comments and yes, that is an IKEA bedspread (6+ years old)... i really need to get a new one for summer, as well as some curtains - the new blinds aren't as dark as i thought they'd be so having curtains would help tremendously... we haven't done any more work in the house this week - minus eric putting up the shelves in the pantry... perhaps on sunday i can start painting and get that room done (since it's supposed to rain)... we're going to try and get the garden done tonight since it's going to be nice and warm today - tomorrow is out because of my niece's wedding in PA... i also got my flower shipment so those will have to be planted soon as well - so much to do! :)

my big project got sent to the printer on wednesday but there were already some issues yesterday, then they ended up not being anything at all... i'll have to go on another press-check next wednesday so that should be fun (but not so much if i have to come back to work)... after the print version is done, it's time to start working on the web version - bahhhhhh! :(

i still haven't been to the gym BUT will be going for a walk today if it kills me... my foot/toe is much better but i still feel a twinge of pain at certain times - maybe i really did break something? though i only gained another .2 pounds this week (a miracle after spending 2 days at my sister's), i'm feeling rather mushy these days and really need to get back on track... eating has been good for the most part - we are eating more salads with dinner and making more of an effort to eat healthy... my mom's homemade easter candy doesn't count though, it's only once a year so it's been nice to have a bit here and there... :)

have a nice weekend...

update: i DID go for a walk near the mall, and was able to jog for a bit - felt great! :)

still around

i'm still here, just very busy at work but hopefully that should end tomorrow... the big project that i've been working on (and that has been delayed for weeks) goes to the printer so i'll be able to breathe again... unfortunately, i'll have a corresponding website to do as well but that will be easy considering everything will be finalized for the print version... ANYWAY, i'll try and catch-up with everyone as best i can this week... :)

the bedroom is officially done and all my furniture fit! i was a tad concerned at first but we made it work and it looks pretty good (pictures to come)... we also hung new blinds on sunday so all that's left is a new comforter, curtains, a rug, and some pictures on the wall... i can't wait for that to be done because then i'll feel more settled and part of the house... just having the bedroom done has made a big difference - as a girl, it's very hard living out of boxes and things that aren't where they should be... guys don't care - give them a box and they'll be happy but not me! i need to have my stuff, where it's supposed to be... ;)

bedroom before...

bedroom after...

new blinds and kitties enjoying a real bed...

i still haven't been to the gym (over 2 weeks) and am afraid of tomorrow's weigh-in... i've been scraping by with moving and doing stuff around the house, but not exercising may take its toll finally... i had to work late last night and eric suggested getting 1/2 price pizza at this bar close by - it was really good and i'm looking forward to having the rest tonight... do i regret eating it though? not one bit... :)

happy tuesday...

almost there

quick post since i'm busy, busy, busy at work...

scale said i gained. .2 pounds but considering i haven't exercised in over a week (because of my foot), i will take it! :)

eric and i got the 2nd coat on the bedroom walls done last night - all that we need to do tonight (hopefully unless i have to work late) are some touch-ups and then we're done... minus cleaning the windows, putting up the new blinds, reassembling the ceiling fan, cleaning the floor, and moving all my furniture in... ha! should be exciting! :)

looking forward to LOST tonight, as usual... :)

happy hump day...

becoming a regular at home depot

we started on the garden today and already planted peas, onions, and spinach... next up will be: carrots, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and herbs - i can't wait! it's much larger this year too so things won't be ontop of each other - i am very excited to say the least, esp. since i am living here now and can go 'play outside' whenever i feel like it... flowers were also purchased so i'll try and get the flower boxes done this week... i made turkey burgers for dinner (that were most excellent) along with some grilled asparagus and cous-cous - can't complain about that! :)

yesterday was a bit hectic since we started on the bedroom, and i had both a hair appt. in the morning and then plans with my mom last night... i hate only having a few hours to start a project, but there wasn't much i could do about it... we managed to get the trim done but it took forever to tape everything and there were many spots that needed spackling (so it had to dry)... i hope to get the walls done and my furniture in by wednesday (that's my goal anyway) and after that - we will move onto the pantry which will need painted and more shelves added (because i'd like more room!)... :)

i thought i'd share some flower pics i took today while we were outside and be warned - there's one of a spider eric found in the dirt - it was so cool! and no, i wasn't THAT close to him but rather have my macro-lens to thank... :)

bored out of my mind

someone please shoot me! for the past 2 days - i've had barely anything to do at work and though it's nice (once in a while) it sucks when i know the project i'm working on is way behind schedule... i've been told everyday that i'll be getting X or Y, and then i don't, and here i am - bored out of my mind! and i can't go to the gym because of my foot - though it's better, it's still sore when i put a lot of pressure on it, so walking/biking/jogging is out (same with leg work)... i'm hoping by monday, i can at least do something - not exercising always puts me in a less than stellar mood and i hate feeling this way... :(

eric and i ran to home depot last night to get paint for the bedroom and a few other things like mulch, but the outside section was closed and we have to go back tonight (it's half-price y'all)... our goal (or at least mine anyway) is to get the bedroom painted and maybe the pantry too - unless the weather is nice and then we'll be working in the yard... since i have a hair appt. in the morning and then have plans w/my mom tomorrow night (we're going to a ballroom dancing competition in baltimore) - i will only have a few hours to help around the house... my car disparately needs washed and cleaned-out so that's also a top-priority... as for sunday, i may be doing another cat-run for my sister but i'm hoping not since that will take more hours out of my day, and i really need to get the house in order... i know the world won't end if we don't get this stuff done - it would just be nice to have my mattresses out of the DR... ;)

i taped the ER finale - anyone watch it last night?

bah! the sun is shining and it would be such a nice day to go see the cherry blossoms! there's always next year i suppose (and the year after)...

happy friday...

15-minutes of fame

something exciting happened last night - eric was on the 11:00 o'clock news to talk about the new computer virus, conficker... when i went to meet him last night - his boss met me at the door and said, "he's being interviewed by channel 9 right now"... so i went to get my usual cup of coffee (since they have one of those cool machines that make individual cups and you can chose the blend) and waited for the interview to be done... he wasn't sure if he'd actually BE on tv so when it was the lead story - low and behold, there he was - pretty cool! my boyfriend is locally-famous! he said that he thought he looked fat - i tend to disagree since we all know tv makes you look bigger, but i did say the grey in his gote showed up nicely... anyway, if you'd like to see it - the video can be found on the right-hand side of the page here... :)

i haven't gone to the gym since friday and with being so busy with the move, then injuring my foot - exercise has been null and void as of late... the scale did show a tiny loss though (.2 pounds) so i'll take it and hopefully i can get things back to normal soon... i AM looking forward to taking more walks/jogs now that i have some great neighborhoods around me - i could do a different route every night if i wanted too... :)

sorry for the short post, but work is calling...

happy hump day...