i cannot wait...

to have foot surgery on friday, february 26! ugh... i knew it was inevitable and quite honestly, feel that i wasted january on therapy, but there's nothing i can do about it now... my doctor and i sat down yesterday and discussed everything - i've had this done before (actually, twice) so i know what to expect... but it will be different this time because i have a doctor that knows what he's actually doing - and he's very nice and has a good sense of humor... i will be off work for about a week and then will need to take it easy (no treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike)... once everything is healed, he will go back in and remove the other tumor and the process starts over... so we're looking at mid- to late-april until i am 100% (maybe later if i don't heal quickly after the 1st surgery)... great news huh! i told my doctor that i'd be doing pilates and when he made a face, i said it's mostly mat work and i won't be doing anything that involves standing... he said that was okay then... better than nothing i guess... :-(

so with cardio being pretty much out the window - i will REALLY need to watch what i eat during this time... i have been using "lose it" for about 3 weeks now and even though i love it, i wonder if it's enough... i KNOW that i eat too many carbs and though we're not huge, processed-food people - i still like my crackers, cereal, breads, pasta, rice, etc... i also know that if i cut-back and/or eliminate that stuff - i would feel better and probably lose more weight... sounds like low-carb to me... i know some of you are doing this but what's your take? have you cut-back on the "white" stuff and if so, have you felt/seen a difference? or do you just eat, what you want, in moderation? just curious...

work has been crazy-busy today, so i will be going to the gym after work... :-)

snow-alert: the DC area is supposed to get some snow later tonight, so maybe i'll see some white stuff on my way home... we also might get more over the weekend and we had about 6" this past saturday - enough already! i'm so done with winter! :-p

so excited about the LOST premier tonight... 9:00 can't come soon enough!!!

happy tuesday...

Teresa  – (10:29 AM)  

My goodness, sorry to hear about the surgery. I do hope and pray you get this resolved once and for all. Wishing you much luck.

I've cut down on the carbs and the white poisons as well, feeling much better as a result. In so doing it has really tamed those nagging hungry feelings. The weight lose was good the first week, will keep you posted on week two.

Keep well and warm.

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