the sunshine is killing me

i had a serious case of the sleepies yesterday, maybe from the time-change this weekend? all i know it, the afternoon was long and hard (even though i managed to hit the gym and do some weights)... i won't be able to start cardio again until next week, so i'm just counting the days until that happens... it will be in the low-60s this week and i'm DYING to go outside for a walk - hopefully, the weather will cooperate next week too...

our weekend was good - my hair is now back to being short and sassy, and the home show we decided on going too, was rather lame... i hate being bombarded by salesman, but guess i should've expected that considering the times we live in (people need work!)... after the disappointing event - we grabbed lunch at pot belly and then decided to go see "the crazies" which wasn't as bad as i thought... it had it's scary/gory moments and give it a solid "7" - definitely worth seeing if you're a fan of george romero... =)

sunday - it was the usual store, laundry, and cleaning... i drove myself to the grocery store, which was strange since it had been over 2 weeks... so nice to be independent again... =)

other than that, work is work... how did my life become so boring? sorry about that...

happy tuesday

Teresa  – (10:30 AM)  

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you too! March has been a stellar month here with tons of sunshine. Not the usual for these parts, but loving it. Wish I had more free time to get out there and enjoy it. Congrats on getting your freedom back. Hope the weather holds so you can get out and enjoy it. Keep well and get better.

Seth  – (11:53 AM)  

I hope that we get some good weather here in the midwest...they were saying something about a snow storm...nooooooooooo.

I just came across your blog!

Stephen  – (10:00 PM)  

March has been a pretty hot month in all parts of the world. However, I do advice against you hitting the gym in the late afternoon. This could be the main reason why you're having a hard time sleeping because of the high adrenalin levels in your body.

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