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happy friday, y'all... i can't wait for the weekend even though i have a TON of stuff to do... i did cross one thing of my list last night though - i found some cute shoes for the wedding, at sears of all places... i tried 7 places before that and was thrilled to find them because they're not too high, comfortable, and only $20 (i refused to pay over $40 for a one-time thing)... i also picked up a new le sports sac purse at marshall's and a black, swim skirt for the beach (those weren't on my list but i couldn't resist!)... it was a busy night, to say the least, so i was happy to be home... :o)

things were pretty interesting at work yesterday... in the afternoon my boss comes in, all glowing and happy, dying to tell me something... to make a long story short - she's being promoted and we will no longer be under this hell-of-a-boss, sue, who takes credit for every project and never appreciates the work that we do... sue also paints on her eyebrows (horribly) and makes her own clothes (outdated) but that's besides the fact... so my boss also said there MAY be some opportunities for me to move up as well too so i guess that's good news?!?! right now, i'm thinking its a good thing that i didn't leave a few months ago - i feel like more doors are opening for me here and i should definitely stick around... this morning, she came in my office and said she's both excited and scared to see what happens - sue is very good at making people miserable so we're all just waiting to see what she does... and she again said that if she moves up, i will move up as well so yay for me! stay tuned folks, i'll know more in 2 weeks when all this crap "goes down"... ;o)

i also found out yesterday that my really good friend is pregnant - they weren't even trying AND she's on the pill (never missed a day!)... i don't really want to discuss it in details but she thinks this new medication she's on for migraines counteracted the b/c pills and the doctors didn't warn her... i was pretty excited until she said there's no way they're having it (she's 37 and already has a 14-year old and 6-year old) - i'm not one to judge and am totally pro-choice when it comes to this but its just weird... i've never known anyone, esp. a close friend, to go thru something like this so i'll do my best to be as supportive as possible... i jokingly said, "you could always give it to me" and she laughed... :o)

my weekend will be busy, busy, busy - hopefully i can in some pool time but my main goal is (1) have a good run tomorrow morning and (2) pick strawberries... funny goal i know but the season won't last much longer, esp. with this hot weather... i may try and get to that spin class on sunday morning too so we'll see how i feel - sleeping-in just sounds so much nicer... :o)

now onto something more fun - here's my weekly,
top 5... enjoy!

calorie king now tells you how much exercise you'll need to burn-off that cookie (use the search tool)
—hungry girl discusses the new frozen treats for summer
—want younger muscles? do some strength training provides tools for women who want to make smart, financial decisions
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have a great weekend, everyone! :o)

CaRoLyN  – (11:58 AM)  

Sounds like you have a GREAT weekend planned....nothing better than fresh strawberries.
Good for you and I hope you get a promotion at work!
You'll have t post some a pic of you in your new shorts!!
Have a great weekend!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Kate  – (4:40 PM)  

Sounds like a fun-filled weekend...I'll be picking lots of strawberries also, as the season here in Michigan just started on Monday!

Anonymous –   – (5:13 PM)  

i really like your blog and will definately be checking out the websites in your top 5. :)

TrixieBelden  – (8:05 AM)  

Congrats on the job front! Sounds like you are going to have some fabulous opportunities soon!

Rachel C.  – (12:33 PM)  

Ooh that's so exciting about the job thing. I hope it works out well!

Pick some yummy strawberries for me.

thickchick  – (3:47 PM)  

love your blog... thanks for the top 5 - some really interesting information to read!

Greta & Gurdy  – (9:05 AM)  

Oh my, hearing news about people getting pregnant on the pill scares the hell out of me. I am so NOT a mom and have no plans for kids. I know there is always a chance but still, you never really think its true until you hear about someone. You're a good friend to support her. I'm sure she'll need it, even if it is the right decision for her, I'm sure its still hard to go through.

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