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we had our first "make way for baby" class last night and though i'm not expert - i really think i could've taught the class... besides the instructor being unenthusiastic, she repeated things 2 or 3 times, and had no clue how to operate the powerpoint presentation... mind you - all of us in the room are new at this whole baby thing, so it's bad enough we're nervous, worried, and downright scared... she didn't seem to notice... if it wasn't for my fantabulous hubby and his ability to make me a laugh and turn a bad situation into something fun - i probably would've walked out... so after we learned about pre-term labor, pre-labor, and various ways to relax - the administrator had taken over and showed us exercises to relieve lower back and leg pain... thankfully, i haven't had too many problems so far, though my round ligament is starting to act up which is painful when walking (but not all the time)... class resumes on thursday night, so stay tuned! :)

on tonight's agenda: i'll be meeting my mom after work and doing some bra shopping at kohl's - hopefully i can find a nursing bra that is both nice, practical, and reasonable priced... i may attempt target as well, but am not sold on the idea esp. since we were out til after 9 last night and will be out again tomorrow night... i hate having something to do every night of the week, but such is life right now... /sigh/

that's about all for now... below is a pic of the chili we had on sunday and the quiches eric made on monday night - both were super yummy! thank you, darlin! xoxoxo

happy hump day!

Vickie  – (7:48 AM)  

not like you to go a whole week without a post. hope all is well.

ps - the picture of the chili looks like a chocolate/coconut dessert.

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