ideas needed

so i'd like to make a few things for the freezer after the baby is born... any ideas/suggestions besides the usual lasagna and meatloaf? doesn't have to be fancy, mind you, but i'd like to have a few options in the beginning...

thanks! :)

p.s. i signed-up for a pea-pod which is a local grocery's store online & delivery service... we're getting our first 'test' delivery tomorrow night...

Melissa  – (4:46 PM)  

chili freezes well, so does soup, maybe butternut squash or another fall/winter veggie

Pinky  – (5:25 PM)  

You can also make enchiladas(or enchilada caserole), any type of caserole.Soups, spaghetti sauce.

Camevil  – (7:53 AM)  

My hubs is taking advantage of the last warm days this season, bought some cut up whole chickens on sale at Whole Foods and is marinating and pre-grilling them for future enjoyment in the winter, when our little parasite makes an appearance.

Vickie  – (7:58 AM)  

If you are meat eaters, I think one of the most helpful things is to cook all your meat before you freeze it (on a regular basis).

Every dish is much easier if the meat is already cooked.

Freeze in the portions you use for casseroles and other dishes. Freeze in zip lock bags with the meat flat (not in a big clump).

Hamburger or ground turkey breast for example - if you put it in a bigger than you think you need freezer bag and spread the cooked meat out within the bag and put it flat in the freezer - it is much easier to thaw. ditto with cooked beans (dried beans cooked in crock pot and then frozen).

do I remember you are planning to breast feed? have you taken a class or read a book?

I (personally) would only read materials or take a class from La Leche League or a CERTIFIED lactation consultant.

if it is just a regular nurse through a medical facility, they rarely know what they are talking about. (but you won't know they don't know what they are talking about to hear them talk unless you already have major knowledge through a LLL friend or relative).

Ms. Flusterate  – (4:08 PM)  

How about "Let's Dish"? Have you been there? You make meals at their store and then everything is frozen and ready to go, complete with sides. You can make a bunch of meals, too. Love them!

If you don't have "Let's Dish" in your area (I'm in VA), there is probably something similar near you.


sharla  – (11:14 AM)  

I think the meal delivery is a smart thing!!!

I agree with cooking up chickens- shredd or make stripa and store in freezer bags- so easy to pull out for a taco , salad, etc

Sweet potatos and butternut squash for "french fries" ( good for football game snacking

You look great!

Mary - A Merry Life  – (11:00 PM)  

Chili is a good option.

Also, I like to cook just plain chicken breasts. having those already cooked and able to eat or mix in with something quick really helps.

aquariangirl  – (12:25 PM)  

how about some yummy healthy-twist quiches ? They freeze well. I used to make a yummy crust-less quiche using Bisquick.
Also, a crock-pot is an awesome thing to have, if you don't already have one.
Good luck !

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