jelly belly

thanks for the comments and yes, that is an IKEA bedspread (6+ years old)... i really need to get a new one for summer, as well as some curtains - the new blinds aren't as dark as i thought they'd be so having curtains would help tremendously... we haven't done any more work in the house this week - minus eric putting up the shelves in the pantry... perhaps on sunday i can start painting and get that room done (since it's supposed to rain)... we're going to try and get the garden done tonight since it's going to be nice and warm today - tomorrow is out because of my niece's wedding in PA... i also got my flower shipment so those will have to be planted soon as well - so much to do! :)

my big project got sent to the printer on wednesday but there were already some issues yesterday, then they ended up not being anything at all... i'll have to go on another press-check next wednesday so that should be fun (but not so much if i have to come back to work)... after the print version is done, it's time to start working on the web version - bahhhhhh! :(

i still haven't been to the gym BUT will be going for a walk today if it kills me... my foot/toe is much better but i still feel a twinge of pain at certain times - maybe i really did break something? though i only gained another .2 pounds this week (a miracle after spending 2 days at my sister's), i'm feeling rather mushy these days and really need to get back on track... eating has been good for the most part - we are eating more salads with dinner and making more of an effort to eat healthy... my mom's homemade easter candy doesn't count though, it's only once a year so it's been nice to have a bit here and there... :)

have a nice weekend...

update: i DID go for a walk near the mall, and was able to jog for a bit - felt great! :)

Teresa  – (12:18 PM)  

Hope you managed to get your garden project done before the rains. You home looks lovely.

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