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well, i accomplished all i set out to do last night and forgot to mention my RZR phone has been broken for about a week - the front screen stopped working and its not even 6 months old... anyway, verizon had to order me a new one so i guess i'll get my new one next week, at least i can still use mine til then... shopping w/mom at kohl's was okay - it wasn't one of my best night's but i did find a pair of nice capris and some new shirts... they had some shoes but nothing very foot-friendly so i'll have to look elsewhere - i hate to admit this but payless had some cute styles online, maybe i'll see what they have... my mom brought me some freshly picked strawberries (and some homemade coconut cake!) so i had them today w/some vanilla yogurt - mmm mmm... :o)

i also got the clothes i had ordered online, unfortunately the pants didn't fit - they were way to low and just not the right style for my body... plus, they didn't have spandex and that's just not a good thing - i can't stand fabric that doesn't move with you... but the good news is the other skirts, sweaters, and sundress fit so i'm happy - i just need some cute shoes to go along w/my new outfits and i'll be set... :o)

i'm so glad its friday - i've been running every night this week so i'm looking forward to a relaxing evening... as for tomorrow - the only plans i have are running at 8am, going to eric's nephew's soccer game in the afternoon, and then having dinner at my mom's... we need to put her a/c unit in and even though i've managed before, it's much easier w/two people... and as for sunday, the slate is pretty clean... :o)

now it's time for my weekly top 5, enjoy... :o)

—angry fat girlz had a great post yesterday about dieting - the good and the bad
—overcome your excuses for not working out
did you know june 1 is national doughnut day? read some interesting facts here
—starbucks will be switching to 2% milk
in all espresso-based drinks by the end of 2007
—are you a binge eater? if so, read more about it here

have a great weekend, everyone... :o)

Anonymous –   – (8:32 PM)  

Good for Starbucks! It will make it that much easier to order.

Every time I buy pants online, I hate them. I've had to stop, which sucks!

Becky  – (9:52 PM)  

omg i can't believe today is national donut day. coincidentally i was craving donuts all day lol
have a great weekend, girlie!

Jodi  – (8:22 AM)  

National Doughnut day... hmmmm i wonder if tha has caught on in Canada?! lol I think I should inform Tim Horton's of this... for purely good neighbourly intentions of course! lol
Have a great weekend!

iportion  – (2:08 PM)  

hope your phone comes soon

Kate  – (8:58 AM)  

Yum! Fresh Picked Strawberries. I'm doing that this coming weekend!

Rachel C.  – (3:57 PM)  

Oh my goodness! I leave the blogging world for a bit, and look what I've missed! (This is meta/metamorphose, by the way -I'm starting a new blog, but we're not making it public until it's all ready.)

But anyway, I am in love with your new look! So sleek and sexy!

And what's this? Donuts???! I was craving donuts yesterday! wheee!

Anonymous –   – (12:52 AM)  

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