at least the baby will have a place to sleep now

happy monday, especially to those in the DC area and if you're a redskins fan... what a great game last night! i was pretty much pacing back and forth during the last 5 minutes, but what an exciting and awesome game! and i'm also happy to report that the steelers won yesterday, so our household is 1/1 for now... i have made jokes that depending on what team wins each week, that is the outfit the baby will wear on sundays... :)

and speaking of baby - we finally finished putting together the furniture yesterday and overall, i'm pretty happy... there was only one piece that was damaged/cracked, but i was able to contact the company and order a replacement piece... hopefully, it will come sooner rather than later... norman has already slept in the crib and on the dresser by the window, but we have every intention on making it clear that it's no longer his room... the only other big thing we need to do is hang the new mini-blinds and curtain rods, but compared to the furniture - that will be easy... :)

we also found/bought a chair for the living room on saturday - after showing eric the two, oversized chairs i had looked at a few weeks ago, we sat down and discussed who/what the chair was really for... since we use the LR for pretty much everything (den, tv room, family room), he said that he would rather have a recliner so that's what we bought... it's actually pretty nice and it will go well w/my couch and chair... cost-wise - it was only a tad bit more than a chair and ottoman combined, so i think we did pretty good... :)

besides the chair and nursery, i did some quick shopping on saturday night and picked-up the end tables for the LR, but will have to go back for the sofa table since neither my friend or i could lift the box... and of course - the wicker storage bins that i also bought are on sale this week - wonder if they'd let me return them and buy them back... saturday night, we had a friend over and made grilled pizzas again - this time, we each made our own and they were awesome! yesterday, we had chili for the games and tonight - eric's making quiche... it's so nice to be cooking at home again... :)

well, that's all i have for now - hope you have a great day! ;)

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