2 days and counting

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i don't know why i do this to myself - i was checking the forecast for next week and it doesn't look pretty... i know, i know - its still vacation but when you're going to the beach AND camping, rain sort of puts a damper on everything... plus, it makes packing even more difficult and i'm bad enough as it is - i tend to pack too much but maybe that's because i'm a girl and i like having options (tank top or tshirt?)... anyway, i started making piles of all my stuff last night like clothes, beach towels, sunscreen, and toiletries and if i forget something, i'll be fine... sometimes roughing it can be fun (like no hairdryer!) but if i really needed something, the local grocery store is only a few miles away... :o)

i'm going to pick more blueberries after work with my mom, so i have them for next week... i'm not sure how much longer they'll be in season around here so i'm going to take advantage as best i can... we also may grab dinner at 5 guys, which is a local hamburger chain that pride themselves on serving homemade burgers, hotdogs, and french fries... yea, not the most healthy of choices but i figured as of 5:00 - i'm officially on vacation and i've only heard good things about this place... :o)

today will be another busy one so it should go by fast... and it will also be my last treadmill workout til i get back so i'll have to make it a good one... on wednesday, i did 40 minutes of flats/hills - talk about challenging! i may try and do 4 miles today so we'll see how that goes - anything above 3.5 is an improvement for me and if i can crank out 5 miles by the end of the summer, maybe i'll try doing an 8K race... either way, i can telling the running is helping my weightloss because these capris i have on today are huge... :o)

time for my
weekly top 5 so enjoy... :o)

—do you know how to
store salad greens?
—learn how to run less for more results
—read about a woman who lost weight too fast for weight watchers (WTF?!?!)
—feeling a bit down? here are some body image boosters you can try
—don't know what to make on the 4th? check out this list of favorites

i'll try and post something over the weekend but if for some reason i don't - i hope you all have a happy and safe fourth of july... i'll talk to you when i get back...

happy friday...

3 days and counting

holy smokes, i have been so busy today... my boss decided to give me yet another newsletter to work on and there's like a bazillion charts, tables, and graphs to format... at least it will keep me busy for the rest of the week and then i won't have to worry about it for a while... my company had an ice cream social today (more like let's have ice cream, cake, AND candy) so i opted for the fat-free, raspberry sorbet with some chopped peanuts - i have no idea what the calorie-count is so i'll just say it was 2 points... i also had a good workout today so i'm not feeling too guilty for having a little treat... :o)

since i was early for my hair appt. last night, i stopped by starbucks and tried their lite orange mocha frappuccino - it was very tasty and only 2 points (according to their website anyway)... sabine did a great job on my hair and was so quick - i must've been in/out in less than 20 minutes... on my way home, i stopped by target for a few things (crackers, cereal, tissues, and gum) as well as big lots for more camping stuff - i usually get our tuna salad there because its only $1 and its great for lunches... tonight, i'll probably start assembling my clothes and finish-up the laundry, which leaves tomorrow night for relaxing... :o)

did anyone watch that stupid paris hilton interview on larry king? what a joke...

happy thursday...


starting weight (04/18): 167.8
current weight (06/27): 158.6
weight loss to date:

this was a nice and most welcomed surprise this morning, and quite the treat considering i ALMOST made my goal for vacation (10 pounds)... all i can say is, its nice to be back in the 150s again considering its been since before christmas that i saw this number on the scale... and when i was updating my sidebar, i noticed i'm only 8.6 pounds away from goal (my first one anyway)... that's pretty damn cool, if i do say so myself... i know the next part of my journey will be a long one (being realistic not pessimistic) but i'm looking forward to it anyway because i know i CAN do it... :o)

i never thought that this time around, with weight watchers, i would be this successful but add 5K training and really focusing on my eating into the mix, and the difference is amazing... i have managed to survive parties, happy hours, brunches, occasional weekend splurges, AND still continued to lose weight so i know this way of life is for me... and i know some people may think, "well, you can work out 5-6x a week and don't have a husband, or a house, or kids to take care of"... and yes, that's true but even so - i know that making time for myself is very important and i shouldn't feel guilty for making it a priority... neither should you because its so much easier to take care of others when you're healthy and feeling good about yourself - just 30 minutes a day can do wonders... :o)

okay, i've preached enough so onto other things... eric found this website yesterday where a guy has lost over 401 pounds - be warned, some of the pictures are quite disturbing... he looks amazing though - can you imagine going thru such a personal transformation? talk about awesome! :o)

the packing continues - i picked up a few things at the store last night - stuff like barilla tortellini, rice, couscous, parmalat milk (better for camping), hot dogs (i'm going to try the reduced fat hebrew national), and sunscreen... we'll get most of our fruits/veggies on the day we head to the campground and i'm also hoping we stumble across some farmer stands - i'd much rather buy produce from a local farmer than from a store anyday... the menu so far is: hamburgers, steaks, chicken, hot dogs, and pasta with a healthy breakfast and lunch in between... there will also be lots of beer, margaritas, and possibly some mimosas since we have leftover champagne and OJ from brunch, so i think we're set... i looked up some activities we can do while there as well, including kayaking on the bay and going for a ghost crab walk one night on the beach - how fun does that sound! :o)


happy hump day...

5 days and counting

i had a great run yesterday - managed 40 minutes on the treadmill while doing intervals (2 mins regular pace and 1 minute much faster)... its a great way to mix things up esp. if you're stuck doing things indoors... i would like to try running outside tonight but we'll see, the weather is very hot and very humid - gotta love DC in the summer... i don't mind when its hot at the beach because there's always the ocean to cool things off... can you tell i have camping on-the-brain? ;o)

i also had 2 happy hours last night - one with my boss (1 beer) and then one later w/some friends from HS (2 beers)... i am close friends with 3 guys and have been since jr. high really - 2 are in the area (both have 3 kids) and 1 lives in NYC with his girlfriend (same situation as eric and i)... we don't get to see each other but once/twice a year so it was fun to hangout and catch-up on things... we also made a promise to each other that when our 20-year reunion comes up, we're going no matter what - hard to believe that's only 2 years away... god, i'm getting old...

thought i would partake in foo's post from yesterday so feel free to play along... :o)

Would you ever...

run through your neighbor's sprinklers naked? if my neighbor had a yard, sure

eat an ice cream sandwich for dinner? only if it was made w/chocolate chip cookies

drive without a seatbelt? never

take the "leen" off someone's name and add a "y"...even though you have NEVER seen the person refer to herself in that way? no

let a giraffe kiss you on the mouth? there's something to be said about a long tongue ;o)

share your lover with someone? nope, i'd be too jealous

consider free plastic surgery? depends on what kind (maybe boobs or lipo on the hips/thighs)

date someone 20 years younger than yourself? i dated someone 10 years younger but not sure about 20

think that blog owners are crazy to publicly ask LURKERS to engage in conversation? hell no, they can't lurk forever

ask someone famous for an autograph? only if they were nice to me

swim with sharks? would love too

tell someone that they are ugly to their face? god no

call someone out for farting in an elevator? i would probably laugh instead

go on someone's blog and leave a comment trashing the person's best friend? how cruel!

comfort a crying stranger? most likely

be able to ride "It's a Small World" at Disneyland for 48 hours without stopping? don't think so

yell "penis" in a crowded shopping mall? hell yea! PENIS!

purposely tell someone the wrong time when asked? no

consider getting "I heart Foo-y" tattooed on your body? my boyfriend probably wouldn't like that ;o)

think a ;o) (winkie cunt) would cancel out the stupid things you've said? love the smiley-faces! :o)

happy tuesday...

6 days and counting

i hope this week goes by fast because i'm SO ready for vacation - only 6 more days and i'll be sitting in my beach chair, drinking beer, and watching the porpoises play in the ocean... the first year, we saw a ton of horseshoe crabs and last year, 2 guys caught a stingray so who knows what will happen this year... eric and i made a good dent in getting things ready and the pile in the dining room is growing - there's so much to pack since you basically have to take everything with you (they DO supply a picnic table)... i cleaned and vacuumed out the truck which lead to washing it, and that lead to washing the other cars... and we all know what happened after that, right? it rained... :op

my girlfriend and i decided on greek for her bday dinner last night... i had a nice salad with fresh, feta cheese and then had shrimp with tomatoes, pine nuts, raisins, and onions - it was really good... we opted NOT to get dessert but what happens? the waiter brings us these tiny cups with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream and some sort of cherry stuff on top - it was really sweet but i ate it anyway... :o)

exercise was good this weekend - i made it to spinning on saturday and then picked blueberries with my mom... the bushes were loaded so i'm definitely going back this weekend to get more for our camping trip... food was also pretty good this weekend so i'm hopeful that weigh-in will go well on wednesday... i'd like to lose what i gained last week so i'll keep my fingers crossed... we didn't go to the movies but i'm okay with that because we watched an episode of 'planet earth' instead which is a show i find so utterly amazing... :o)

happy monday...

p.s. some people have asked where we go camping so you can see a map here... and yea, its pretty damn close to the beach - if the campground is quiet at night, you can hear the ocean... :o)

the weekend starts now

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our plans changed last night but we still had a yummy dinner at bombay bistro - i had a samosa, garlic naan, and chicken nilgiri khorma (tender pieces of chicken cooked with cilantro and spiced up green masala)... it was very tasty and i only ate half so i can have the rest for dinner tonight - mmm mmm... because the movie didn't start til 9:40, we decided it would make a late evening and plan on seeing it over the weekend instead (matinee = cheaper tickets)... we watched two episodes of 'creature comforts' which is the most hilarious show ever on CBS (tuesday nights at 8:00) - its clay animation and uses human voices and the bodies of various animals... its just very funny so if you need a good laugh, check it out... :o)

i normally don't comment much on commercials but i saw one this morning that disturbed me - it was for kellogg's special k with berries (my fav cereal, by the way)... it showed this very thin girl, getting ready for work, and her stomach was growling - the voice over said, "don't try to lose weight by starving yourself, have a healthy breakfast instead"... she couldn't have been more than a size 4/6 and nowhere near overweight or needing to lose weight... and i know it happens all the time on tv and in magazines but this is the first time i really paid attention and was bothered by it... let me know if any of you see it over the weekend and tell me what you think...

anyhoo, i didn't post my top 5 last week so let me do that now - enjoy!

—if you're afraid to get a tattoo, what about one for your car

—are you craving something in particular? if so, check out why here
—how much do you know about the sunscreen you're using?
—if you're looking for a workout partner, check out girls gotta move
—what's your fitness horoscope?

i hope you all have a glorious weekend and enjoy the outdoors! :o)

back to normal

i forgot my coffee-mate this morning so i was pretty pissed off when i got to work and had to drink my tea w/regular half & half... yes, i'm one of those whack-jobs that keeps flavored creamer in the refrigerator but its because i can't stand the regular stuff (and i'm addicted to anything hazelnut)... i even had eric hooked for a while but he since went back to the 'other' side because he thought it made his coffee too sweet... for me, i like coffee with cream and sugar (wink*wink) but since finding they make sugar-free versions (only 15 calories a serving), i can enjoy it guilt-free... they make some pretty wacky flavors too so check them out here if you're curious... :o)

so what food/drink are you obbsessed with right now?

as you can probably tell, i'm feeling MUCH better today - i even went to the gym and had a good workout (yay me!)... having another night at home to rest made all the difference in the world plus falling asleep before midnight always helps... i realized why i was so wide-awake on tuesay - since i wasn't feeling well, i had like 4 cups of tea during the day... ding*ding*ding... anyway, eric and i moved our 'date night' to tonight instead so we're going to grab some indian (mmm curry) for dinner and then go see 'knocked up'... i've only heard good things about the movie so i'm pretty excited to see it - i'll give you my review tomorrow... :o)

i'm glad the weekend's almost here esp. since i was sick and had a stressful project here at work (which went over well today)... i don't really have any plans besides taking my friend out to dinner sunday night... eric and i need to start prepping for our camping trip so maybe i'll make a run to the store for dry-goods and all that stuff... and my apt. needs some serious cleaning - i don't stay there on the weekends so its long overdue... how exciting... ;o)

happy thursday...


for some reason, i thought i had lost .2 pounds this morning but when i was updating the sidebar - i quickly realized i had gained .8 pounds instead (d'uh!)... i'm totally okay with that... really... if you had seen the plate of food i had on saturday, and then for dinner saturday night - you would not be surprised... and i didn't exercise yesterday, or today for that matter (still not feeling well), so we'll just keep things moving along as best i can... i hope to be back up and running 100% tomorrow, just one more day of rest should do it... :o)

i'll be curious to see what happens w/my weigh tloss since the 5K training has ended... as of right now, i have every intention of continuing to run but will i do it 5x week? i'm not sure - i know i've mentioned doing spinning again so maybe if i add that into my weekend routine, there won't be a huge fluctuation... as for during the week - i SUCK at running on my own (outside) so i'll either have to just DO IT or use the treadmill instead... any suggestions on how to make running solo easier?

sorry for the short post again, i hope to be back to normal soon...

happy hump day (thank god!)...


i woke-up with a sore throat and feel like crap so i'm hoping its the weather and that i feel better tomorrow... i hate feeling like sh*t because i don't want to do anything - including exercise which is terrible but i can't help it... tomorrow is weigh-in and again, i'm not expecting a loss and i mean it - i ate way too much this weekend and there's certainly no way in HELL i'm doing anything after work tonight... i usually have 2 workouts the day before and feel that has helped w/my scale results but that's not happening... so my plans for tonight are: hop into my jammies, have soup for dinner, watch some tv, and take a hot bath... :o|

i'd like to personally thank all the people that left a note yesterday - i've never received 22 comments before and have to say, that makes me feel pretty good... eric said, "you must be popular" and i don't think its that - we're all just genuinely interested in what everyone else is doing... its sort of like having your own fan-club but instead of being music-related, its diet and fitness... go figure... :o)

sorry to keep this short but i need to make some more tea...

happy tuesday...

okay, now what?

well, i did it - i finished saturday's race in under 34 minutes which comes out to something like a 11-minute mile which is crazy (i don't think we ever went under 11:30-11:45 in practice)... i was hurting towards the end and really have to thank my pace leader, allyson, for giving me the strength to continue because i really wanted to just stop and walk the rest of the way...i'm also very lucky to have had eric there - he was cheering me on during various parts of the race (as well as being mr. picture-taker as you will see below) so thank-you darlin for being my biggest supporter... :o)

pre-race: my first, official race number... :o)

this was right before the first hill - ugh!

this is when i wanted to just give up! i'm glad i didn't...

nice action shot, darlin...

post-race: each runner received a rose and a certificate...

i thought it would be funny to wear a tattoo since the race was called "Run for Roses"...

after the race, i hosted a brunch for my two girlfriends (who also did the race), their hubbies, and their 3-kids each... they hung out for a few hours and hardly made a dent in the food i made - guess i tend to make too much because i never know if i'm making enough or making something that everyone will like... i was in the kitchen all day on friday baking and cooking, as well as cleaning the house and preparing the picnic patio but in the end, it all worked out... i guess i tend to overdo things but that's just the way i am - i like things to look nice for others and get a great sense of satisfaction from it... :o)

as for the rest of the weekend - we watched 'smoking aces' (which was excellent), went to the library, did a lot of relaxing, ate a lot of leftovers, and took a long, motorcycle ride yesterday afternoon... it was nice having a long weekend so it was pretty hard coming to work today... but on the good side - i only have 2 more weeks til our vacation and i CANNOT WAIT... :o)

happy monday...

i only have 2 hands

figures i would have a ton of shit to do today and being that i'm not here tomorrow, i feel i need to get as much done as possible... i skipped the gym today but may go after work, or may not, we'll see how i feel... i also have a ton of stuff to do when i get home - i'm heading over to eric's and need to pack things for the weekend, i was too beat to do it last night... :-p

drinks/dinner were fun last night - i had 1 margarita (small) and 1 amstel light so that was good... but i had some chips, salsa, and a chicken burrito (baked) with refried beans and rice - i'm guessing that was like 15 points so i've dipped heavily into my flexies already... i will just have to be extra careful on saturday - so far i'm making: quiche (eric's specialty) and hash brown casserole, and will also have fresh fruit, bagels, blueberry muffins, and brownies... maybe i need to make something else? at least i have a day to figure it out - grocery shopping will be tomorrow along w/severe house-cleaning and prepping the backyard patio and furniture... :o)

there's not much else going on - i'm just really busy so i apologize for not having anything exciting to say today... stuff like that happens but i promise to post tomorrow once i get things under control...

happy thursday...


“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”


before i went to sleep last night - i told myself, "i am okay with a gain or maintain tomorrow" and i really meant it... i knew i had over-indulged this past weekend and yet felt not one ounce of guilt for doing so because life is meant to be enjoyed... this is what makes WW such a great plan - you can have that light beer (not 5), or a piece of pizza (not ½ a pie), or chips & dip (not the whole bag) - as long as you count the points... so when i stepped on the scale, it rewarded me with a 1 pound loss - what can i say besides WHOO HOOO CARROTS... keeping track and being accountable has really hit home to me this time - i have been faced w/a lot of difficult situations but have learned to make better choices about food and that is key... and so is exercising - i can't stress that enough ladies so if you really want to see progress, you need to start moving! :o)

i thought practice was going to be canceled last night because of the rain but they had said in the beginning, "we run in rain but not thunder/lightning"... so i thought, either i go and they cancel OR i don't go and find out they still had practice (which would've made me mad)... so i went and we ran for 30 minutes and i really feel confident for saturday - the weather's looking good, it will be something i've been working hard for, and know i'll feel awesome once i cross that finish line... :o)

this morning, i read about yet another summer beer but this time by miller... it sounds pretty interesting - let me know if you've seen in or have tried it...

tonight i'm going out to dinner w/some girlfriends, we are going for mexican (my downfall!)... thank god its the begining of a new week even though i need all my flex points for saturday (brunch after the race)...
wish me luck!

happy hump day!


tonight is my last practice with the group before the race on saturday - i am both very happy and very sad... when i started out over 2 months ago, i thought it would be a great way to meet other women and get in shape... i accomplished both and more - i never in a million years would i have pictured myself doing such a thing and i guess this is the first time i've actually THOUGHT about it... weird i know but i've just been doing my thing and not really 'getting' that i'm doing something i never SAW myself ever doing - does that make any sense? i'll stop rambling now... ;o)

work has been busy and will probably continue to be like this for the rest of the week... i dig busy days but i also like having my downtime so i can relax, regroup, and refocus... i have no idea what, if anything, has transpired with my boss and all that stuff i mentioned last week so maybe i'll have news by the end of the week... :o)

food has been good - i'm crossing my fingers for weigh-in tomorrow but am seriously not expecting a loss... i was preparing some strawberries for the freezer last night and remembered my mom gave me some of her shortcake - i thought, "how can i NOT have homemade shortcake with freshly picked berries and milk?" i counted the points, don't worry, but i'm not having another piece til after i see what the scale says... :o)

happy tuesday...

new moon on monday

man, what a busy weekend but at least i had 2 hours, to myself, at the pool on saturday... and it was relatively quiet and kid-free so that made me happy... i ended up spending saturday night w/my good friend, his 3 kids, and his neighbor's 2 kids - we sat on the deck, drank beer, and watched them play in the yard... good times, let me tell ya... and speaking of beer - i'm not a huge beer-drinker but eric found these recently and i highly recommend them (only 2 points per serving!)... the orange reminds me of an orangina - i know it sounds strange but try it - you may be surprised... :o)

our run was good on saturday, did almost 40 minutes, and then went to breakfast at le madeleine... it was our last saturday practice since the race is this week (OMG!) and she had someone talk to us about what things we should be doing this week in order to prepare... like eat well, get lots of rest, stay hydrated, and take it easy the day before... i can manage that! :o)

yesterday, i went to spinning class - it had been over 2 months since i took one and even though our instructor is 8+ pregnant - she kicked our asses, let me tell you... it felt good to be doing something different for a change so i'm looking forward to getting back into it... i also picked almost 5 pounds of strawberries and then ran around w/my mom in the afternoon - had to get some pieces for the bridal shower favors i'm making... then we grabbed dinner at panera bread - i highly recommend their new chicken pomodora samich - it has grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and pomodora sauce (7 points)... i had ½ of that and a bowl of their yummy black bean soup and since i had a healthy dinner - i wasn't tempted to have ledo's pizza later during the soprano's finale - yay me! :o)

i apologize for not doing this last week, i just got wrapped-up in all the stuff going on at work... KL included me on her '5 blogs that make me think' list and now i'm going to do the same... please play along - its a great way to meet new people, find a new blog, and/or learn something new... :o)


The Rules:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

hope you have a great monday...

they should lock paris up for good

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happy friday, y'all... i can't wait for the weekend even though i have a TON of stuff to do... i did cross one thing of my list last night though - i found some cute shoes for the wedding, at sears of all places... i tried 7 places before that and was thrilled to find them because they're not too high, comfortable, and only $20 (i refused to pay over $40 for a one-time thing)... i also picked up a new le sports sac purse at marshall's and a black, swim skirt for the beach (those weren't on my list but i couldn't resist!)... it was a busy night, to say the least, so i was happy to be home... :o)

things were pretty interesting at work yesterday... in the afternoon my boss comes in, all glowing and happy, dying to tell me something... to make a long story short - she's being promoted and we will no longer be under this hell-of-a-boss, sue, who takes credit for every project and never appreciates the work that we do... sue also paints on her eyebrows (horribly) and makes her own clothes (outdated) but that's besides the fact... so my boss also said there MAY be some opportunities for me to move up as well too so i guess that's good news?!?! right now, i'm thinking its a good thing that i didn't leave a few months ago - i feel like more doors are opening for me here and i should definitely stick around... this morning, she came in my office and said she's both excited and scared to see what happens - sue is very good at making people miserable so we're all just waiting to see what she does... and she again said that if she moves up, i will move up as well so yay for me! stay tuned folks, i'll know more in 2 weeks when all this crap "goes down"... ;o)

i also found out yesterday that my really good friend is pregnant - they weren't even trying AND she's on the pill (never missed a day!)... i don't really want to discuss it in details but she thinks this new medication she's on for migraines counteracted the b/c pills and the doctors didn't warn her... i was pretty excited until she said there's no way they're having it (she's 37 and already has a 14-year old and 6-year old) - i'm not one to judge and am totally pro-choice when it comes to this but its just weird... i've never known anyone, esp. a close friend, to go thru something like this so i'll do my best to be as supportive as possible... i jokingly said, "you could always give it to me" and she laughed... :o)

my weekend will be busy, busy, busy - hopefully i can in some pool time but my main goal is (1) have a good run tomorrow morning and (2) pick strawberries... funny goal i know but the season won't last much longer, esp. with this hot weather... i may try and get to that spin class on sunday morning too so we'll see how i feel - sleeping-in just sounds so much nicer... :o)

now onto something more fun - here's my weekly,
top 5... enjoy!

calorie king now tells you how much exercise you'll need to burn-off that cookie (use the search tool)
—hungry girl discusses the new frozen treats for summer
—want younger muscles? do some strength training
womenswallstreet.com provides tools for women who want to make smart, financial decisions
—looking for a unique gift? check out brightandbold.com for some cool stuff

have a great weekend, everyone! :o)


regardless of how well i think i've done for the week - i'm still hesitant when getting on the scale on wednesdays... i don't know why - maybe i worry about what i had to eat the night before (eggwich), or how much i exercised (weights), or if i didn't drink enough water (always the case)... anyway, i really need to stop doing that because deep down, i knew i did pretty well... i stayed within my points, exercised, and hardly used any flex points so as a result - the scale showed a 1.7 pound loss this week... i was pretty damn happy so i did the naked, happy dance while max just stared at me and said, "for the love of god, put some clothes on!"... cats, they just don't understand... ;o)

running was good last night - we jogged around the baseball fields, then around the park trail that we did a few weeks ago, and stopped at 18 minutes to take a water break... then we reversed the run and ended back where we started - 37 minutes later... it felt pretty good and today's run (35 mins) was great too - maybe i should keep this whole running thing up for a while, or at least til i'm REALLY sick of it... :-o

after running, i went to kohl's and exchanged most of my clothes for a smaller size - one shirt is even a size small and i'm wearing it today... i said SMALL... i've never been a small, since i was probably, small like 10 years old so i'm pretty psyched... i did go to a size 10 on the capris and they fit but i'm not sure if they'll fit just as good once i wash them (the 12's just seemed so big)... i'll have to wear them around the apartment for a while and make my decision later...

eric's coming over tonight and i'm making coconut curry chicken with brown rice - i'll have to enter everything into my eTools recipe builder and hope the points are too high... i did get reduced calorie coconut milk so that should help (i hope)... then we may go to the library so he can get a card - we've been talking about what books to bring to the beach... i would like to read the harry potter #5 before the next movie comes out so that's a possibility, and i also saw that dean koontz has a new one out as well - decisions decisions... :o)

here's an interesting post on less of me to love - she makes such a great point!

happy hump day...

me love popcorn

well, i got the good treadmill for 20 minutes last night but had to use one of the other ones for the first 15 - its really amazing how much better you can run, when the treadmill is nicer... i did about 35 minutes, then did some ab work, then ran to get my new cellphone configured, and then home... i wasn't very hungry so for dinner, i opted for a mini-bag of popcorn and called it a night... :o)

i was planning on wearing my new capris and shirt this morning but really think i can go one size smaller - i was a bit upset... i HATE having to change my outfit for the day when i had already planned it out the night before (yea, i'm weird like that)... so, now i have to go back to kohl's and see if they have what i need, in a smaller size, i'm not sure when that will be - maybe tonight after running... course, maybe i shouldn't be trying on clothes when i'm all sweaty... :-o

well, i heard back from my pilates instructor and she admitted to changing the class time herself - i can't blame the rec center and really can't be mad at her either... so, i have to find something else pilates-related - maybe bally's has something i can take but their classes are always so big and so distracting... their spinning room is pretty small but their large, exercise room (for step, etc.) is big, bright, and echoey... i really liked her teaching methods too so i'm pretty bummed-out... :o(

not much else going on, things are pretty quiet... eric's going to pittsburgh this weekend so my list of 'things to do' is growing... maybe i can get some pool-time in too... :o)

happy tuesday...

feeling crabby?

i managed to go out to lunch today AND eat healthy, how often do you hear that? the president treated us to lunch for working on the big dinner back in may - he chose a really nice seafood place and i had broiled lump crab cakes... i also had a salad, one piece of crusty bread, some asparagus, a small spoonful of hash browns, and for dessert -- a skim cappuccino... though it was a heavy lunch, i still feel i made some great choices and i consider it a success... i also have a lunch & learn on friday but doubt it will be as healthy -there's not much choice when attending a seminar, at a hotel, so i'll do my best... :o)

the weekend came and went so quickly, i hate that... saturday we ran the 5K course and ladies - it was really hard (only the middle part was easy)... i ran almost the whole time and even though i tried to walk a few steps here and there, one of my teammates kept coaching me to go on... and i did... but it was hard, that's all i'm going to say about and i can't wait for the race to be over... i'm really missing pilates for some reason and emailed my old instructor to find out why the class time changed - it used to be at 6:30 and now its at 6:00 so i can't make it... which means, i have go somewhere else and pay a lot more which sucks... i'm just not very good at doing it on my own, its too easy to talk myself out of it... :o(

so after running, i helped eric w/some stuff around the house - he put the platform in the back of his truck (for the futon when camping) and i mowed the grass (i love it!)... later we took the motorcyle to my mom's, had dinner, and helped her w/some stuff too - put in her a/c, cleaned out a birdhouse, and hung it back on the tree... the much needed rain didn't come til yesterday so we were extremely lazy - got up around 10am, had breakfast, watched 'meet the press', then watched 'the shining' - i love that movie... its so creepy and yet so very funny at times... max and i got home last night around 7:00 and we met the neighbor downstairs - i think that's the first time, in over 4 years, that i've talked to a neighbor - kinda sad... he seemed like a nice guy and said that i'm quiet as a mouse... :o)

i have to hit the gym after work today since i missed my usual 2:00 time - i'm not a fan of doing it but i need to get in as much running as possible before the race... i hope the good treadmill is open but i doubt it - there's only 1 good one and 3 crappy ones so wish me luck... :o)

happy monday...

while the cat's away, the mice will play

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well, i accomplished all i set out to do last night and forgot to mention my RZR phone has been broken for about a week - the front screen stopped working and its not even 6 months old... anyway, verizon had to order me a new one so i guess i'll get my new one next week, at least i can still use mine til then... shopping w/mom at kohl's was okay - it wasn't one of my best night's but i did find a pair of nice capris and some new shirts... they had some shoes but nothing very foot-friendly so i'll have to look elsewhere - i hate to admit this but payless had some cute styles online, maybe i'll see what they have... my mom brought me some freshly picked strawberries (and some homemade coconut cake!) so i had them today w/some vanilla yogurt - mmm mmm... :o)

i also got the clothes i had ordered online, unfortunately the pants didn't fit - they were way to low and just not the right style for my body... plus, they didn't have spandex and that's just not a good thing - i can't stand fabric that doesn't move with you... but the good news is the other skirts, sweaters, and sundress fit so i'm happy - i just need some cute shoes to go along w/my new outfits and i'll be set... :o)

i'm so glad its friday - i've been running every night this week so i'm looking forward to a relaxing evening... as for tomorrow - the only plans i have are running at 8am, going to eric's nephew's soccer game in the afternoon, and then having dinner at my mom's... we need to put her a/c unit in and even though i've managed before, it's much easier w/two people... and as for sunday, the slate is pretty clean... :o)

now it's time for my weekly top 5, enjoy... :o)

—angry fat girlz had a great post yesterday about dieting - the good and the bad
—overcome your excuses for not working out
did you know june 1 is national doughnut day? read some interesting facts here
—starbucks will be switching to 2% milk
in all espresso-based drinks by the end of 2007
—are you a binge eater? if so, read more about it here

have a great weekend, everyone... :o)