i'll have one of each

i hate rainy mondays, but i've been very productive so my week is off to a good start! i will be heading to the gym shortly and will try my hand at jogging again - i will have to start from scratch though since it's been a while (perhaps i should look-up my old 52K program)... speaking of working out - i went to spinning on saturday and my foot was fine... little did i know, however, that they moved the class to 8:15 am so i missed the first 10-minutes due to the fact i was doing weights... i kept wondering why the room was so full but thought nothing of it... oh well - i still got in a great 30-minute workout... =)

after i got home - eric and i mulched the flowerbeds, and later i went to home depot and bought $50 worth of multi-colored pansies to plant in the front of the house... i also did some shopping at tjmaxx and hit the grocery store on saturday night which may be my new thing - it was practically empty! i love that!

yesterday, we had a lazy morning and then went to brunch at the kennedy center rooftop terrace... i had found a great deal online (during the february snowstorm) and thought it would be fun to try... they had everything from cheeses and fruits, to breakfast items, carved meats, various veggies and starches, italian lunchmeats, breads, crab legs, shrimp, oysters, etc... and they had a separate room for just the desserts! when we got the bill - it was for over $80 but i had paid a fraction of that... sweet! after brunch - we headed over to a friend of eric's who is moving to vancover next month, and then were home by 5:00... nice way to end the weekend...

hope you all had a good one and the weather warms-up soon... they say it may be 80 here on saturday so eric and i are planning our first, motorcycle, day-trip... yay! =)

happy monday...

what happened?

you can tell it's monday - it's gloomy and has been raining on-and-off all day... such a difference from this weekend where it was sunny and in the mid-70s - we're talking total spring weather, for two, glorious days... it was great! i was able to get the flowerbeds ready for mulching and eric worked on the yard and prepped the garden - time to start planting next weekend... we even grilled outside for dinner and had our first s'mores of the season - quite a way to end the weekend... =)

saturday was busy - did some rummage/thrift store shopping with mom, then we grabbed lunch at a local mexican place (SO yummy), and then did some shopping at kohl's... i picked myself up some dresses, but am sure i'll need more since i won't know until i start swapping my winter/summer stuff (ugh, already?)... i'm trying to stay ahead of the game this year, and have begun washing and making piles of what needs to be packed-away and/or donated... i will also have a load to go to the dry cleaner - always such a process, but it must be done! saturday night - eric and i went over to a friend's house where we were surrounded by parents and kids and then watched them burn christmas trees and light fireworks... good times in the country... =)

this week looks average, minus going to the foot doctor tomorrow and hopefully getting the green-light to start cardio again... i've already made an attempt at better food choices - had a wonderful, chicken salad for lunch as well as some fresh fruit and yogurt... let the trend continue... =)

happy monday...

hello, sunshine

the weather in DC has been awesome - close to 70 each day and they expect it to last thru tomorrow... all i can hope for, is that it comes back later next week when i can actually take advantage and get moving again... this lack of exercise (minus weights which i started back-up this week) has added pounds, and with spring looming - it needs to come off or i'll be doing some shopping for bigger sizes... i put the whole low-carb thing on the backburner for now, and will moving ahead with just eating better and cutting-back on the unnecessary stuff... there's too much going on for me to start anything right now (work, etc.) so that's my plan... =)

i bought tickets for us to see the terra cotta warriors exhibit next week, at the national geographic museum... the show has been such a hit that they've added more shows and extended hours just to accomodate the interest - i'm so excited... i remember seeing them at the 1982 world's fair in knoxville and can't wait to see them up-close and personal... =)

so the weekend is upon us, yet again... i have plans to do some rummage/thrift store shopping w/my mom tomorrow and then we're heading to a friend's house for an evening yard-party... i really need to hit kohl's and find myself a cute, spring jacket too - let's hope they have some nice ones on sale... and as for sunday - no plans as of yet, but am feeling the need to get working on our garden and flowerbeds... we can start planting soon - yeee haaa! =)

happy friday...

forgot to wear green

the sunshine is killing me

i had a serious case of the sleepies yesterday, maybe from the time-change this weekend? all i know it, the afternoon was long and hard (even though i managed to hit the gym and do some weights)... i won't be able to start cardio again until next week, so i'm just counting the days until that happens... it will be in the low-60s this week and i'm DYING to go outside for a walk - hopefully, the weather will cooperate next week too...

our weekend was good - my hair is now back to being short and sassy, and the home show we decided on going too, was rather lame... i hate being bombarded by salesman, but guess i should've expected that considering the times we live in (people need work!)... after the disappointing event - we grabbed lunch at pot belly and then decided to go see "the crazies" which wasn't as bad as i thought... it had it's scary/gory moments and give it a solid "7" - definitely worth seeing if you're a fan of george romero... =)

sunday - it was the usual store, laundry, and cleaning... i drove myself to the grocery store, which was strange since it had been over 2 weeks... so nice to be independent again... =)

other than that, work is work... how did my life become so boring? sorry about that...

happy tuesday


it's been a long week, esp. since it was my first one back, but all in all - it was productive and i'm happy to have the weekend off... i had a glorious birthday dinner w/eric last night - we shared wonderful spinach & artichoke dip, then i chose the jumbo shrimp, tangy cole slaw, 1/2 baked potato... and for dessert - it was warm apple walnut cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... we were home by 7:30 and eric surprised me a new tv for the bedroom... i know some people say that it's not good to watch tv in bed, but i find it relaxing when i'm not quite tired yet, or if eric is watching something in the living room - then i can do my own thing... we tried it out and it works great, so i can't wait to watch my saturday morning food network shows in style! =)

our weekend plans are pretty light right now - i am looking forward to my hair appointment tomorrow... and after that, eric and i will be going to a local home show and will check out the latest and greatest in home improvements... there's a lot that we'd like to do to the house, but we need to prioritize and figure out what will require a contractor and what we can do ourselves... roof and siding for sure, but i'd also like to redo our bathrooms and update the kitchen (darker cabinets, new floor, new counter-tops, and paint)... i mean, if we are indeed moving to pittsburgh in the next 2-5 years - the house needs work in order to make it sellable... ah, the joys of home-ownership...

my foot is feeling better - i've been wearing my ugg lookalikes to work and they seem to be the best option for now (wide and comfy)... i've also really enjoyed taking a shower again, but do miss my nightly bath so perhaps that will be on tonight's agenda... 

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay dry! it's supposed to rain here thru sunday, so staying-in might be just the ticket!

happy friday...

one-step closer

it's been another busy day - running around, more doctor appointments, and getting my stitches removed... the doctor said that i was healing very well, that i should still baby it thru the weekend, and then be good to go by monday... i can even wear a normal shoe, though i'm pondering which one will work best right now... and the best news? i can take a shower! since the surgery, i've had to maneuver myself into the bathtub w/out getting my foot wet and it hasn't been easy... i go back in 2-weeks and then should be able to start exercising again! i'm so happy! =)

eric and i grabbed lunch at panera - their cream of tomato soup is so damn tasty!

in other news, tomorrow is my birthday and i will be ONE year closer to turning 40... seems strange to even type that, but it's reality and i'm glad to say that i feel nothing like 39 (thank-god)... i'm happy to say that i don't fret over things like wrinkles or grey hair - i feel it's part of getting older so why pretend to look like someone you're not? anyhoo, i don't really have big plans - tomorrow will be a busy day at work and then hopefully i won't have to stay too late since eric is taking me to dinner... sounds perfect to me! =)

happy hump day!

last day of recovery

i enjoyed sleeping-in this morning since it's back to work tomorrow... half of me dreads going, but the other half is glad to be getting out of the house - i've been going stir crazy, as you can imagine... and with the weather being so nice, it has made me even more depressed since i can't enjoy it (i.e. go for a walk)... =(

yesterday, eric went to hang-out w/some friends so i did another pilates workout (20 minutes) and then finished adding photos to our wedding album... everything's been added, i just have to decide what to do about the design, if anything - perhaps plain and simple is best... he brought back some leftover pizza and 3, small pastries from a shop that sells items for half-price on saturdays (that was my dinner)... last night, we watched 'kiss kiss bang bang' which was pretty good (robert downey jr. and val kilmer) and then i watched a few episodes of 'what not to wear' in bed while eric played his video game... what an exciting life!

on friday, my mom came for a visit so we sat around and chatted, watched some cooking shows, and then made dinner... i had some leftover mashed potatoes and decided to make gnocchi to go along w/our sauteed shrimp - they were really tasty, though if i made them again i would definite add pesto or cream sauce... for dessert, we had some cookies that i made from the 'big oven' iphone app - oatmeal, chocolate chip, and raisin... so good! =)

well, that's it for me today... i need to go swap the laundry and see what else needs to be done around here... happy sunday...

day 4 and home alone

i'm watching 'guys big bite' on the food network since i'm home alone today... eric went back to work and even though i would love to have him with me all week, he does have a job that needs attending too... me, on the other hand, still needs some time to heal so here i am - bored out of my mind really... the only thing i've gotten excited about today was (1) my green monster and (2) planning dinner tonight (tacos)... how sad... and even though i have a TON of work to do, when i get back, at least i'll be back into a normal routine...

i went back to the foot doctor on monday and even though i took a picture of my foot (sans the bandage), it's probably to gross for most of you... he said it looked good, but to stay off of my feet as much as possible since healing is key this time around... i go back next wednesday so he can remove the stitches (ugh) and then we'll see how long it will be until i can put-on my exercise sneakers again... this lack of exercise is KILLING me, but i know it's only temporary... =(

we also got our new mattress on sunday - it is devine, let me just tell you... and since we bought the floor model - it has both a firm and plush side so eric and i get what we need... the only downside is that it's almost 8-10" higher than our one so it requires effort to get in/out of every day... the cats have also had to get used to it since they sleep there most days, but think they are managing just fine... =)

well, that's it for me - sorry i don't have anything exciting going on, but hopefully things will get back to normal soon...

happy hump day!