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sorry for the lack of posts - i've actually had 'work' to do here and we were away for the holiday weekend... we had a good visit with my sister and with eric's family in pittsburgh - his sister announced that she, too is expecting, but not until next may... though it's rather early, i guess they couldn't wait to share the good news with everyone esp. since all the siblings were together on sunday... the weather was downright chilly at night (low 50s) and i was loving it - i'm so done with this hot weather! i went for a walk outside yesterday and though it was only for 35-minutes, the heat and sun really did me in... :(

last thursday, we had the hospital tour after work and it was quite interesting... out of around 8 couples, only one was having a girl so i thought that was pretty funny... we were able to see the 3rd floor which is where the 'birthing rooms' are found... there's a bed, a couch/chair, bathroom w/shower, and all the necessary equipment for mommy & baby... the suites are on the 4th floor and again, the rooms are nothing fancy, but they are private at least and contain all the usual things... i can't say that we saw anything that was shocking, but when you're actually there and see nurses and doctors running around - it becomes more real that you're having a baby (surprising, right?)... maybe all expectant parents go thru this, but i found it rather eye-opening... ( o )( o )

in other baby news - i finished painting the stripes last week and after 3 rounds of touch-ups (because i'm a perfectionist), i called it a day... the windows and floors were cleaned on monday when we got back and the rug was delivered yesterday so that was put down last night... and even though i had cleaned the mini-blinds - eric found that one was broken so i'm just going to buy new ones... so now that the room is ready - we can begin assembling the furniture... yay! :)

hope you're having a good week and happy hump day! :)

Kim  – (2:59 PM)  

I LOVE the baby's room!!!

Weird side note - my kids had an Open House at school last night. My son's teacher (he's in second grade) was giving the breakdown of how many kids are in the class, boys vs. girls, that kind of thing, when she noted that for the past few years her classes have gone from being mostly 50/50 boys to girls, to boy dominant.

I hope that you are feeling well and enjoying your last few weeks of "rest". :)

Polar's Mom  – (11:35 PM)  

Love your transitioning blog, so I gave you an award on my blog!

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