gotta take the bad with the good

i'm not surprised that the scale was up this morning (.4 pounds) but i was expecting it since (1) i only exercised twice last week and (2) i used more than a week's worth of flex points on sunday... such is life - no reason to freak-out or run for the hills, and so starts another week with a clean slate... amen to that! :-)

i have my first functional training session tonight - not sure what to expect or how it's even going to fit into my schedule... i would prefer mornings but there's just not enough time so i'm limited to evenings and even that will be touch & go because of work... i used to be able to leave at 5:00 most days but now it's busy and my roll has changed - staying later is just part of the game... we'll see how it goes - i'm not bound to any contract so if i decide it's not for me, then i can just stick to my adjustments... :-)

in other news - i made a spreadsheet of all the things i'd like to do before moving into eric's house... stuff like organize closets, basement, paint - you know, the usual stuff that girls need to do before they can feel settled and "at home"... i also asked him to figure out what my part of the monthly expenses will be - it HAS to be less than what i'm paying now so i'm excited about being able to save more $$ each month... i started having a brief freak-out moment last night, thinking about all the stuff i have to pack and how little time i really have (7+ weeks)... once we get things organized better at his place, i can start bringing over boxes of non-essentials but still the thought is daunting... guess i need to get boxes and start packing! ugh!

i've given up on watching 24 - i didn't watch the episode from two weeks ago and usually when that happens, it means my interest has disappeared... something about the bad'tony really being good, and that female FBI agent just irks me for some reason... maybe i'll come around and catch-up online but for now - i'm saying adios to jack... sorry guys... :-(

happy hump day...

Rebecca  – (10:08 AM)  

shoot..i really wish i would have thought of that before i moved in with my in constant decoration mode is tiresome!

Anonymous –   – (10:18 AM)  

oooh, moving in the with boyfriend...very 2009. LOL!

The engagement will follow soon.

BTw..when is your birthday? Mine is March 11th.

Teresa  – (10:45 AM)  

Moving is always daunting. Hope it goes smoothly. Still not a bad weigh in, I'm sure it will be gone by the next one. Don't work to hard.

Anonymous –   – (12:32 PM)  

1. I am so glad that someone else makes spreadsheets for things like that. I thought I was a total goob for doing so. :)

2. I just deleted about 3 season passes on my DVR because I was letting the shows pile up. My new thing is to watch less teevee and move more so if a show can't hold my interest, bye bye!

Amy  – (12:41 PM)  

Adios to Jack?

Oh Jodi, You just shattered my little heart.

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