almost there

quick post since i'm busy, busy, busy at work...

scale said i gained. .2 pounds but considering i haven't exercised in over a week (because of my foot), i will take it! :)

eric and i got the 2nd coat on the bedroom walls done last night - all that we need to do tonight (hopefully unless i have to work late) are some touch-ups and then we're done... minus cleaning the windows, putting up the new blinds, reassembling the ceiling fan, cleaning the floor, and moving all my furniture in... ha! should be exciting! :)

looking forward to LOST tonight, as usual... :)

happy hump day...

Anne  – (6:42 PM)  

I'm back to liking LOST again! Looking forward to tonight :)

Teresa  – (11:06 AM)  

Hope you don't get caught up at work and you get home to relax and enjoy your Thursday night.

Kud  – (8:14 PM)  

0.2=nothing at all because anything under like 0.5lbs is still a daily fluctuation in my mind.


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