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i forgot my coffee-mate this morning so i was pretty pissed off when i got to work and had to drink my tea w/regular half & half... yes, i'm one of those whack-jobs that keeps flavored creamer in the refrigerator but its because i can't stand the regular stuff (and i'm addicted to anything hazelnut)... i even had eric hooked for a while but he since went back to the 'other' side because he thought it made his coffee too sweet... for me, i like coffee with cream and sugar (wink*wink) but since finding they make sugar-free versions (only 15 calories a serving), i can enjoy it guilt-free... they make some pretty wacky flavors too so check them out here if you're curious... :o)

so what food/drink are you obbsessed with right now?

as you can probably tell, i'm feeling MUCH better today - i even went to the gym and had a good workout (yay me!)... having another night at home to rest made all the difference in the world plus falling asleep before midnight always helps... i realized why i was so wide-awake on tuesay - since i wasn't feeling well, i had like 4 cups of tea during the day... ding*ding*ding... anyway, eric and i moved our 'date night' to tonight instead so we're going to grab some indian (mmm curry) for dinner and then go see 'knocked up'... i've only heard good things about the movie so i'm pretty excited to see it - i'll give you my review tomorrow... :o)

i'm glad the weekend's almost here esp. since i was sick and had a stressful project here at work (which went over well today)... i don't really have any plans besides taking my friend out to dinner sunday night... eric and i need to start prepping for our camping trip so maybe i'll make a run to the store for dry-goods and all that stuff... and my apt. needs some serious cleaning - i don't stay there on the weekends so its long overdue... how exciting... ;o)

happy thursday...

Sizzle  – (5:38 PM)  

i am really into cherries right now.

iportion  – (8:57 PM)  

I don't drink coffee but Aimee's blog said you can mix cofee mate with diet rootbeer for a mock float

Chris H  – (12:23 AM)  

OOO, Knocked up, might investigate going to that tonight... Stew and I are going to be "kid free" this evening for the first time in over 6 years !!!! I hope you liked the movie? And do enjoy your weekend... tidying your apt. and all !

Chris H  – (12:24 AM)  

Darn forgot, my favourite drink right now (apart from my diet coke) is "Jarrah Latte, 98% Fat Free, worth 1.5 points a cup. Just add boiling water and stir... soooo yum.

Kate  – (8:02 AM)  

I'm like obsessed with my western bagels right now. I have to limit myself to one every couple days :)

Knocked up is hilarious! I hope you liked it as much as me!

Jodi  – (8:21 AM)  

My favorite drink is fat free french vanilla coffee... o yum! I would love one of those concentrate coffee creamer thingy's but i dout they are available here in Canada...hmmm must do more research!
I also LOVE Kahula and diet Pepsi... but those are a very regulated drink cuz b4 i know it i can have a 26'er done in no time! lol

ThickChick  – (6:39 PM)  

I buy the same coffee creamer but in vanilla... although... I just wrote a rather terse letter to Nestle - I recently read the label and the stuff contains partially hydrogenated oil!! (Less than a gram, meaning that they don't have to post it as trans fat on the nutritionals.) Jerks. Join my nasty letter campaign because I don't care for the Silk Soy stuff that my healthier friends use but I also don't want to consume trans fats.

ThickChick  – (6:41 PM)  

Oh - and I eat Fiber One cereal every single day (in one form or another), either with milk, or with cottage cheese and blueberries, mixed into yogurt, as breadcrumbs for oven-"fried" chicken, as crust-crumbs for a fake cheesecake fix, or on salads as a crunchy crouton substitute.

Grumpy Chair  – (1:04 AM)  

Saw Knocked Up Friday and loved it. Very funny and Katherine Heigle was too cute.

I love Diet Hanson's Sugar Free Green Tea Soda in Tangerine.

KL  – (11:48 PM)  

Right now, I'm really into cooking with these awesome garlic things I found at Trader Joe's. They are frozen cubes of garlic (or cilantro, or some other spice they were out of) that you can use straight out of the freezer. I put it with everything!

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