31" and counting

so this is outside my house and it's only 11:00... as you can see, our cars are practically covered... i haven't taken an official measurement, but the news is saying around 31" so far and to the west - over 40" has fallen... historic indeed! the snow isn't supposed to stop until later today or early evening, so i plan on going out and taking some real pictures (though i don't have snow pants or boots taller than my knees)... eric is stuck in DC at a conference and said he's staying another night - not even sure how he'll get home tomorrow but maybe by then, the main roads will be passable... our street certainly isn't - could be days til we are able to get out... crazy!

i stopped to get supplies on the way home last night... and then made homemade pizza for dinner - norman was VERY interested in my plate! god love him...

well, i'll post more pictures later - hope you're having a good weekend... i sure am! :-)


Weighting Around  – (9:03 AM)  

The pizza looks great. The snow - no way! I'm happy to be in Florida and my snowy days are a thing of the past.

Great blog!

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