500th post

sorry, sorry, sorry! i can't believe it's been 9 days since i last posted! then again, now that i'm living in a house - there always seems to be something to do and free-time is just hard to find these days... work has been extremely busy as of late - my big project is done and printed, now it's onto the web-version which i need to get cracking on... eric and i have been working in the yard, since the weather's been so nice, and we also started to work on the pantry last night... it's more like a small room with shelves really - so there was much to clear-out and scatter across two rooms for the time being... hopefully, the painting will be done tonight and i can start moving stuff back in tomorrow... :)

we went to pittsburgh last weekend (will post pics later from our bike trip) and i decided to tackle the bedroom closet on sunday night... eric couldn't believe that i was starting such a job, after driving for 4 hours, but all i did was sit so i was full of energy... the painting was finished on monday and my winter/summer clothes were swapped on tuesday night... THAT didn't go as well as i'd like since half of my clothes are too tight, plus i gave a lot of clothes away at the end of last summer and my selection is more sparse than i'd like... what does this mean (besides getting back to the gym regularly)? i'll be visiting some thrift/consignment stores to tie me over until i lose a few pounds... :(

as for my weight - i've gained some back but not the whole amount, thank god, and i feel like crap... i'm jiggly, mushy, and just plain gross... none of my clothes look nice and it was just a matter of time til things caught-up with me... after i broke my toe when i was moving (i really think i did), i didn't exercise for 2 weeks... then i was working early/late on this project and before you know it - i hadn't done anything in weeks! i know i'm still getting settled and used to a different schedule but seriously - what happened to putting ME first?! the gym is like 5 minutes away from the house now so i have NO excuse not to go on the weekends, or go for a walk outside... i just have to stop trying to do everything, right now, and concentrate on getting my routine down again... speaking of, i'm going to print off their class schedule right now! :)

for you LOST fans - what did you think of last night's episode? holy moly! ;)

i will try and catch-up with your blogs as soon as i can, but that may not be until next week... besides finishing up the pantry - we have mulching to do, and we're having some friends over for dinner on saturday so there's a lot to prep just for that (cooking, cleaning, etc.)... i'm looking forward to it though since this will be our first party as a 'living-in-sin' couple... ;)

happy thursday...

Kud  – (10:10 PM)  

You are one busy lady with all your tons of projects!!!

Just eat right for a couple days and that "gross feeling" will go away. Water can work miracles!

Vickie  – (10:48 PM)  

glad you posted !!!

I had been wondering about you - but figured you were busy with closets and the like.

I always love your pix - looking forward to seeing them!

Rebecca  – (10:59 PM)  

damn...you alone must be keeping home depot/lowes in bidness...

glad to hear things are going well!

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