i only have 2 hands

figures i would have a ton of shit to do today and being that i'm not here tomorrow, i feel i need to get as much done as possible... i skipped the gym today but may go after work, or may not, we'll see how i feel... i also have a ton of stuff to do when i get home - i'm heading over to eric's and need to pack things for the weekend, i was too beat to do it last night... :-p

drinks/dinner were fun last night - i had 1 margarita (small) and 1 amstel light so that was good... but i had some chips, salsa, and a chicken burrito (baked) with refried beans and rice - i'm guessing that was like 15 points so i've dipped heavily into my flexies already... i will just have to be extra careful on saturday - so far i'm making: quiche (eric's specialty) and hash brown casserole, and will also have fresh fruit, bagels, blueberry muffins, and brownies... maybe i need to make something else? at least i have a day to figure it out - grocery shopping will be tomorrow along w/severe house-cleaning and prepping the backyard patio and furniture... :o)

there's not much else going on - i'm just really busy so i apologize for not having anything exciting to say today... stuff like that happens but i promise to post tomorrow once i get things under control...

happy thursday...

KL  – (2:45 AM)  

I skipped the gym today as well ... something about my burning quads yelling at me every time I took a step.

CaRoLyN  – (7:34 AM)  

Have a great weekend and the menu looks amazing!!
Sounds like you are busy busy busy.
Congrats on your loss yesterday...that is fantatsic. Your numbers just keep going down and down and down!
Have a great weekend Jodi!!

Ro  – (10:41 AM)  

Good luck this weekend I am sure you willbe fab. This is a big accomplishment!
You ROCK!!

kelly  – (2:25 PM)  

the food for saturday sounds yummy! good luck at the race, i'm sure you will do amazing! have a great weekend jodi

Amber  – (9:37 PM)  

Good luck this weekend...you can do it!

Grumpy Chair  – (9:09 AM)  

Best to you this morning on your 5K!

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