hump day

wow, so in like the last 1/2 hour - not only have i been told that i was waddling, i was also told that my belly looks much bigger than it did last week... hmm, could be why i'm moving much slower these days... do i feel bigger? yea, but i don't feel that he's moved any lower so who knows what's going on... guess i'll get the scoop tomorrow during my weekly OB-visit... :)

last night, i managed to make both the chicken enchiladas and lasagna and they are packed and in the freezer... and since i had leftover ingredients - i made a huge pan of baked ziti and that was our dinner around 9:00... besides needing the usual staples - i think we'll be okay in the freezer/pantry department (may attempt banana bread and a veggie casserole, but we'll see how i feel)...

eric's new recliner is in, so i'm not sure if we're picking it up tonight or this weekend... i have to say that it will be nice to have a LR that's finally finished - now i just need to get some pictures hung and we'll be set... oh, and 2 walls need touching-up, but that's easy... ;)

perhaps i will work on my hospital bag tonight...

happy hump day...

Kelly  – (9:19 PM)  

Congratulations Jodi!! I'm so out of the blog loop but you look great!!

Teresa  – (1:33 PM)  

Good luck with your check up. Keep well.

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