mine vs. his

last night didn't go as well as expected - because i had to work late, i had to cancel my chiro appt. so it will be another week until i can get adjusted and ask him about my constant lower back pain... he did tell me to do one stretch last week, when i asked - where you lay on the floor and then raise your legs up and over your head... that seems to help but i think i need a few more - just makes me mad, more than anything, that i was doing so well and now i'm almost back to where i started in november... :(

i still had to run by my place last night, and pick-up more clothes for the week - my mom called so we chatted for a while and i asked if she wanted to help me pack boxes on saturday... up until this point, i had not told her that i was moving-in with eric - my family is very old-fashioned and i've already gotten a lecture from my sister about living w/someone before getting married... after i graduated from college, i remember their reaction when i said i wanted to move to NYC to live w/my boyfriend... i didn't care what they thought because i loved this guy more than life itself, and nothing or no one was going to stop me... looking back, it may not have been the best idea but those 2 years were the best/worst times of my life and are responsible for making the person i am today... believe you me - my current situation isn't what i would call 'ideal', and would prefer to be engaged before the official move-in day... so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out in the end... :)

oh - and the scale thing... well, i grabbed mine last night and put them side-by-side this morning to see how they matched-up... to much to my surprise - they were exactly the same so yesterday's weigh-in was indeed accurate... yay for me! :)

happy thursday...

p.s. how great was LOST last night? holy moly, i love me some john locke... ;)

Jeni  – (2:01 PM)  

Oh man I am so confused on all of this Lost stuff. Is Whitmore bad or good for crying out loud? We better get some more island stuff next week though. I was sort of frustrated without it last night.

You sound remarkably unstressed about your move, I think that is awesome! It's a big change, but you are right, it's going to work out in the end. And I for one can't wait to hear how it all goes down!

Kate  – (8:44 PM)  

Glad the weigh in was correct!

Anonymous –   – (10:39 AM)  

Moving in with someone is definitely a dramatic, albeit not traumatic thing. I am a strong believer of living with someone before marrying them. You never know someone until you have lived with them.

Teresa  – (1:19 PM)  

Great weigh in. Have a fun weekend.

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