c'mon now

note to self: eating-out 3x in one week isn't a good idea when you're trying to lose weight (or maintain for that matter)... i know it's only 1 pound, but i forgot how crappy it feels to gain two weeks in a row... BUT on the bright side - the good news is, i am wearing a pair of pants that were tight about a month ago so i know progress is being made even if the scale is being mean to me today... i met a girlfriend for dinner last night - she chose whole foods and before you laugh - i was surprised at how wonderful their salad and hot food bar was... though it's not cheap ($8.99/lb), there was a good selection of veggies, meat, and starches (the veggie lasagna was awesome!) so i had a bit of this and a bit of that, and some great girlfriend company to boot... :)

the weather forecast says it will be in the low 70s today - perhaps i should go for a walk and enjoy it while it lasts... they're also saying it might snow this weekend, which is not surprising considering i was going to head out to see my sister and dad (3-day weekend)... perhaps if the weather is too bad - i can stay home and pack... my place is full of boxes right now so i guess that means it's time to start filling them up... :)

not much else has been going on - sorry that the blog has been rather boring these days... hopefully i'll have more stuff to talk about once it gets closer to moving day... i did get my new checks and address labels yesterday - they are very cute so i can't wait to start using them... :)

happy hump day...

Kate  – (10:05 AM)  

Don't sweat the gain and keep up the good work!

Carrie  – (10:08 AM)  

The best thing about eating out - is once you slow it down or stop it -- the weight tends to fall off. So keep your head up and keep pushing - plus all of the moving and packing will give you some AP's! Do you mind if I ask where you got your cute address labels and checks? We need some new ones and I haven't found any I like yet! Thanks!!

Teresa  – (10:41 AM)  

I'm sure that pound won't be sticking around. Great news about the pants, obviously you are doing the right things.

70 degrees oh how nice! I'm jealous. Enjoy that walk.

Camevil  – (11:19 AM)  

Eh, what's a pound? You're still going good and, in any event, the pants test is much more reliable.

Anonymous –   – (11:37 AM)  

I know what you're saying. It's just a pound but something about eating out always makes my pants tighter too. You're a rock star...you're still doin' it!


sharla***  – (12:23 PM)  

My friend and I love to go to WF for lunch.
Here, they have the best sandwich.It's called the Mother Earth-avacado, tomato, hummus, sprouts and more. They make the bread for it and it is the best.
(the WF in Las Vegas didn't have it)
We split it and either a cup of their lentil soup or a salad.
We also like the vegan brownies at the salad bar-we tried one just to taste it and now it's out "treat"

Hope the moving is going well!

Rebecca  – (12:25 PM)  

do they actually have a seating area?

and yes, eating out is a beyotch but eh..that's life right?

your on a great track!!

Elephant Steps  – (11:35 PM)  

I like whole foods. At least at ours they have a huge selection of stuff, tons of bad stuff, and a lot of good stuff too. Bad as in unhealthy.

Thanks for the comment on the Max blog. We have 38 days give or take a few. Crazy huh?

Watching and Weighting  – (6:45 AM)  

i loved this post!!! I am forever eating out and then wondering why I gain!! How do you balance having a life with losing weight....it's a constant question!

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