sorry for the delay, haven't been in the mood to blog since surgery but am hoping today is better... everything went well but the doctor said there was a lot of leftover nerves (from a previous surgery) to remove as well as a lot of scar tissue he had to get through, before dealing w/the actual tumor... i was feeling great on friday, since my foot was numb, but yesterday morning was tough... eric made me breakfast in bed and has been doing a wonderful job at playing nurse (i need ice every 20-minutes)... the pain meds make me sick so i've been taking tylenol instead, but doubt its really helping... the doctor called to check-up on me (which is unheard of, i think) and said saturday should be the worst of it... let's hope so! i go back on monday to have the dressing changed, and then stitches come out 10-days from then... SO looking forward to that day already! =)

i was looking forward to having our new mattress yesterday but after eric and his friend took the old set to the dump, he found out from macy's that we can't pick-up the new one until today... we both heard the salesman say saturday but if you look on the receipt, it say sunday - miscommunication on both sides i guess... so, we had to sleep on the futon in the basement which required me scooting down the stairs on my ass last night... the futon is usually pretty comfortable but it's hard to move w/my bandaged foot and since it hurts more, i'm not sure i well i really slept... perhaps a nap will be needed later today... ;)

we are SO looking forward to the US vs. Canada hockey game later!

i will check back-in later this week, hopefully i'll be feeling better as the week progresses... i can't even think about food or exercise at this point... ugh!

happy sunday...

Sizzle  – (12:08 PM)  

Hang in there! Hope the recovery goes smoothly.

Weighting Around  – (12:13 PM)  

Just take it easy and enjoy the hockey. Don't worry about anything but getting back to normal.

Cory  – (8:21 PM)  

When I had wrist surgery the doctor called to check on me. Maybe it's an outpatient surgery thing...

Hope you recover quickly! (And when you go in on Monday, maybe ask for a different pain med...)

Sugar  – (9:31 AM)  

Best wishes with your recovery! It will get better soon I hope.. we did a great job on hockey..silver isn't bad!!

Teresa  – (11:10 AM)  

Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care and get well. Hopefully the game didn't stress you out too much, I had to leave the room at the end.

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