i just ate a piece of chocolate cake (for a coworker's bday) and it wasn't even "to-die-for" cake, if you know what i mean... glad i've been having low-calorie for soup all week, so things should balance out in the end... we also had a pizza party for someone yesterday and to balance out having a few (small) pieces for lunch, i had a salad with sliced almonds and gorgonzola cheese for dinner... YUM-O! :)

painting update: i have one more coat to do on the ceiling and then i'm done, minus a few touch-ups here and there... eric said he'll install the new light and dimmer switch on sunday and after that, i'll take some pics and share them with you... :)

besides that - i have a laundry list of things to do this weekend... eric won't be home until very late tomorrow night so at least i have the whole day to clean-up, pack some things at my place, go to the store, do some laundry, and most of all - relax... i SO cannot wait to sleep-in tomorrow, though i may head-over to kohls for their early-birds and that starts at 7:00am... could always take a nap i guess but i've never been a good napper unless i'm sick... :(

ugh, i wish i hadn't eaten that cake cus now i need a big glass of milk... :(

have a great weekend, everyone... :)

mine vs. his

last night didn't go as well as expected - because i had to work late, i had to cancel my chiro appt. so it will be another week until i can get adjusted and ask him about my constant lower back pain... he did tell me to do one stretch last week, when i asked - where you lay on the floor and then raise your legs up and over your head... that seems to help but i think i need a few more - just makes me mad, more than anything, that i was doing so well and now i'm almost back to where i started in november... :(

i still had to run by my place last night, and pick-up more clothes for the week - my mom called so we chatted for a while and i asked if she wanted to help me pack boxes on saturday... up until this point, i had not told her that i was moving-in with eric - my family is very old-fashioned and i've already gotten a lecture from my sister about living w/someone before getting married... after i graduated from college, i remember their reaction when i said i wanted to move to NYC to live w/my boyfriend... i didn't care what they thought because i loved this guy more than life itself, and nothing or no one was going to stop me... looking back, it may not have been the best idea but those 2 years were the best/worst times of my life and are responsible for making the person i am today... believe you me - my current situation isn't what i would call 'ideal', and would prefer to be engaged before the official move-in day... so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out in the end... :)

oh - and the scale thing... well, i grabbed mine last night and put them side-by-side this morning to see how they matched-up... to much to my surprise - they were exactly the same so yesterday's weigh-in was indeed accurate... yay for me! :)

happy thursday...

p.s. how great was LOST last night? holy moly, i love me some john locke... ;)

to weigh, or not to weigh

the scale at eric's said i was down 2.2 pounds this week, but i'm just not sure how accurate it is (i tend to recall it weighs a bit on the heavier side, compared to mine)... since i have to stop by my place tonight and grab more clothes, i will also grab my scale and see what it says tomorrow morning... i'm a sucker for consistency, what can i say... ;)

painting update: i finished all the trim last night so the only thing left, is the ceiling... i may take a night off but we'll see - a part of me wants to keep going and get it done, and the other is like "take a damn break already"... the small of my back aches, from morning to night, so i need to ask my chiro again why that's happening... i haven't been moving anything and when i'm done painting, it usually feels better... go figure...

have any of you seen/tried yoplaits new yogurt flavors? i was at the store the other night and picked-up cherry cobbler, cinnamon roll, and lemon meringue - the first two were pretty good and i'll let you know what i think of the lemon... to see all their flavors, check out their website... :)

happy hump day...

paint everywhere

ugh, who's bright idea was it to start painting? oh that's right, it was mine... i'm making progress with the DR but there's still much to do (2nd coat of the trim, ceiling, doorways, and closet doors)... i want to get it done before eric gets back from florida this weekend (he drove down on sunday) and then we can tackle the next room... he helped me on saturday, in between prepping for his trip, but since then - i've been on my own and that's fine... i was up til almost midnight doing the trim - i had to work late but didn't want to put it off another day so i taped everything and then started... i'm crazy, that's all there is to it... :)

our belated valentine's dinner on friday night was okay - i give it a 6/10... we both ordered something other than our 'usual' and were both unhappy with the result (the calimari was tasty though)... the thai place we ordered from saturday night however, was awesome, and it's only 5 minutes from his house... the people at the table next to us on friday suggested trying it, and i'm so glad we did - can't beat green curry on a cold, winter night! :)

so besides painting - work has been busy esp. since our president is testifying on the hill today re: 401k stuff (that's why i was here so late last night)... i have 3 big projects on my plate right - one in review, one just beginning, and one sort of in the middle... i AM making an attempt to get to the gym though, so at least i'm not being a total slacker in that department...

i made an awesome recipe this weekend --> carrot ginger coconut soup and it comes to only 1 point per serving (1 cup)... if you don't have one of those hand-blenders, please consider getting one because it makes life so much easier when it comes to pureeing sauces and soup... now i have lunch for the whole week, plus some in the freezer for eric... :)

i'm not sure if i'll weigh-in tomorrow since i don't have my scale (i'm staying at eric's this week)... since i have to stop at my place tomorrow night, after my chiro appt., i may bring it along and weigh-in thursday... i'm not expecting a loss but will be happy with maintaining...

now that i have a moment to breathe, i may try and catch-up with everyone...

happy tuesday...


thanks for all the comments/advice - things seem to be improving so either i was being a bit paranoid, or he read my blog, or both... he told me that the DR closet has been cleaned-out, so now it can be painted with everything else (yay!)... i also told him that i don't expect everything to be perfect when i move in, but asking to organize or make room for me beforehand is a valid request... and since my back has been bothering me all week - the load of boxes in my car, will have to be my last for a while... i will just stack boxes and then when i can't take it anymore (since i detest clutter), he can come over and we'll load up the truck... we'll see how far i get w/the DR this weekend and if any decent progress is made, i'll take some pics... :)

tonight will be our valentine's day since i was out of town last weekend - we're going to our favorite cuban place... we would go there anyway but knowing that i have a $25 gift certificate is even better (got 2 of them online for $12 - baby!)... then tomorrow is busy for me - time to get the'ole hair cut and i have a bunch of stuff that needs to go to goodwill... i'm finding this whole packing-thing quite nice since i'm tossing stuff i haven't used or know i won't use in the future... like a ton of cookbooks - besides a few basics, i can just go online to find a recipe if needed... i do love my betty crocker one though - can't go wrong w/the basics... :)

food has been good but exercise - not so good... i did manage 45-minutes on the treadmill today but haven't been doing any weights... because of my back, i'm afraid to do anything strenuous so i'll just take it easy and make sure i do some stretches every night...

so what do YOU have planned for this weekend?

happy friday...

my life in boxes

after my horrendous eating-weekend at my sister's, i was going to skip my weigh-in this morning... but then i decided too and thought i wouldn't post the number, but i did anyway - i'm up .2 pounds from last week... it's not much but since i know i was back down the day after (last thurs), i know it was a hefty gain... from friday thru yesterday, i was off-plan and there was no turning back because for me - once you know you've gone over, there's no turning back... and because it snowed the whole time - i didn't get to exercise so there you go... i've had 3 great weeks and now 3 crappy weeks but know they even out eventually... just glad it's wednesday and that my slate has been wiped clean... :)

so besides the eating and the snowing - it was a good weekend at my sister's... got to spend some time w/my dad on saturday and for once, he was alert and talking (though it's hard to understand)... i fed him lunch and gave him a good shave, which i always enjoy more than him i'm sure... my sister's log cabin is about 75% done but they still don't have tv, so it was the movie 'dream girls' on sunday night... it's very open and airy but with the hardwood floors, it's also hard to be quiet and can get dirty very quickly... my mom and my sister got into a few times since my mom is very opinionated and thinks her way, is THE way - it's always fun to be around, that's for sure... my mom made all this crap to bring along - cake, chocolate bread pudding, etc. so eating healthy went right out the window... plus, we had mexican for lunch on monday and every single one of us, nieces included, had fried ice cream for dessert... oh the horror! :(

my back has been bothering me almost every day so i need to talk to the doctor about what's going on - either my body isn't liking this one-day a week adjusting OR i pulled something when i carried stuff to my car last week... i hope that's not the case because i'll be doing that a lot in the next few weeks, no way to get around it... last night i packed-up all my cds, dvds, books, photo albums, starbucks bears (from back in the day), and my boyds bunny collection (also from back in the day)... i just need to keep packing-up what i'm not using and get it over to his place so closer to moving-day, it's just furniture and basic stuff... honestly, i don't think eric is ready but i'm trying to not let that bother me... in my eyes - he has the easy part, since he's already there, and all i've asked is for him to organize a few closets and help me paint (when the time comes)... is that too much to ask? i mean really... it's almost been a month since i gave my rental office notice and even though what he does after work is none of my business, i feel that he should be helping just a little... or am i being a total b*tch about this? honestly, i don't think that i've asked for too much but maybe i have...

sorry for the rant, just had to get it off my chest...

happy hump day...

i did my part to stimulate the economy

i had to peak on the scale this morning and as expected, it's below yesterday's weigh-in as well as last week's - so there's hope after all... i WILL be going out of town though, which is always hard since my sister always has such tasty-treats in the house... it's like, "wow, i haven't had corn chips in a while" or "pop-tarts taste best straight from the toaster" kind of thing, but i will do my best since that's all i can do...

after my chiro appt last night (i've decided NOT to do the functional training), i met my mom at kohl's to do some shopping since we both had 30% coupons... i spent over a $100 but got some great deals like heavy-weight flannel sheets, space-saving hangers (since eric's closets are t-i-n-y), and some new workout capris... there was some other stuff that found it's way into my cart, but i saved over $50 + most of the stuff was already on sale... that's my kind of shopping! and the best part - mom gave me some leftover homemade potato & sausage soup that i'll be having for lunch today... go mom! :)

for those of you that watch LOST - man, that show just keeps throwing stuff at you, every, single week... love it! :)

since the weather was SO great yesterday - i went for a walk/jog down by GW and then back up constitution ave... people were out, doing their thing, like it was summer! believe me, i know it won't last but it was nice being outside without a jacket for a change... :)

happy thursday...

c'mon now

note to self: eating-out 3x in one week isn't a good idea when you're trying to lose weight (or maintain for that matter)... i know it's only 1 pound, but i forgot how crappy it feels to gain two weeks in a row... BUT on the bright side - the good news is, i am wearing a pair of pants that were tight about a month ago so i know progress is being made even if the scale is being mean to me today... i met a girlfriend for dinner last night - she chose whole foods and before you laugh - i was surprised at how wonderful their salad and hot food bar was... though it's not cheap ($8.99/lb), there was a good selection of veggies, meat, and starches (the veggie lasagna was awesome!) so i had a bit of this and a bit of that, and some great girlfriend company to boot... :)

the weather forecast says it will be in the low 70s today - perhaps i should go for a walk and enjoy it while it lasts... they're also saying it might snow this weekend, which is not surprising considering i was going to head out to see my sister and dad (3-day weekend)... perhaps if the weather is too bad - i can stay home and pack... my place is full of boxes right now so i guess that means it's time to start filling them up... :)

not much else has been going on - sorry that the blog has been rather boring these days... hopefully i'll have more stuff to talk about once it gets closer to moving day... i did get my new checks and address labels yesterday - they are very cute so i can't wait to start using them... :)

happy hump day...

it's been a while

warning: tmi
about a month ago, i had my IUD removed (which my insurance did not cover!) and was told it could take anywhere from 2-12 weeks til i got my period... well, saturday morning eric and i went to a few moving sales (that pretty much sucked) and my back started to hurt and then the cramps started... for someone that hasn't had a period in 4 years, let's just say i knew what it was - and thought, "what a great way to start the weekend!" i didn't feel PMS'y or anything, thank-god, but was really tired/blah and achy for most of the day - advil didn't seem to help so i need to find something a tad stronger i guess... as spoiled as i was for 4 years - i'm glad my body is getting back to normal again and stays that way... :)

as for the rest of the weekend - eric and i decided on paint colors for the dining room and the two bedrooms... my thought is that it will be easier to paint BEFORE i move-in, since there's less stuff to move around... his thought is, "what's the hurry, why do everything now" - must be a male/female thing... from my perspective - i'd feel better knowing the house was semi-ready when i got there compared too 'still in progress' come april 1... we didn't organize/go-thru any closets, like i had hoped, but i did make some space in the laundry room for some boxes - guess any progress, is good progress right? i also ordered a new light fixture for the dining room - the current lighting in there is circa 1984 so i feel this is a VAST improvement... :)

on saturday - we tried a new restaurant (new to us anyway) called qdobo mexican grill - it reminded me a lot of chipotle but with a few more options... i decided that most of my flex points would have to be used and combined lunch/dinner into one meal - it was pretty good though i have to say baja fresh has MUCH better salsas... yesterday, i met a girlfriend for lunch and we had planned on doing mediterranean but the place was closed - we opted for sushi instead... good choice, i thought... for dinner - eric grilled some marinated chicken and we had that with pesto pasta and a nice salad... it's rare that i eat-out twice in one week so i'm hoping this doesn't affect wednesday's weigh-in... :(

as for exercise - i wasn't feeling like it on saturday but since it was close to 70 degrees yesterday, i went for an hour-long jog/walk... it felt great to be outside so i'm glad i waited... hope this weather lasts but i know it won't... :(

happy monday...


it's been a busy week for me but today - things are rather slow, plus the boss is out (not that i'm complaining)... i was here late last night because i had to wait for a research report (that had to be posted on the website) so i went the gym and did about 30 mins on the treadmill... then i ran to home depot for paint swatches and a tape-gun thing, and then over to target for some bday cards, cereal, and cat food... exciting, let me tell you... :)

i found a woman on this website called (a yahoo group) that had some boxes she was willing to give-away - fine by me! she left them on her porch and i loaded them into my car the other night, after my functional training session... it went well i guess (he even said i was rather athletic! me? are you kidding?) but i'm just not feeling that it will be worth my while since i'd have to stop in 6 weeks anyway (because of moving)... we did a lot of ladder/floor exercises, some ball/balance moves, and dead-lifts on the machine (where i was told my form was as perfect as you could get!)... i can handle 1-night a week but 2-nights are ideal, and they'd have to be tues/weds which isn't the best scenario - decisions, decisions...

plans for the weekend: hit home depot and buy paint/supplies and window blinds; stop by a few estate/moving sales; organize some closets and laundry room; meet a girlfriend on sunday for lunch; workout at least ONE day; and relax... next weekend's a bust since my mom and i are going to see my sister, so i feel that we need to make SOME progress on the house sat/sun... why do i wish this was all over-and-done with already... :-(

have a great weekend, everyone... stay warm!

gotta take the bad with the good

i'm not surprised that the scale was up this morning (.4 pounds) but i was expecting it since (1) i only exercised twice last week and (2) i used more than a week's worth of flex points on sunday... such is life - no reason to freak-out or run for the hills, and so starts another week with a clean slate... amen to that! :-)

i have my first functional training session tonight - not sure what to expect or how it's even going to fit into my schedule... i would prefer mornings but there's just not enough time so i'm limited to evenings and even that will be touch & go because of work... i used to be able to leave at 5:00 most days but now it's busy and my roll has changed - staying later is just part of the game... we'll see how it goes - i'm not bound to any contract so if i decide it's not for me, then i can just stick to my adjustments... :-)

in other news - i made a spreadsheet of all the things i'd like to do before moving into eric's house... stuff like organize closets, basement, paint - you know, the usual stuff that girls need to do before they can feel settled and "at home"... i also asked him to figure out what my part of the monthly expenses will be - it HAS to be less than what i'm paying now so i'm excited about being able to save more $$ each month... i started having a brief freak-out moment last night, thinking about all the stuff i have to pack and how little time i really have (7+ weeks)... once we get things organized better at his place, i can start bringing over boxes of non-essentials but still the thought is daunting... guess i need to get boxes and start packing! ugh!

i've given up on watching 24 - i didn't watch the episode from two weeks ago and usually when that happens, it means my interest has disappeared... something about the bad'tony really being good, and that female FBI agent just irks me for some reason... maybe i'll come around and catch-up online but for now - i'm saying adios to jack... sorry guys... :-(

happy hump day...

best game eva!

it's monday once again but at least i can say THE STEELERS WON THE SUPERBOWL! what an exciting, nail-biting, and crazy game - wish i could say the same about this year's commercials... i felt they were a bit of a letdown personally, even though i have a soft spot for those damn budweisers clydesdales... and as for the half-time show - i've never been a bruce springsteen fan so i can't really say if he was good or bad... i CAN say that i ate more crap than i should have, that's for sure (chips, pretzels, dip, and 1.5 browinies) but i'm putting it behind me and will be moving on! :-p

eric and me at his brother's house for the superbowl...
(yes, that's a steelers fat-head on their wall!)

what a man! ;-)

i hadn't worked out since last week because of work and not feeling well (had some sort of head/throat thing) so i took myself out for an hour walk/jog yesterday and enjoyed the 60 degree weather... it felt great and my legs are even a bit sore today since i did a few hills... might need to take it easy on the weights today... ouchie! :-p

not much else is new - been trying to get over this head-thing and then work has been busy/stressful again... i just need to keep my cool, stay active, keep eating well, and i'll be fine... eric and i went to this really good thai restaurant on saturday for lunch - why is that whatever he orders, tastes better than mine... i need to remember: green curry is better! anyway, i'm pretty sure this week's weigh-in will be bad so i'm already prepping myself for the big gain... :-(

happy monday...