hump day

wow, so in like the last 1/2 hour - not only have i been told that i was waddling, i was also told that my belly looks much bigger than it did last week... hmm, could be why i'm moving much slower these days... do i feel bigger? yea, but i don't feel that he's moved any lower so who knows what's going on... guess i'll get the scoop tomorrow during my weekly OB-visit... :)

last night, i managed to make both the chicken enchiladas and lasagna and they are packed and in the freezer... and since i had leftover ingredients - i made a huge pan of baked ziti and that was our dinner around 9:00... besides needing the usual staples - i think we'll be okay in the freezer/pantry department (may attempt banana bread and a veggie casserole, but we'll see how i feel)...

eric's new recliner is in, so i'm not sure if we're picking it up tonight or this weekend... i have to say that it will be nice to have a LR that's finally finished - now i just need to get some pictures hung and we'll be set... oh, and 2 walls need touching-up, but that's easy... ;)

perhaps i will work on my hospital bag tonight...

happy hump day...

talk about weird

things are moving along - the biggest weekend to-do item we crossed-off the list was installing the car seat (in my car)... no, we did not have it checked by anyone - eric is very handy/technical and i have every reason to believe the baby will be safe and sound... and according to the level on the side of the seat - it's perfect, so i'm not going to worry... we also washed/detailed both cars and as soon as the other base arrives, we'll install it in his mini cooper... :)

eric also put together the recliner and i'm very happy with it - the ottoman also rocks so it will be a nice addition to the nursery... right now, it's in the LR until we get the recliner (which is on back-order until weds)... :)

i managed to wash all the clothes that i've acquired via yard sales, thrift stores, friends, and family and let me just say - this kid has more clothes than both of us combined! my god! i've sorted the bigger clothes in a bin but he has enough 0-3 and 3-6 sizes to last a year, and i know he'll only wear this stuff for a few weeks before moving-up a size... the top drawer is socks, hats, newborn-sized onsies and gowns for sleeping (which have been recommended by many friends since it makes diaper changes easier in the middle of the night)... the next drawer is full of 0-3 onsies, tops, and pants... i had the bottom drawer full of the next size up, but may put all his blankets in there unless they look better on the shelf - haven't decided yet... i'm still working on the furniture arrangement, so once i figure out how everything is going to be situated - i will do my final organizing... nothing has been put on the walls yet, though the shelf is ready and i have the decals... all the bedding has been washed and is also ready to go - i just have a lot of little stuff to take care of and then i can rest... oh, and i need to finish packing my hospital bag... :)

food update: i made the turkey meatloaf on saturday and that has been frozen... yesterday, i made sauce so now i just have to assemble everything for the lasagna and freeze... eric made an awesome beer-can chicken last night, so that meat will be used for enchiladas and everything else will be made into stock (which will also be frozen)... thanks for all the suggestions too, they will come in very handy! :)

doctor update: i had my weekly check-up on thursday and i brought eric along so we could ask the doctor a few questions... after my exam - he said i was dialated about 1 cm, the head was down which he could feel, and he wouldn't be surprised if i went into labor before my scheduled induction (which will be around 38-weeks)... he also said that me and the baby were a perfect match size-wise, so lets just hope that means my labor will be easy (ha ha ha)... :)

workout update: i know i'm not doing as much as i should be, but i haven't been sleeping well so it's hard to workout when i feel like utter crap... i DID manage 30-minutes on the elliptical today and am going to take it one day at a time at this point... :)

happy monday...

ideas needed

so i'd like to make a few things for the freezer after the baby is born... any ideas/suggestions besides the usual lasagna and meatloaf? doesn't have to be fancy, mind you, but i'd like to have a few options in the beginning...

thanks! :)

p.s. i signed-up for a pea-pod which is a local grocery's store online & delivery service... we're getting our first 'test' delivery tomorrow night...


ugh, where has the time gone? sorry for being MIA - just have a lot going on and after feeling pretty good up to this point - monday evening something changed and i've been feeling pretty crappy... i STILL thank my lucky stars every day that this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful (no heartburn, no hemorrhoids, decent weight gain, etc.), but other stuff is starting to happen and it's taking me some time to adjust... like lower back pain, pelvic pain, insomnia, over-emotional, swollen feet... i've cried uncontrollably both monday and last night even though i know this is almost over and that i'm in the home-stretch... let's just hope they induce me sooner, rather than later, or that the little bugger comes on his own (crossing fingers)...

sunday was our last baby class and i thought my alien chestburster shirt would be appropriate... little did i know that after class - instead of going to my friend's house to watch football, i would be going to my surprise baby shower... opps, so much for being funny (i knew i should've packed something else)... most people found it amusing (ok, maybe not my mom), but how was i supposed to know... and if eric had told me to change - then i would've suspected for sure...

the shower was really nice - all but one of eric's sister came, along with his mom, and all the way from pittsburgh... many of my closest girlfriends were there, along with 2 of my aunts, my sister, my nieces, and of course - my mom... we got a lot of really cute things including a big, yellow tonka truck for when he's bigger, a diaper cake, a really cool sticker calendar, and of course - lots of adorable clothes... since there were some things still left on the registry, i'll be getting those later this week and hopefully - everything will be delivered/set-up in time... and if not, i will NOT stress about it... so here's a big THANKS to those that helped plan the shower - i am truly blessed... :)

so what else has been going on... the treadmill was delivered on saturday and is now in our basement, though it hasn't found a permanent home... we're just not sure where it should go or how we should arrange things since space is limited... it's pretty nice though - has several preplanned workouts, up to 12% incline, and a 2-speed fan which is always nice... my couch & chair were also delivered on saturday - both look amazing and like brand-new furniture (which they are since they tore it down to the frame)... eric assembled the sofa and end tables so once the recliner is picked-up this weekend and our old couch is gone - the LR will be complete... okay, i still have photos to frame/hang but the big stuff will be done... :)

today, we had a "meet and greet" with the pediatrician that my good friend recommended... it's about 10-minutes from our house and quite impressive with things like doctor call-in times (3x a day!), online appointments, and an on-staff lactation specialist... and since they are only affiliated w/the hospital where i'm delivering, that makes things much easier too... yay! :)

tonight, the girls at work are taking me to dinner since i didn't want a work-shower... and of course i chose mexican - can't wait...

well, that's about it for now - i'll leave you w/some photos of my shower... enjoy! :)

nothing new

we had our first "make way for baby" class last night and though i'm not expert - i really think i could've taught the class... besides the instructor being unenthusiastic, she repeated things 2 or 3 times, and had no clue how to operate the powerpoint presentation... mind you - all of us in the room are new at this whole baby thing, so it's bad enough we're nervous, worried, and downright scared... she didn't seem to notice... if it wasn't for my fantabulous hubby and his ability to make me a laugh and turn a bad situation into something fun - i probably would've walked out... so after we learned about pre-term labor, pre-labor, and various ways to relax - the administrator had taken over and showed us exercises to relieve lower back and leg pain... thankfully, i haven't had too many problems so far, though my round ligament is starting to act up which is painful when walking (but not all the time)... class resumes on thursday night, so stay tuned! :)

on tonight's agenda: i'll be meeting my mom after work and doing some bra shopping at kohl's - hopefully i can find a nursing bra that is both nice, practical, and reasonable priced... i may attempt target as well, but am not sold on the idea esp. since we were out til after 9 last night and will be out again tomorrow night... i hate having something to do every night of the week, but such is life right now... /sigh/

that's about all for now... below is a pic of the chili we had on sunday and the quiches eric made on monday night - both were super yummy! thank you, darlin! xoxoxo

happy hump day!

at least the baby will have a place to sleep now

happy monday, especially to those in the DC area and if you're a redskins fan... what a great game last night! i was pretty much pacing back and forth during the last 5 minutes, but what an exciting and awesome game! and i'm also happy to report that the steelers won yesterday, so our household is 1/1 for now... i have made jokes that depending on what team wins each week, that is the outfit the baby will wear on sundays... :)

and speaking of baby - we finally finished putting together the furniture yesterday and overall, i'm pretty happy... there was only one piece that was damaged/cracked, but i was able to contact the company and order a replacement piece... hopefully, it will come sooner rather than later... norman has already slept in the crib and on the dresser by the window, but we have every intention on making it clear that it's no longer his room... the only other big thing we need to do is hang the new mini-blinds and curtain rods, but compared to the furniture - that will be easy... :)

we also found/bought a chair for the living room on saturday - after showing eric the two, oversized chairs i had looked at a few weeks ago, we sat down and discussed who/what the chair was really for... since we use the LR for pretty much everything (den, tv room, family room), he said that he would rather have a recliner so that's what we bought... it's actually pretty nice and it will go well w/my couch and chair... cost-wise - it was only a tad bit more than a chair and ottoman combined, so i think we did pretty good... :)

besides the chair and nursery, i did some quick shopping on saturday night and picked-up the end tables for the LR, but will have to go back for the sofa table since neither my friend or i could lift the box... and of course - the wicker storage bins that i also bought are on sale this week - wonder if they'd let me return them and buy them back... saturday night, we had a friend over and made grilled pizzas again - this time, we each made our own and they were awesome! yesterday, we had chili for the games and tonight - eric's making quiche... it's so nice to be cooking at home again... :)

well, that's all i have for now - hope you have a great day! ;)

stats update

i KNOW i'm doing pretty good, but i just about died when I stepped on the scale this morning... :(

  • current weight: 199.2
  • gained so far: 28.4 pounds
  • how many weeks: 35

less than a month to go

i was in the shower this morning when i realized that i forgot to weight myself before eating breakfast and having coffee.. according to the doctor's scale - i'm up a few, but would rather go by what mine says at home (stay tuned)... my appointment was going well until the doctor came in only to find no paper was coming out of the stress-test machine... the baby/contractions had been really active too, so i was a bit bummed knowing i would have to lay there for longer... i also had a nurse basically yell at me for laying on my back (which the 1st nurse said was fine to do) so i let her stuff a pillow under my right side and when she left, i took it out... i realize it's probably not the best position to be in, but i know he moves more when i'm laying flat and not on my side... when the doctor came back, she said everything looked fine and that they'll need to start looking at a date for my induction... {gulp}

traffic sucked last night and we had to make 2 stops on the way home, so no crib-assembly... i was, however, thrilled that we had a home cooked dinner for once - i made breaded, parmesan chicken, risotto, and beans from the garden... tonight it will be fish tacos! yum! :)

so excited about football tonight and this weekend, AND i'm also looking forward to our first batch of weakland beef chili... weather looks to be on the cool and cloudy side, so what's more perfect than snuggling on the couch and watching tv... :)

not much else to report on - i'm dragging eric with me on saturday to look at oversized chairs and that's all we have on the books for now... i'd like to get the rest of the nursery furniture put together and then maybe help eric organize his office area in the basement... oh, i forgot to mention that he BOUGHT A TREADMILL last week... not sure what inspired him, but it was good deal on, he said, and knows we have talked about getting one... i think it's great since i'll be home w/the baby and can start working off my pregnancy-gain w/out having to leave the house... yee haa! :)

happy thursday...

at least the cats like it

sorry for the lack of posts - i've actually had 'work' to do here and we were away for the holiday weekend... we had a good visit with my sister and with eric's family in pittsburgh - his sister announced that she, too is expecting, but not until next may... though it's rather early, i guess they couldn't wait to share the good news with everyone esp. since all the siblings were together on sunday... the weather was downright chilly at night (low 50s) and i was loving it - i'm so done with this hot weather! i went for a walk outside yesterday and though it was only for 35-minutes, the heat and sun really did me in... :(

last thursday, we had the hospital tour after work and it was quite interesting... out of around 8 couples, only one was having a girl so i thought that was pretty funny... we were able to see the 3rd floor which is where the 'birthing rooms' are found... there's a bed, a couch/chair, bathroom w/shower, and all the necessary equipment for mommy & baby... the suites are on the 4th floor and again, the rooms are nothing fancy, but they are private at least and contain all the usual things... i can't say that we saw anything that was shocking, but when you're actually there and see nurses and doctors running around - it becomes more real that you're having a baby (surprising, right?)... maybe all expectant parents go thru this, but i found it rather eye-opening... ( o )( o )

in other baby news - i finished painting the stripes last week and after 3 rounds of touch-ups (because i'm a perfectionist), i called it a day... the windows and floors were cleaned on monday when we got back and the rug was delivered yesterday so that was put down last night... and even though i had cleaned the mini-blinds - eric found that one was broken so i'm just going to buy new ones... so now that the room is ready - we can begin assembling the furniture... yay! :)

hope you're having a good week and happy hump day! :)