blizzard 2010

we are on day #5 at home (me anyway), stranded more or less... metro was not running above-ground and AU was closed for the third day in a row... not looking good for tomorrow either, so good thing we have enough food and essentials to get thru the weekend... it has been snowing nonstop since 4:00 yesterday and it may not stop for a few more hours - so far, probably another foot has fallen (where we are anyway)...

enjoy the pics... :-)

p.s. just heard that i will be home again tomorrow... man, what an unexpected vacation!

totegirl  – (8:05 PM)  

I instantly froze at the first picture...BRRRRR! I really need to stop complaining about the weather here, because we saw 2 snowflakes and made a big production of it! Stay toasty!

Blossom  – (11:13 PM)  

Wow....we got, like, two inches today in Toronto, and that's the most we've had all year!! Sorry you're getting the worst of it!

Teresa  – (10:56 AM)  

It has been quite a week of snow for you guys. We have thankfully managed to avoid it. Everyone is wondering when our luck will run out. Keep warm hunkering down at home.

Cory  – (2:04 PM)  

Well, vacations are always a good thing. Even when they are spent at home. They're forecasting up to 6" inches of snow for where I live. That'll be more snow than I've seen at once. But I'll believe it when I see it on the ground. It just doesn't really do stuff like that in South MS.

I'm sure you are tired of the snow, but it does look like you have enjoyed it!

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