haven't used an alarm in 6 days

it was back to work for me today - i know i shouldn't complain, but one can get used to being home and not have to deal with things like "work"... thankfully it's been relatively quiet - my boss is out sick and she even said it would be okay to wear jeans (a total no-no, even on fridays)... that alone made coming-in a tad easier... the roads were fine but DC is still dealing with a large amount of snow so 3-lanes often turn into 1-lane in a matter of seconds... and earlier this morning, there was a train derailment - just what we need on a friday! no one was hurt, thank-god, and things seem to be back to normal... for now anyway...

i brought my gym clothes today, and didn't go... i have no ambition/motivation, after being snowbound for over a week, and i hate feeling like this... i have started gathering info for doing low-carb again, and just need to get my shit together and do it... i have all the south beach food lists and phases, but if any of you have a favorite website or book - let me know... :-)

since most of my projects are done for the day, i've been poking around online and found some interesting things... enjoy! :-)

well, time to finish things up for the day... i hope you all have a great, 3-day weekend and a wonderful valentine's day... :-)

remember to spread the love...

    Marcie  – (2:25 PM)  

    Hey Jodi,
    Here is a book I think you might like. I have been trying to lose off and on for years, and I think this one made sense and is quite easy to follow. It is called 'Don't Lose your Mind; Lose your Weight'. It is by Rujuta Diwekar. My frineds and I are trying to lose weight together and have decided to blog the journey. This is my very first blog ever. Would be great if you could check it out.

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