i'll have one of each

i hate rainy mondays, but i've been very productive so my week is off to a good start! i will be heading to the gym shortly and will try my hand at jogging again - i will have to start from scratch though since it's been a while (perhaps i should look-up my old 52K program)... speaking of working out - i went to spinning on saturday and my foot was fine... little did i know, however, that they moved the class to 8:15 am so i missed the first 10-minutes due to the fact i was doing weights... i kept wondering why the room was so full but thought nothing of it... oh well - i still got in a great 30-minute workout... =)

after i got home - eric and i mulched the flowerbeds, and later i went to home depot and bought $50 worth of multi-colored pansies to plant in the front of the house... i also did some shopping at tjmaxx and hit the grocery store on saturday night which may be my new thing - it was practically empty! i love that!

yesterday, we had a lazy morning and then went to brunch at the kennedy center rooftop terrace... i had found a great deal online (during the february snowstorm) and thought it would be fun to try... they had everything from cheeses and fruits, to breakfast items, carved meats, various veggies and starches, italian lunchmeats, breads, crab legs, shrimp, oysters, etc... and they had a separate room for just the desserts! when we got the bill - it was for over $80 but i had paid a fraction of that... sweet! after brunch - we headed over to a friend of eric's who is moving to vancover next month, and then were home by 5:00... nice way to end the weekend...

hope you all had a good one and the weather warms-up soon... they say it may be 80 here on saturday so eric and i are planning our first, motorcycle, day-trip... yay! =)

happy monday...

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