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after my horrendous eating-weekend at my sister's, i was going to skip my weigh-in this morning... but then i decided too and thought i wouldn't post the number, but i did anyway - i'm up .2 pounds from last week... it's not much but since i know i was back down the day after (last thurs), i know it was a hefty gain... from friday thru yesterday, i was off-plan and there was no turning back because for me - once you know you've gone over, there's no turning back... and because it snowed the whole time - i didn't get to exercise so there you go... i've had 3 great weeks and now 3 crappy weeks but know they even out eventually... just glad it's wednesday and that my slate has been wiped clean... :)

so besides the eating and the snowing - it was a good weekend at my sister's... got to spend some time w/my dad on saturday and for once, he was alert and talking (though it's hard to understand)... i fed him lunch and gave him a good shave, which i always enjoy more than him i'm sure... my sister's log cabin is about 75% done but they still don't have tv, so it was the movie 'dream girls' on sunday night... it's very open and airy but with the hardwood floors, it's also hard to be quiet and can get dirty very quickly... my mom and my sister got into a few times since my mom is very opinionated and thinks her way, is THE way - it's always fun to be around, that's for sure... my mom made all this crap to bring along - cake, chocolate bread pudding, etc. so eating healthy went right out the window... plus, we had mexican for lunch on monday and every single one of us, nieces included, had fried ice cream for dessert... oh the horror! :(

my back has been bothering me almost every day so i need to talk to the doctor about what's going on - either my body isn't liking this one-day a week adjusting OR i pulled something when i carried stuff to my car last week... i hope that's not the case because i'll be doing that a lot in the next few weeks, no way to get around it... last night i packed-up all my cds, dvds, books, photo albums, starbucks bears (from back in the day), and my boyds bunny collection (also from back in the day)... i just need to keep packing-up what i'm not using and get it over to his place so closer to moving-day, it's just furniture and basic stuff... honestly, i don't think eric is ready but i'm trying to not let that bother me... in my eyes - he has the easy part, since he's already there, and all i've asked is for him to organize a few closets and help me paint (when the time comes)... is that too much to ask? i mean really... it's almost been a month since i gave my rental office notice and even though what he does after work is none of my business, i feel that he should be helping just a little... or am i being a total b*tch about this? honestly, i don't think that i've asked for too much but maybe i have...

sorry for the rant, just had to get it off my chest...

happy hump day...

Sizzle  – (8:52 PM)  

You're moving in with him and he's not helping you at all? I'd be pissed. What he does after work might not be your business but you'd think the guy would want to help!

I'm not in a pro-guy mood right now so maybe my opinion should not weigh in.

Rebecca  – (8:41 AM) might not want my opinion either...i've been called unrealistic.

first off, i do think its your business now that your moving in what he does after work and i agree with sizzle, you'd think he'd want to help.

after a semi-disappoint Vday, my gfs and i have realized that men just dont think about going that extra step to make it extra special.

it seems they do what they need to do without getting yelled at.

whatever...glad things are moving along though!

Dee  – (9:43 AM)  

Yes, he for sure should be helping you, however in his defence, guys are pretty clueless. It probably hasn't even occurred to him that he should help. Maybe a nice gentle suggestion from you would clue him in?

Teresa  – (11:32 AM)  

Men are definitely from another planet. Perhaps you need to spell it out for him. Doesn't take much to put you back out. Please take care.

I'm sure next week you will rock the scale.

Vickie  – (10:56 PM)  

PLEASE do not lift any more boxes - perhaps he can come over and move a greater quantity once or twice a week. It takes forever to heal from a back injury - spring is coming - you are going to want o ride the motorcycle, paint, exercise, etc. As you know it takes forever and a day to recover from one bad move with a fragile back. You can always pack boxes and stack them until THE big move day.

Vickie  – (10:57 PM)  

You can always explain that if you over do your back - he will be cutting your toe nails, wiping your nether regions, pulling you out of bed and chairs and the car, etc. THEN he might GET IT.

Trish  – (9:46 AM)  

He definitely should be helping!

Hope your back feels better.

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