to weigh, or not to weigh

the scale at eric's said i was down 2.2 pounds this week, but i'm just not sure how accurate it is (i tend to recall it weighs a bit on the heavier side, compared to mine)... since i have to stop by my place tonight and grab more clothes, i will also grab my scale and see what it says tomorrow morning... i'm a sucker for consistency, what can i say... ;)

painting update: i finished all the trim last night so the only thing left, is the ceiling... i may take a night off but we'll see - a part of me wants to keep going and get it done, and the other is like "take a damn break already"... the small of my back aches, from morning to night, so i need to ask my chiro again why that's happening... i haven't been moving anything and when i'm done painting, it usually feels better... go figure...

have any of you seen/tried yoplaits new yogurt flavors? i was at the store the other night and picked-up cherry cobbler, cinnamon roll, and lemon meringue - the first two were pretty good and i'll let you know what i think of the lemon... to see all their flavors, check out their website... :)

happy hump day...

Camevil  – (1:38 PM)  

Well, then I offer you a tentative congrats on the weight loss.

"Cinnamon roll" is making me drool.

IRJessica  – (8:15 PM)  

I realize it's not new, but I finally tried Boston Creme Pie last week. So delicious!

To weigh or not? You're gonna- so tell us how it goes ; )

Elephant Steps  – (2:46 AM)  

You know I am on a huge yoplait kick right now, sometimes I eat 2 a day. I saw those cinnamon roll ones but were afraid they would be icky. I've stuck to my favorites peach and key lime. I did however buy the berry pomegranate. I haven't tried it yet though.

Vickie  – (7:10 AM)  

ask your chiro about stretching out (belly up, back down) on a exercise stability ball) - it might provide the counter pressure/position that you need.

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