last day of recovery

i enjoyed sleeping-in this morning since it's back to work tomorrow... half of me dreads going, but the other half is glad to be getting out of the house - i've been going stir crazy, as you can imagine... and with the weather being so nice, it has made me even more depressed since i can't enjoy it (i.e. go for a walk)... =(

yesterday, eric went to hang-out w/some friends so i did another pilates workout (20 minutes) and then finished adding photos to our wedding album... everything's been added, i just have to decide what to do about the design, if anything - perhaps plain and simple is best... he brought back some leftover pizza and 3, small pastries from a shop that sells items for half-price on saturdays (that was my dinner)... last night, we watched 'kiss kiss bang bang' which was pretty good (robert downey jr. and val kilmer) and then i watched a few episodes of 'what not to wear' in bed while eric played his video game... what an exciting life!

on friday, my mom came for a visit so we sat around and chatted, watched some cooking shows, and then made dinner... i had some leftover mashed potatoes and decided to make gnocchi to go along w/our sauteed shrimp - they were really tasty, though if i made them again i would definite add pesto or cream sauce... for dessert, we had some cookies that i made from the 'big oven' iphone app - oatmeal, chocolate chip, and raisin... so good! =)

well, that's it for me today... i need to go swap the laundry and see what else needs to be done around here... happy sunday...

Tricia  – (12:52 PM)  

Yum, dinner sounds great!

Teresa  – (11:25 AM)  

Hope you have a smooth week back. It was a quiet weekend here too. Take care.

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