one-step closer

it's been another busy day - running around, more doctor appointments, and getting my stitches removed... the doctor said that i was healing very well, that i should still baby it thru the weekend, and then be good to go by monday... i can even wear a normal shoe, though i'm pondering which one will work best right now... and the best news? i can take a shower! since the surgery, i've had to maneuver myself into the bathtub w/out getting my foot wet and it hasn't been easy... i go back in 2-weeks and then should be able to start exercising again! i'm so happy! =)

eric and i grabbed lunch at panera - their cream of tomato soup is so damn tasty!

in other news, tomorrow is my birthday and i will be ONE year closer to turning 40... seems strange to even type that, but it's reality and i'm glad to say that i feel nothing like 39 (thank-god)... i'm happy to say that i don't fret over things like wrinkles or grey hair - i feel it's part of getting older so why pretend to look like someone you're not? anyhoo, i don't really have big plans - tomorrow will be a busy day at work and then hopefully i won't have to stay too late since eric is taking me to dinner... sounds perfect to me! =)

happy hump day!

Teresa  – (11:24 AM)  

Hope you are having a very Happy Birthday. Glad to hear the foot is coming along and you are getting back your life. Take care. All the best for a wonder year.

totegirl  – (11:43 AM)  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you are doing well!

Stephanie  – (12:46 PM)  

Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.
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