hello, sunshine

the weather in DC has been awesome - close to 70 each day and they expect it to last thru tomorrow... all i can hope for, is that it comes back later next week when i can actually take advantage and get moving again... this lack of exercise (minus weights which i started back-up this week) has added pounds, and with spring looming - it needs to come off or i'll be doing some shopping for bigger sizes... i put the whole low-carb thing on the backburner for now, and will moving ahead with just eating better and cutting-back on the unnecessary stuff... there's too much going on for me to start anything right now (work, etc.) so that's my plan... =)

i bought tickets for us to see the terra cotta warriors exhibit next week, at the national geographic museum... the show has been such a hit that they've added more shows and extended hours just to accomodate the interest - i'm so excited... i remember seeing them at the 1982 world's fair in knoxville and can't wait to see them up-close and personal... =)

so the weekend is upon us, yet again... i have plans to do some rummage/thrift store shopping w/my mom tomorrow and then we're heading to a friend's house for an evening yard-party... i really need to hit kohl's and find myself a cute, spring jacket too - let's hope they have some nice ones on sale... and as for sunday - no plans as of yet, but am feeling the need to get working on our garden and flowerbeds... we can start planting soon - yeee haaa! =)

happy friday...

Teresa  – (11:25 AM)  

Hope the weather holds out for you. It was more like winter than spring here, cold drizzly and some snow for good measure. Weekend looks pretty busy. Take care

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