paint everywhere

ugh, who's bright idea was it to start painting? oh that's right, it was mine... i'm making progress with the DR but there's still much to do (2nd coat of the trim, ceiling, doorways, and closet doors)... i want to get it done before eric gets back from florida this weekend (he drove down on sunday) and then we can tackle the next room... he helped me on saturday, in between prepping for his trip, but since then - i've been on my own and that's fine... i was up til almost midnight doing the trim - i had to work late but didn't want to put it off another day so i taped everything and then started... i'm crazy, that's all there is to it... :)

our belated valentine's dinner on friday night was okay - i give it a 6/10... we both ordered something other than our 'usual' and were both unhappy with the result (the calimari was tasty though)... the thai place we ordered from saturday night however, was awesome, and it's only 5 minutes from his house... the people at the table next to us on friday suggested trying it, and i'm so glad we did - can't beat green curry on a cold, winter night! :)

so besides painting - work has been busy esp. since our president is testifying on the hill today re: 401k stuff (that's why i was here so late last night)... i have 3 big projects on my plate right - one in review, one just beginning, and one sort of in the middle... i AM making an attempt to get to the gym though, so at least i'm not being a total slacker in that department...

i made an awesome recipe this weekend --> carrot ginger coconut soup and it comes to only 1 point per serving (1 cup)... if you don't have one of those hand-blenders, please consider getting one because it makes life so much easier when it comes to pureeing sauces and soup... now i have lunch for the whole week, plus some in the freezer for eric... :)

i'm not sure if i'll weigh-in tomorrow since i don't have my scale (i'm staying at eric's this week)... since i have to stop at my place tomorrow night, after my chiro appt., i may bring it along and weigh-in thursday... i'm not expecting a loss but will be happy with maintaining...

now that i have a moment to breathe, i may try and catch-up with everyone...

happy tuesday...

sharla***  – (12:07 PM)  

Just curious, what color are you using to paint with? I love painting and changing things up every now and then.

Rebecca  – (12:43 PM)  

you are a trooper!

but damn will you be sick and tired of it after all is said and done...hihihihi..

Dee  – (10:15 AM)  

I really enjoy painting, I love seeing the new color roll over the old. It's the prep work that I hate and that's what keeps me from painting when I would really love to make changes! Good luck!

Teresa  – (11:01 AM)  

I'm sure your new place will look great once its all done. It's alot of work though, you must be exhausted. Be careful with you back and good luck on the weigh in.

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