i just ate a piece of chocolate cake (for a coworker's bday) and it wasn't even "to-die-for" cake, if you know what i mean... glad i've been having low-calorie for soup all week, so things should balance out in the end... we also had a pizza party for someone yesterday and to balance out having a few (small) pieces for lunch, i had a salad with sliced almonds and gorgonzola cheese for dinner... YUM-O! :)

painting update: i have one more coat to do on the ceiling and then i'm done, minus a few touch-ups here and there... eric said he'll install the new light and dimmer switch on sunday and after that, i'll take some pics and share them with you... :)

besides that - i have a laundry list of things to do this weekend... eric won't be home until very late tomorrow night so at least i have the whole day to clean-up, pack some things at my place, go to the store, do some laundry, and most of all - relax... i SO cannot wait to sleep-in tomorrow, though i may head-over to kohls for their early-birds and that starts at 7:00am... could always take a nap i guess but i've never been a good napper unless i'm sick... :(

ugh, i wish i hadn't eaten that cake cus now i need a big glass of milk... :(

have a great weekend, everyone... :)

mak'n Changes  – (4:26 PM)  

just get in some good exercise today sometime and go easy tomorrow and you should be fine. I am looking at your stats and you are doing well. Keep your focus! be careful not to self sabotage. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Camevil  – (6:19 PM)  

Like your attitude. But, man. One of the secretaries brought in a HUGE, luscious looking banana cream pie. However, by the looks of it, no WAY was I going to balance out anything, even if I ate nothing this week. So I had to pass. *sobs*

Your salad sounds delicious, more so than the cake.

Wait...Kohls is having an early bird?

Foo  – (6:32 PM)  

I could seriously go for some yummy cake right about now...Damn TOM. Good luck with painting and packing and congrats on your latest WI...awesome!

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