thanks for all the comments/advice - things seem to be improving so either i was being a bit paranoid, or he read my blog, or both... he told me that the DR closet has been cleaned-out, so now it can be painted with everything else (yay!)... i also told him that i don't expect everything to be perfect when i move in, but asking to organize or make room for me beforehand is a valid request... and since my back has been bothering me all week - the load of boxes in my car, will have to be my last for a while... i will just stack boxes and then when i can't take it anymore (since i detest clutter), he can come over and we'll load up the truck... we'll see how far i get w/the DR this weekend and if any decent progress is made, i'll take some pics... :)

tonight will be our valentine's day since i was out of town last weekend - we're going to our favorite cuban place... we would go there anyway but knowing that i have a $25 gift certificate is even better (got 2 of them online for $12 - baby!)... then tomorrow is busy for me - time to get the'ole hair cut and i have a bunch of stuff that needs to go to goodwill... i'm finding this whole packing-thing quite nice since i'm tossing stuff i haven't used or know i won't use in the future... like a ton of cookbooks - besides a few basics, i can just go online to find a recipe if needed... i do love my betty crocker one though - can't go wrong w/the basics... :)

food has been good but exercise - not so good... i did manage 45-minutes on the treadmill today but haven't been doing any weights... because of my back, i'm afraid to do anything strenuous so i'll just take it easy and make sure i do some stretches every night...

so what do YOU have planned for this weekend?

happy friday...

Vickie  – (7:34 AM)  

I can't remember - have you been to a physical therapist to have someone teach you how to work your whole body around/with your back??? I am able to work harder than I was before - after being taught. It is important to get a PT that treats you like an athlete instead of someone that is just used to working with grandma's getting on and off the toilet, in and out of cars/chairs, etc.

I am doing whole body weight work that I NEVER would have been able to do before PT.

Kud  – (9:40 AM)  

I think all the moving and potential painting job will be a lot of exercise in and of itself. I don't think my boyfriend reads my blog unless I tell him that I've written a particularly poignant post or want him to read about it specifically. How was the cuban food?! I lived in the Dominican Republic for a few months and go back every few years so I know that Caribbean food is BOMB, but what'd you get?

Teresa  – (10:58 AM)  

Hope you had a fun Valentine's celebration. Hope you back is better.

Irene  – (9:25 AM)  

Yes...please take care of your back. You definitely don't want any further problems. Back pain is the worst, though. I just makes you want to lay down and do nothing all day. Worse than cramps.

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