day 4 and home alone

i'm watching 'guys big bite' on the food network since i'm home alone today... eric went back to work and even though i would love to have him with me all week, he does have a job that needs attending too... me, on the other hand, still needs some time to heal so here i am - bored out of my mind really... the only thing i've gotten excited about today was (1) my green monster and (2) planning dinner tonight (tacos)... how sad... and even though i have a TON of work to do, when i get back, at least i'll be back into a normal routine...

i went back to the foot doctor on monday and even though i took a picture of my foot (sans the bandage), it's probably to gross for most of you... he said it looked good, but to stay off of my feet as much as possible since healing is key this time around... i go back next wednesday so he can remove the stitches (ugh) and then we'll see how long it will be until i can put-on my exercise sneakers again... this lack of exercise is KILLING me, but i know it's only temporary... =(

we also got our new mattress on sunday - it is devine, let me just tell you... and since we bought the floor model - it has both a firm and plush side so eric and i get what we need... the only downside is that it's almost 8-10" higher than our one so it requires effort to get in/out of every day... the cats have also had to get used to it since they sleep there most days, but think they are managing just fine... =)

well, that's it for me - sorry i don't have anything exciting going on, but hopefully things will get back to normal soon...

happy hump day!

Sugar  – (4:53 PM)  

Happy to see you're in good spirits.. that bed looks comfy!!! new beds are always awesome!

Teresa  – (10:20 AM)  

Oh how do I love watch the Food Porn Channel. Sorry you're home alone. Good to hear that your spirits are high. Enjoy that new bed, got my last year. Everyday I wake up wishing I could just stay there. Rest up and get better.

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